What is Construction Management?

What is Construction Management? A lot of work goes into constructing a developing, but how is it all managed and facilitated?

This video is intended to demystify the profession of building management, but must entertain any individual interested in engineering or developing. It highlights the multi-faceted strategy that is undertaken anytime a building is constructed and explores some of the roles, such as project manager, estimator, quantity surveyor, contract manager, style manager and construction scheduler, in higher detail.

The animation was made by the Faculty of Engineering and Built Atmosphere at the University of Newcastle (http://www.newcastle.edu.au/engineering), working with illustrator Jeremy Ley (http://www.jeremyley.com) and inventive director Nick Parker from Light Creative (http://www.lightcreative.com.au/).


Assessment Constructing Spokane WA ~ Take a moment to study if you have time.
Date Built1890
Architect / BuilderChauncey B. Seaton
Historic District
National Register Date02/27/1975

The Assessment Developing houses the offices of the Spokesman-Overview, Spokane’s principal newspaper. It is one particular of the tallest buildings in Spokane its tower is taller than the major roofs of the Paulsen Health-related and Dental and Old National Bank buildings. Since its building, it has been one particular of the most conspicuous buildings in town. Positioned on an irregular lot, its architect, Chauncey B. Seaton created it to fit the shape of the lot well. Seaton came to Spokane in the aftermath of the Spokane Fire in 1889 to aid rebuild Spokane. In 1890, he created and supervised the building of the Spokane Exposition Developing. Though he made the Evaluation Constructing, he left before it was completed. In its early days, the constructing housed the Hotel Evaluation in the upper floors. It also housed the Spokane Every day Chronicle until the build ng became as well crowded, and the Chronicle moved into its own creating, next south in 1921. The Assessment Developing was erected to property the Evaluation, an evening every day paper, which was established by Frank Dallam as a weekly paper in 1883. Its closest competitor was the Spokesman, a democratic paper owned by a group of Spokane businessmen. In 1893, the competition amongst the two newspapers necessitated a merger if either was to survive. Out of this the Spokane Morning Overview was born, beneath the management of Harvey Scott, H. L. Pittock, Anthony Cannon, and W. H. Cowles. The Panic of 1893 severely hurt the paper, and Cowles came to Spokane from Chicago to salvage it. He gained total manage and developed the Spokesman Overview. W. H. Cowles was an crucial and influential businessman in Spokane. He was a founding member of the Spokane Chamber of Commerce, regional director of the Boy Scouts of America, and director for the Related Press for thirty-3 years. Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and William Howard Taft sought his guidance. The loved ones nevertheless owns and runs the paper and are generous civic benefactors in Spokane.
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  1. Marchimlu Rangmang

    I am a civil final year student from India. I am intrested in construction management.

  2. tefy bernal

    no tiene subtitulo, por favor se lo pondrian necesito hacer un trabajo que este en ingles

  3. No sorry ,I dont think you can be happily proudly built things for some one else and end your life BROKE .Its better to work hard to be an entrepreneurs and own the company and own the properties you built.

  4. Masters in Building Training

    Great explanation of the management of construction projects. But it doesn’t give credit to the thousands of tradies who actually do the work, and are probably earning more than a graduate from the uni!

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  6. 10workers x 2.5years x X = 20storey
    therefore X=0.8
    so 50 workers x ?years x 0.8=120 storeys
    ?years to build 120 storey with 50 workers= 3 years (all variables held constant)

  7. shalimar7100

    I love the way people think that building a project on a commercial site is like changing a light bulb, what a laugh.

  8. saberianamir

    I loved this video so much!
    But what about a Construction Manager?? Where is he/she found in all of this?

  9. Rajesh Shirole

    it is the best presentation in a very very short time frame…. thank you, had never come across such an awesome presentation

  10. International Institute for Learning (IIL)

    Nice artistic style and way of breaking down the whole process of building a skyscraper! Project Management is essential to many subjects, definitely construction is one of the most interesting.

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