Simple Home Improvement Guidelines To Make Your Property A Residence

Even if you are unsure of your ability, you can locate property improvement projects that are safe for you and even enjoyable! If you have some great information and the suitable tools, you might surprise yourself with your abilities. Study some house improvement tricks and suggestions below.

For the duration of the summer season, you need to have to utilize lots of fans. Ceiling fans are great for air circulation as properly, and they also cool a space. Area fans and ceiling fans will minimize your home’s power consumption when compared with air conditioner use. This signifies lower utility bills for you.

Ceramic tiles will drop their luster after some time has passed and they could begin to appear grungy. Using a remedy produced of vinegar and water is protected for most flooring. Fill a bucket with this solution and begin mopping your floors. This aids get the dirt off your floor and permits it to look new again.

Do you require some extra storage in your kitchen? If so, then make use of empty two-liter bottles. They give a see-by way of surface and can hold a myriad of dry goods ranging from sugar, flour or oatmeal. They keep effectively in the fridge, freezer and on a shelf. To use the contents of the containers, merely take of the cap and then pour.

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Hopefully the suggestions in this write-up above have helped you see that making your house improvement tips a reality are fairly effortless. By gaining the appropriate information, you are giving oneself the self-assurance to get started on any property improvement project.

Final Tour of A single of the Oldest Stone Homes in KY : The Abandoned Historic William Crow Property

In this, probably the last time I will pay a visit to the abandoned historic William Crow home in Danville, Kentucky. I focus on some of the details that I missed during my final visit 3 months ago. Please enjoy this final tour of 1 of the oldest stone properties in Kentucky.


From: Kentucky Urbex


  1. licks n kicks

    Your music choice was excellent as per usual.  It just added to the melancholy state of mind one gets when watching the demise of this beautiful house.  If it is the oldest stone house in the area why doesn’t the historical board do something to save it?  This just makes me so sad to see something of such magnificence just die and rot.  I love your narrative.  Just even knowing some history of the building adds such a personal touch.  You went to the trouble to find out more about this building.  It makes it that much more interesting.  You give names and dates which means if we the viewer want to do more research on this subject hopefully we can but maybe not.  Thanks for another amazing and entertaining video.  CANADA

  2. if this believed to be the oldest house in Kentucky and a national landmark Why did it go to pot so bad And why isn’t it being helped? It looks like someone at it with a wrecking ball and then changed their minds

  3. diane jarvis

    What a special place. You clearly love the house; what a pity you can’t get some sort of grant to buy/restore it and live in it. It deserves you! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are one superb videographer! You are excellent with the camera and the music you choose sets the perfect ambiance for whatever it is you are filming! As with your other videos that I’ve watched so far, I loved this tour! As mentioned in one of my prior comments, my great-grandfather Minton was born in Kentucky. I wish I had addresses. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Deborah Bond

    What a shame no one stepped forward and saved this beautiful old home. Stuff like this makes me sick and makes me wonder who owns it now? Great video.

  6. History Lover

    Breaks my heart to see these old homes fall apart! I imagine all those walls have seen, & heard. So sad.

  7. One Sick Chick

    +Kentucky Urbex Is that the theme song from Band of Brothers? BTW, Love your videos… Just found them & will be watching all! Thanks for the great content & beautiful photography!

  8. Love the video! I live just a few minutes away from Danville, thank you for posting about this house:)

  9. Your passion and empathy absolutely did come through, Chris. My heart was aching by the end of the video. That shot looking up through the house as the sun shown through was particularly moving. I’ve seen other documentaries of 18th century historic homes that were, believe it or not, in a worse state of advanced decay that have been shored up and stabilized awaiting a proper restoration project. Some have even had a temporary structure built over and around them to minimize exposure to the elements. If this house is as historically significant as you say, (and I do believe you, BTW), then a preservation group needs to petition the National Trust to step in and save this valuable piece of history before it’s too late. IMHO, whether it’s the oldest or 2nd oldest stone house is irrelevant. It is historically significant enough to preserve. Again, this was a very moving and heartfelt video. You have a gift in the way you are able to invoke emotion in your videos that most others that so many others are lacking. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Is your other project up and running yet? Please let me know, so I can subscribe to it. Thanks again.

  10. Won’t be able to see it from the road pretty soon with the vegetation growing back. I really appreciate you sharing the footage you got there. I was too afraid to go inside of it but thanks to you I can actually see what I was missing. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on!

  11. 3:22 The dead tree outside fits perfect with the home [ not a house a home ] they both have had their day in the sun ! And yes the feeling comes thru on this film that you feel , thanks….

  12. Andrew Brendan

    A beautiful presentation; artistic and informative at the same time. I very much appreciate the attention to details: the old nails, the wood beams that show the marks of the tools used on them, the remarkably strong construction of those thick walls and strong floors. At about 5:14 I noticed a cross on the wall between the attic windows, maybe painted on. I wonder how long that’s been there. Looking at this house you can almost see the people who built it. I love that view toward the driveway, it’s so peaceful; I could sit there and look at that and the other views for a long time. Louisiana had Belle Grove mansion and Kentucky has the William Crow house.

  13. Claudia Mandini-Muro

    I tend to think the glories of the past go up in Heaven with its characters. What’s left behind, down here in this material dimension does not matter that much. It’s mostly like a cemetery. It’s sad watching what WAS and is not any more😔

  14. Kathy Rawlins

    What a wonderful home! if u can understand where u came from it makes where youre going so much easier , people should be more gratefull for what they r given!

  15. I loved this too however felt a little conflicting about the Schindler’s List theme. It reminds me so much of all the pain from that movie which is hard to translate to a Kentucky home back then! Anyway still loved it – and yes the lane/driveway was a great shot!

  16. It’s such a lovely old house and a shame it’s caving in on itself. Through the video you can feel the weight of all the memories that family must have made there, heck you can imagine laughing children playing in those rooms. It’s so eerie and amazing.

  17. Denise Severa

    I love historic old homes – how sad when they fall into abandonment & ruin- you’d think there would be some way to prevent that

  18. Awww, just found out this is my GGGG grandfather’s house! It is incredible not only just recently discovering my lineage, but actually seeing a physical reminder. This is really wild. Sad it is in this state. Thanks so much for taping this. Great job. Would be so cool to get a brick.

  19. WOW,  Very impressive video.   Truly sad that no one has interest in history,  for letting that house go as they have..
    so thankful for people like you,  who make vid’s that we can see what we’re soon going to miss..

  20. rgartside032378

    Sad, just think of all the families and children who grew up in this house. All gone now…

  21. Pat Caldwell

    I live in England, and love to look at the videos about ‘abandoned Houses etc. Tonight I ‘just happened’ to come across your video recordings of ‘old houses in Kentucky..especially the ‘abandoned’ historic Wm Crowe houses… I don’t know why, but as you went around the ruins of the ‘old house’ I felt somehow drawn to it…I had a real kind of feeling about the ‘old house’ even though I had never heard about it before and didn’ know anything about Kentucky…The music that you played as you showed the old house, somehow ‘spoke to me’ to, ‘ I don’t know why…It was so strange…I felt somehow as if i ‘maybe’? in the past I, had a connection with the old house and family???..Who knows..???

  22. Gina Diefenbach

    So incredibly sad, it’s troubling History just gone ! LOVE your videos, curios for your next project !!!

  23. frenchofficer -9 HIKE GAMER

    thanks for this beauty, Chris. incredibly beautiful video and sound track. I subed.

  24. what ticks me off, knowing this is history and its left to freaking rot. why hasnt the historical society stepped in to preserve, repair this home. really irks the spit out of me. nice video, great detail to details.

  25. See:

    At one point, the house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A photo on the referenced site from 1940 shows the house in good repair. I wonder why the State didn’t maintain the house.

    In 2013 the house and property (225 or so acres) were up for sale at a price of 1.8 million. Apparently, it never sold. Sad that it is beyond repair.

    The property owners may not have known the following, where they might have gotten federal funds to preserve the home:

    "For most of its history the National Register has been administered by the National Park Service (NPS), an agency within the United States Department of the Interior. Its goals are to help property owners and interest groups, such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation, coordinate, identify, and protect historic sites in the United States. While National Register listings are mostly symbolic, their recognition of significance provides some financial incentive to owners of listed properties. Protection of the property is not guaranteed. During the nomination process, the property is evaluated in terms of the four criteria for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The application of those criteria has been the subject of criticism by academics of history and preservation, as well as the public and politicians."

    Once the house is demolished, someone should contact the National Register so that the property can be removed from the list.

  26. Liberty GiveMe

    Thanks Chris!!!! This was BEAUTIFULLY and LOVINGLY DONE!!!! Would LOVE to have the stone and build a house from it!!!!

  27. Alexandra Cash - Cash's Corner

    You have a very soothing and relaxing voice. The filming is haunting and beautiful and you’re voice compliments it well.

  28. supermotoboy400

    i live in lancaster, I’m sure there is a lot of stuff around us to explore but I’m afraid most of it is on private property so i don’t get out much to do any serious urbex

  29. I bet this place was beautiful in its glory days … Thank you for sharing this .. I live not to far from Danville Ky..

  30. InTheirImage7

    What a shame it’s falling down. Maybe you can take a piece of it home with you, a door or something. Thanks for the video. I subbed.

  31. Mouvement de Libération-Liberation Movement

    It should be restored! My house was built in 1857 and it is in excellent shape with everything restored to it<s original state! This house is a treasure!

  32. Jennifer Duncan

    This is an amazing video! You do really great work. I’m going to subscribe. I love old homes. Going to be watching more. I always feel like I wish the walls could talk and tell us about the homes. Thank you for your work!

  33. Kathy Stidham

    Always happy to see a new video!  It was awesome, and I love your choice of music.  Keep them coming, friend!

  34. LAYNEontheBRAIN

    +Kentucky Urbex thank you! Finally, someone who appreciates the architecture and actually shows the home in it’s splendor as well. I understand what you mean when you speak about feeling a certain way in the home. I have something about old period homes, large mansions from long ago. Maybe a connection from a past life? Lol….anyway, I thank you for putting some respect and appreciation into your videos!


    A lovely video….Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to the next one :0)

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