Why Do SO Many Actual Estate Agents Fail??

Why do So many genuine estate agents fail? Are realtors just unlucky? What is Actually going on… watch this video and i tell you specifically what is going wrong!!

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From: Bryan Casella

Ottawa Ontario – Bible Home AKA Hope Developing – Sparks Street Mall – Moon
The Hope Developing stands on a narrow site on the north side of Sparks Street in the core of the Ottawa enterprise district. The tall, nine-storey structure is of steel-frame and concrete slab construction. It is distinguished by its comprehensive glazing. The principal façade is clad in granite and has a sturdy vertical emphasis. The leading storey has an elaborate cap of glazed terra cotta panels. The designation is confined to the footprint of the constructing.
The Hope Creating is a Recognized Federal Heritage Developing since of its historical associations, and its architectural and environmental values.
Historical Value:
The Hope Building is associated with the industrial development of Sparks Street westward towards Bank Street in the early 20th century, and is the 1st of the privately owned higher-rise buildings along the north side of the street. Bookseller and stationer, James Hope erected the structure primarily as rental accommodation for lawyers, true estate agents and other specialists. The structure was a combined bookstore and office building mostly committed to religious publishing, as its name the “Bible House” suggests.
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2014-07-19 13:54:02


  1. AndroidPurity

    Perfect video for a up and coming agent like myself. Also 1 other thing causes agent to Fail so often, they give up too easy when they don’t see results in 1 or 2 months. I will never give up, and that’s why I KNOW that I’ll succeed. Thanks again BC for the awesome content!

  2. Josh Hartwig

    Loved it BC. You seem to be in a good mood today ha you always seem annoyed in the questions and answers videos lol

  3. What’s up man! Great video! Would you ever consider like a weekly social gathering at your office? Like instead of live videos have a once a week meet up or every two weeks?

  4. Viria Guillen

    Hello Bryan. I will finish my Real Estate Practice and Principles classes in the state of Connecticut on November 1st and plan to take the test and pass it right away. I want to thank you for making this awesome videos, you are an inspiration to many. One question I have is: do I have to get an accountant to help me manage my taxes once I start getting commissions? I have a friend who’s house has a tax lien on it because after many years working as a Real Estate agent and collecting commissions, she didnt pay taxes and now that’s haunting her… what would you recommend?
    Thanks again 😊

  5. Scott C Marple

    BC another great video. I have been in radio for over 15 years making the switch to Real Estate. I was so scared of opening that mic when I first started. Now before I left radio in April I had the #1 night show in all the markets my show was syndicated in. I’m not saying this to get a pat on the back.. I’m saying this because you hit the nail on the head. People now a days are so use to everyone giving them everything that they have no drive to work hard. Everyone wants to be told to jump and sprint towards what they want in life. Go after it. But then build walls around themselves. Freak themselves out and look for reasons to be handed something. Anyways.. this is getting long.. so I will end it by saying.. keep kicking ass. Seeing your team knocking down those walls is motivation…

  6. Jason Forman

    Your videos and advice from agents inspired me to call and door knock everyday. I hit the ground running, will not stop and the experience is exciting so far! Thank you for the positivity!

  7. Elijah Privette

    Video on opinion of prelisting packet? Really necessary? Or you could answer the question on live 😀😎

  8. Karissa Nicole

    I love this! Been watching you & Loida for a few months now! Just passed my exam on Monday! I’ve had a mentor since Feb. & am 27 just like you were when starting out! I’m nervous but would love you to continue this serious! I am determined to kill it in the RE world!

  9. Hey man, My mom gave me a lump sum money less than a week ago. I am not applying for "LOAN", I WISh to purchase a property full cash offer. I have listed in the memo description in my bank "Mothers Money". Do I have to wait a 60-days seasoning requirement or can i just buy right a way.

  10. 28,241 viewers (potential realtors)
    3,246 viewers actually make it

    *Let that sink in*

  11. Jesse Ramirez

    Hey Bryan, just got my license three weeks ago and got started with a brokerage last week on Tuesday. Yesterday I submitted my first offer and hopefully by today I will hear a word from the Listing Agent and that sucker into Escrow! I wanted to say thank you because I have learned a lot from you and Loida and I feel like even though I don’t have the experience I do have the professionalism and confidence to go out there and prospect like crazy! The confidence definitely helps when you’re 21 years old haha

  12. Wonderfully Made4You

    I totally agree! Communication is very important and I’m new to the field and I appreciate you sharing that valuable nugget.

  13. Love the energy my man. I’m 25 and just starting out in real estate. This was a very, very inspiring video to watch. Subscribed!

  14. prabhmeet juneja

    Hey !! Bryan Very informative Video.. Thank you. I’m a new agent from 6 months in Toronto, On. have closed 5 Deals yet.
    Have too many leads which i got from Open House who are looking to buy a house. they don’t want to Sign in B.R.A. they want to buy the house from the listing agent only.i want to convert them into my clients. what should i do with them ? Any Idea. Thank you. Your videos have increased my attitude level towards dealing with Clients. but please help me with those kind of clients.

  15. Can we get a day in a life vlog, I understand you’re busy most of the time and this would probably be kind of difficult for you. But it would be cool to get your POV, or see what a typical day for you is like.

  16. impressive perspective , amazing effects and techniques ..
    it looks like a sketch …

  17. Make Her Proud

    I just came across your channel> I love your energy and delivery. Very informative and to the point! I will be starting class on 8/8 and I’m already doing my homework before class starts because I want to be the best. I subscribed to your channel! Looking forward to watching more of your videos!!

  18. Ericka Williams

    Folks must tell everyone they are in real estate, and niche down on an area. in austin texas and so many focus on apartment locating. its crazy market in central texas at the moment. great video.

  19. ITzUnique Gaming

    I want to do real estate when I get older but I also want to be a mechanic can real estate be a part time thing or will you have to make it as your primary job?

  20. Abe Schwarcz

    It’s not only what you say Bryan, it’s the conviction and your optimistic, persuasive tone that clearly is generated from your due diligence that you do what appears to be in life, and in your business. Great topic, would love to hear some more 👍

  21. Malith Samaradivakara

    How did you improve on your communication skills? Could you give us examples? Is it just from doing your videos?

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