The antebellum properties of Natchez, Mississippi

Natchez when boasted in excess of 500 millionaires, much more than any other city in the United States, except New York. In this quick video, Charlie Adams demonstrates you antebellum homes of these millionaires, such as Longwood, circa 1858-61. It is the greatest remaining octagonal residence in the United States. It is a superb example of the mid-19th century Oriental fashion and was originally developed by it truly is proprietor, Dr. Haller Rush Nutt, with solar panels (strategically place mirrors) to reflect the sun’s rays for the function of heating water. However, when the Civil War began, the workmen who have been from the north, abandoned saws and hammers and returned property. Dr. Nutt, also a northerner, misplaced his wealth and plantations across the river in Louisiana and died a broken guy. Longwood stays unfinished right now, but that is portion of its charm. Charlie takes you by means of the rooms and corridors of this most unusual house exactly where you will discover the workmen’s tools left the place they have been dropped, abandoned in their haste to quit the South.
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Houmas Property and Gardens ~ Louisiana ~ Historical Antebellum
1840 mansion with its broad galleries and thick masonry walls had humble beginnings in the mid-1700’s when the unique home was developed on the web site by Maurice Conway and Alexandre Latil, New Orleans businessmen who obtained the home from the Houmas Indians. Latil created a a lot more modest property that reflected the two the French and Spanish architectural influences that nonetheless define Louisiana’s heritage
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The River of Mississipi, which is about two,320 miles extended from Gulf of Mexico to Lake Itasca, is the second massive river in Northern America. This is regarded as among the 5 longest and the 10 largest rivers, and between the leading 3 longest rivers all more than the world.


This river has several tributaries, the longest of which is the Missouri. The second longest is the Arkansas River. The greatest tributary is the Ohio River that travels 980 miles of Illinois, Cairo and Mississippi.


The river tributaries of Mississippi include rivers of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and South Dakota.


The Mississippi River Delta Basin is a shallow dig in between Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. This delta basin is roughly 512,000 acres. Its open water is about 420,000 acres. The rest of the places are land of reduced reliefs. The most prominent functions here are natural channels bank. This basin composes of sixty 1 % of Mississippi’s complete land location.


As stated earlier, the Mississippi is more than 2000 miles of prolonged. All over these places are the critical towns and cities of Mississippi. The river itself passes above 10 states. These states along the river have towns that are very historical in the culture of Mississippi.


The towns that are in the ten states that surround the river vary so considerably in so many terms. Every single state has a lot of crucial towns. Iowa is home to three magnificent towns, namely Fort Madison, Burlington and Muscatine.


Fort Madison was the web site for the United States fort. This was also the trading publish of the nation in 1808. This town reminds the folks of the previous architectural establishments and homes after standing proud right here.


Burlington has thriving lumber mills from the yr 1850 to 1880s. This is Iowa’s greatest city. This town was the center of all trading in Iowa.


Muscatine is acknowledged as the Pearl Button Capital of the Planet. There was a factory that was built in freshwater mussel shells. This factory was used to manufacture buttons. There are plenty of old fine developing and structures like churches in this location.


Mississippi River supports the preservation of nature. They broadly support plants and wildlife that are present in their spot. The Mississippi is entirely covered with naturals that make up the beauty that surrounds the spot. Even the sea creatures are well taken care of.


The government of Mississippi promotes the preservation of wild lifestyle. They want to make the wild existence abundant that is why they protect more National parks to have more areas for this wild daily life.


The Mississippi Nationwide River Park and recreational area is designed for the new generations. This in partnership of the government and the individuals who owns the land that comprises the park. The Effigy Mounds Nationwide Monument has prehistoric internet sites to protect. It has a amount of protected regions in efforts to prolong the historicity of the place.


The Jefferson Nationwide Expansion Memorial was established to be ready to commemorate historical occasions. The Vicksburg Nationwide Military Park is for the commemoration of Vicksburg Campaign. The Natchez Nationwide Historical Park is closed to the public. The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park promotes jazz music for enjoyment. And the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Protect promotes all all-natural and cultural assets.


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  1. Marissa Bannister

    That story about the slaves having to whistle while they carried the food to the house was sad. Must have been humiliating not to be trusted with a couple plates of food?!! and why was the lady smiling when she spoke of such cruelty? seems like a sick thing to want to remember that and to repeat it on a daily basis? I am all for preserving the past but their is absolutely nothing to celebrate about that story at all!!

  2. whitewitchoz

    What a masterpiece design by Samuel Sloan. Built by skilled craftsmen from the North. Paid for by Dr. Haller Nutt…and the cotton produced by slaves. Such a different Islamic style design compared to most colonial type plantations. It would have been beautiful if it had been completed.

  3. nice, thanks for sharing. I always thought tour homes should have a few charaters doing things around the place, maids making the bed, etc. Great stuff

  4. constance montfort

    The Southern belles did not wear such stupid dresses. They did not have short hair. They were beautiful. They wore corsets and had very small waists. Watch Gone With the Wind.

  5. It’s hilarious how they used every word except slaves. They used servants, and workers but not once did they say slave. They weren’t ashamed of their past or their grandparents past so why are they so ashamed of saying slaves.

  6. Mary&Maya Vlogs

    I want to work there as a tour guide. How can I make that happen? A dream job.

  7. Yada BenYisrael

    Elohim wont " Get over It"…"those who led into captivity …will GO into captivity"….

  8. shooting star

    They need to pass their jobs on to the younger generation Seeing those beautiful dress’s on elderly women was really lame. They didn’t suite it lol

  9. Marissa Bannister

    That story about the slaves having to whistle while they carried the food to the house was sad. Must have been humiliating not to be trusted with a couple plates of food?!! and why was the lady smiling when she spoke of such cruelty? seems like a sick thing to want to remember that and to repeat it on a daily basis? I am all for preserving the past but their is absolutely nothing to celebrate about that story at all!!

  10. These Savages👻 are the Bain of this Country.
    I would’ve "Nat Turner’d"🔪them 1st chance I had.
    Live free or Die trying.

  11. slavery is part of our history. with it …we know it was wrong but it happened focus on the beauty of the house ..get over it!

  12. William Brown

    Longwood, Dunleith, Auburn, Magnolia Hall, Connelly’s Tavern, King’s Tavern, Devereaux, etc

  13. whitewitchoz

    These historic antebellum homes are beautiful. Slavery was just part of history…these are the times people began to question morality, ethics leading to the demise of that system. It came from the African slave masters who sold their own people to plantation owners. Slavery is still practiced in many parts of Africa to this day in 2017 an African child can be bought for 350 American dollars. Now that is sick and cruel.

  14. I am KC,

    I grew up in Natchez, used to walk the Natchez Trace with my friend Richard Freeman, aka "Richa" got my feet wet in my first rock band there "Fairchild" left in 86 to planted roots in Chicago before traveling to Canada, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and back to Tupelo (birthplace of Elvis)  Was interviewed recently by great guy named Mark doing a documentary on Nellie Jackson. I met Nellie when I was a teenage boy. She invited my friend Richard and I inside one night to meet the gals and have a coke. I think Nellie is the 1st person I’ve ever met who loved dogs more than me!  Great memories in Natchez!

    For the rest of the story…read the October issue of GQ magazine 

    …..and I approve this message

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