What Is The Very first Step To Get Into Genuine Estate?

What is the 1st step to get into true estate? Exactly where do you begin? What do you do? This is the first video of a lot of that will explain to you Precisely how you should go about obtaining your actual estate license and acquiring began.

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From: Bryan Casella

The Art of RE-Membering How to Be Human
*April is Fair Housing Month in the Real Estate Neighborhood. Reflections on what this signifies these days.

As the keynote speaker got up to speak during the West Michigan Center for Fair Housing luncheon this week, a projection of a public lynching emerged on the screen. A jarring image in any setting. I wondered where he was going with this…

My gaze was drawn to the two figures who have been hanging by nooses from the tree. But the speaker drew the focus of the audience to the crowd underneath the tree. A huge group of effectively dressed citizens, some of them with smiles on their faces. Two young teenagers hanging dead from a tree was a community social event!

This gruesome chapter in American history is a single many of us would choose not to re-study. But beyond the imagery preserved in historic photographs, prints and yes…even postcards, there is an on-going problem of discomfort and its consequences each for the perpetrator and the victim.

Although the American story of chance and guarantee is a shining beacon of hope to a lot of about the planet, the underbelly of this story has a dark side. History reveals that fear, rage and the wish to enhance or keep power have been usually the driving forces behind the most heinous acts of racial injustice.

Discomfort is anything we choose to stay away from. We fight it, medicate it, sometimes ignore it, and typically strike out and wound once again because of it. Even so, the pain of the past has the capacity to serve as more than a stark reminder of our failings as folks within neighborhood. The fact that we recoil and want to move on indicates that we know that all is not but properly.

This is the challenge we face as a country right now. The pain of racism has taken on camouflage. The refusal or inability to deal with the constraints which tempt us to devalue and deny the dignity of one more human getting now threaten to undermine our capacity to live as totally human. And to recognize the divine spark that exists in every single ‘other’ who exists alongside us.

The cause why we need to examine issues of Fairness in Housing and our explicit or implicit participation is that eventually we cannot afford not to. We cannot afford to ignore the gift and extinguish the hope of other people merely because they are not like us. For in undertaking so, we are denying the basis of our own humanity. We hijack the promise which lies dormant inside the possible of every single human getting.

Awareness is our hope. It is through awareness that we slowly begin to find out who we are and to see ourselves in the likeness of ‘the other’. We re-awaken to the reality that we ARE the other.

By laudu on 2012-04-01 06:13:17


  1. AndroidPurity

    Hey Bryan! I found you from being on McDaniel Real Estate as a guest. I enjoyed watching those guys and been on the fence for several months about maybe going into Real Estate. I saw your interview on their Podcast and saw your short success from constant determination and door knocking.

    The main thing from holding me back before was worried I would not succeed and ruin my 9 to 5 job with "decent" pay at a big well known tech company, because of no clients to get started with. But you helped me realize if I door knock every week, become a "master communicator," and never give up, then honestly I can not fail!

    Even though I have no sales direct experience, I was an assistant manager at a restaurant, work at the front desk of a Hilton, worked in a call center with high volume with 1 of the biggest tech companies for hotels, and now work with Hotels as a software consultant with the same big tech companies in the world. So I have developed really great communicating skills from all those jobs over 15 years. I would not say I am quite a "master communicator" yet, maybe 1 step below. But feel I could be with just some more practice.

    I expect to start my classes with in the next week online. Then start part time hopefully with a connection I made locally in the MD area with 1 of the top teams here. So things are looking to a good start already! I hope to look into some of your content eventually. Thanks for all your videos, thanks for making me realize the potential, and keep up the awesome work man!

  2. Monique Davis

    Bryan, thank you for being a straight shooter and not sugar coating anything!! You’re very helpful and thorough!! Thank you again!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Chris Carranza

    Your videos are def a huge motivator. I’m about to make the leap from working full time to going into RE full time as a brand new agent. Is going into RE full-time as a brand new agent something you recommend? A lot of people tell me to keep my job as a back up but I feel like it would interfere from allowing me to put 100% into RE.

  4. Cole Henderson

    BC I have always wanted to become a real estate agent and you have expired me to go all out! Keep it up… Love the channel?

  5. Love the good videos keep them coming please, you should do a video on the dangers most women face in Real Estate. I just heard a rumor that statistics claim 20 Realtors are murdered a year

  6. Thanks so much Bryan! I am in the Commercial Property Management side…I want to go into the RE Residential side so my hours are flexible. I am going to watch your videos. What a big heart to help us all out. Thanks for the ideas and insights!

  7. tomswift46 ( Hi Res Images for Sale)

    We are the other people
    We are the other people
    We are the other people
    You’re the other people too
    Found a way to get to you . . .

    Frank Zappa "Mother People"
    wonderful image!

  8. Calo The Great

    I really want to thank you very much i like how you dont sugar code anything and i always watch your videos to improve in real estate soon i will be going to my community college to get certified in real estate

  9. I’m 19 broke & I don’t know what I want to do. I’m thinking about mechanical engineering, but I also want to invest in real estate. The real estate market in PGH, is different than cities in CALI, but I’m stuck in a dilemma because college is going to give me debt & a real estate license is 10x cheaper.

  10. McKyale McClarty

    I like when you said think about how the athletes train and prepare and see the outcome afterwards in there games.

  11. MTB Trail Weaks

    Bruh are you always blazed?? U look like I feel. I’m trying to start my grind in real estate. Thanks for the vids and advice man. Motivates me to not give up. Ur in my area as well small world.

  12. Khabirah Muhammad

    I’ve been watching your videos for the last 2 months and I enjoy every single one of them. I’ve been soaking everything in. I begin my courses in June I can’t wait!

  13. BRO NOTHING IS EASY… 😀 if it was EASY EVERYONE would do it. 😀 that was a hard lesson my young self couldn’t learn lol

  14. Bradly TheRadly

    Not gonna lie your definitely an attractive person and I feel like that alone gives you an edge over others

  15. romanticshadow s

    do you need money to start? I just want to be able to support 2 kids. I am not looking to get rich, just want to make enough money to survive ya know?

  16. Spencer Manning

    Any thoughts on wholesaling during college? I’m 19 years old and I’m transferring to a university after working full time and attending a community college after a year. I also have some great contacts in the real estate business. I’m hoping to generate income to help pay for college and build my savings.

  17. Thank you for your videos Bryan.
    I love competition and I love solving problems!
    Your videos helped me, thank you for your tips!
    I am ready to roll!
    I’ll get to Donald Trump level! ??

  18. Curtis Marxer

    Hey Bryan, been loving the videos! I heard in one of your previous videos that you need to have a degree to become a Principal Broker. I’m new to your channel, so I’m sorry if you’ve said it in other videos, but does it matter the degree that you get?

  19. Diaz Edgardo

    Thanks for the video. How long can the whole process take to become a real state agent?

  20. Sergio Espindola

    Hi Bryan, I like your Chanel. I want to ask you if you can share with your audience, how was you real-estate agenda when you first started, like how many hours role playing, cold calling, door nocking, studying, attending seminar, classes, etc etc etc you invest at the beginning. Just to have a quick over view on how was your experience. Not saying it will be the same for everybody, but it came to my mind out of curiosity.
    Thank you.

  21. Jovani Frank

    You always have some awesome content bro!!! I implemented some of your study habits and passed my Real-estate Exam (National / State) on the first try! ?

  22. Makenzie Lauren

    I’m beginning my real estate pre-licensing course in two weeks, and after searching real estate on YouTube I HAVE NOT stopped binge watching your videos. I’ve had two mentors explain things to me that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but after watching your interview video I understood exactly what they were talking about. I’m pumped to get started and I know this is the career for me. Thank you for making videos that helped me realize that!

  23. Do you have any type of client manual you use when meeting with people the first time to go over stuff about yourself and company or do you just talk?

  24. Hi Bryan,

    What course do I need to take in a community college?
    Do I need to be sponsor by a Real State Office to get my license ?


  25. Crystal Cazassus

    Brian, I am a new agent and I have to say you and your videos are assisting me so much. Real Estate is hard, but I am in love with it!

  26. kevin okello

    Thanks Bryan for sharing.Your vlogs do inspire a lot and in deed I have learnt a lot from them . I find your approach to RE business very practical and effective.Thank you from Nairobi ,Kenya.

  27. Anthony Bell

    Hey I’ve been thinking about door knocking, and I’ve been doing a few doors a day. Most people don’t answer the door but I leave a flyer when someone isn’t home or doesn’t answer. Should I go crazy with the door knocking though? Honestly, I’m really nervous to do it which is why I’ve been going little by little each day.

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