The 100-Year Old House Transformation

We fully remodeled this classic bungalow and then flipped it right after 1 day on the market for complete price tag. Check out this video to see how we did it.

From: FlippinPhoenixHouses

one hundred



    Beautiful Transformation! Really well done. You should have waaay more views on this one!

  2. This is amazing. Love the front porch and the sunroom. The addition of the master suite took it into an entirely different price category. Well done.

  3. I hope you saved that built-in cabinet that was in the family room. it was so amazing

  4. August Bisson

    Good filming and oral presentation. And beautiful remodel! The only thing is that the background music wasn’t background enough.

  5. TechGuy1986

    Commenting as it is playing. First I do not agree with taking the original red brick and painting it. It took away the feel of it being a nice historic style home.

    I don’t agree with the sun room being open to the rest of the house. The dining room in many homes that are appealing to me are away from any stair cases blocking it from having any kind of separation. IMHO, it should have been closed off with double doors with glass panes.

    There is too much whites and grays.The wood color made it stand out, and you took that out and colored it. The other colors were meant to make it stand out, and now it’s just a blend of whites and grays, and that’s ugly to me.

    So no, I will would never buy this place.

  6. Vin Gonzalez

    WOWOWOWOOWSERS. Great job guys! Lucky owner. Now this is how you flip/remodel a home.

  7. Debbie Stuttgen

    Really lovely. Nice changes that didn’t ruin the integrity of the classic house.

  8. Linda Gallagher

    too much grey, that gets old and will be out of style in no time! Too dark and not original!

  9. Star Traveler

    Beautiful! Did the house eventually sell? Also, is there a full house tour that shows all the bed rooms? Nice job, it is great to see a high end flip where contractors don’t cut corners

  10. Elizabeth Ann's Healthy Living

    So beautiful! What paint color was used in the downstairs hall (the grey shade), if I may ask?

  11. Simon Kefas

    The lack of knowledge and respect for the original house architecture is a bit shocking, painting all wood works white and the bricks that are in good condition grey… please don’t go way over and Beyond on your next old house renovation. Save yourself some cash and save us some historic architecture..

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