The Story of Historic Savannah Foundation – Abridged Version for Davenport House Museum

The founding of Historic Savannah Foundation began with a catalyst – the impending destruction of the Isaiah Davenport House, an 1820s brick house on Columbia Square in 1955. Via the tenacity of an unlikely band of activists, the residence was saved and the organization founded. Considering that that time, Savannah has acheived an international reputation for historic preservation and right now boasts a billion dollar tourist market. The Davenport Home Museum is open every day for tours.

Architectural Detail – Savannah, Georgia
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We bring Barbados’ past and heritage to life in our unique storytelling, show and tell sort of way, so that you form a powerful and lasting mental image.

This is a comfortable guided walk with narration by means of the Garrison Historic Region, the former facilities of the British Armed Forces Caribbean headquarters until 1905. This heritage stroll begins with a tour of the Barbados Museum, web site of the former British Military prison.

This tour highlights the George Washington House and Museum, this is the residence where United States of America’s, 1st President GEORGE WASHINGTON, and his half brother Lawrence stayed for roughly seven weeks. The only time GEORGE WASHINGTON ventured off the North American Continent, was when he visited Barbados in 1751 at the age of nineteen years old.

An extract from GEORGE WASHINGTON’S, personal diary, indicates his impression of Barbados,” The healthiness of this island sufficiently shown in the countenances of the Nation Gentlemen and its stated they live to excellent ages exactly where they are not intemperate.”

Barbados Defense Force facility, the Barbados Museum, the Military burial ground, the Major Guard and the well-liked Garrison Savannah are among the other highlights.

For a lot of years, nearly two thousand soldiers have been stationed at the Garrison,ready to defend the British Eastern Caribbean Colonies, against the French, Spanish, Dutch, and pirates. Barbados, itself was protected by more than 3 hundred guns along the vulnerable south and west coasts.

At the height of it’s operations the Garrison facility was over sixty acres, from Hastings to Bay Street.
We share on how soldiers lived, as properly as the healthcare therapies rendered for that period.

Barbados was the only British colony that was by no means invaded by other colonizers, we explain this peculiarity, against the fact that several Caribbean colonies changed colonizer a number of instances, some as several as thirty instances.

The walking distance of this tour is roughly three and 1 half miles, and the duration is two and a half to three hours.

The trail is flat with two minor inclinations, and the walking surface is of mostly paved surfaces.

Victor Cooke is an avid outdoor enthusiast and naturalist who is keen on learning about Barbados’ natural environment as nicely as the island’s cultural and constructed heritage. This enthusiasm is evident as he shares his discoveries with other folks in an “edutainment” style, on Eco Adventures numerous hiking, scenic bus and heritage tours. For a lot more go to our internet site at


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