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This time on “The LTT Workers Attempts to do ‘Real Work’,” we figure out if operating a camera also qualifies you as a capable home painter [SPOILER: IT Does not].

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Schenectady New York ~ Nott Memorial Hall ~ Union College ~ HIstorical
Initial utilised as a campus museum.
The Nott Memorial is an elaborate sixteen-sided stone-masonry developing which serves as each architectural and bodily centerpiece of Union School in Schenectady, New York. Dedicated to Eliphalet Nott, president of Union for a exceptional sixty-two many years (1804–1866), the 110-foot (34 m) higher by 89-foot (27 m) wide structure is a National Historic Landmark.
Officially designated Nott Memorial Hall but referred to by generations of students and faculty just as &quotThe Nott&quot or &quotThe Nipple&quot (occasionally &quotThe Nipple of Understanding&quot), the building’s centrality and first design and style trace back to Josef Ramee’s 1813 conception of the college grounds, the 1st planned college campus in the United States.

The Memorial was created by Edward Tuckerman Potter, architect of region churches and residences, alumnus of the college, and grandson of President Nott. Construction started in 1858 and was completed in 1879. The end result is a single of very handful of 16-sided buildings in the planet.

For virtually a century the Nott was mostly open inside. In 1961 the university moved its bookstore into the basement and configured the initial two floors into theater in the round. The upper floors have been ultimately closed off and fell into disrepair.
In 1993 the school started a complete renovation of the Nott, restoring it to its original design and style. The award-winning venture was undertaken by mentioned Boston based architecture firm Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc and carried out by A.J. Martini, Inc., contractors.[3] The bookstore and theater have been moved to other spots on the campus, and in 1995 the Nott reopened on the celebration of Union’s 200th anniversary.
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2004-05-01 08:05:49

The gorgeous town of York in Western Australia lies practically 100km east of Perth in the picturesque Avon Valley. The town as just lately advertised  a Development Tender to develop a new sports/local community facility at Forest Oval. It will residence function rooms, a bar, kitchen, offices and a gym.

For individuals interested in going to York, it was founded in 1931 which makes it the 1st inland town in Western Australia to be settled by Europeans. Not prolonged right after the railway was built by way of the town in the 1880s came the excellent gold rush that saw the town brimming with miners and staff. It was in the course of this period that most of the town’s stunning buildings have been constructed.

At the moment there are close to 3800 folks residing in York. No longer a farming centre for sheep and wheat, the town trades on its spectacular architecture and focuses on tourism. This attributes music festivals, a motor museum, recreational services like skydiving and paragliding, a lot of bed and breakfast providers and of program the gorgeous Avon River. The visitor can also go sizzling air ballooning, on a shuttle tour of the valley, of a flight in a glider for the thrill-seekers.

Many folks head into town every single year for the regional York Jazz and Soul Festival. It is held every 12 months in the middle of October which is also wildflower season and attracts world class artists. The town puts on a fantastic present for this festival with market stalls and dancing demonstrations.

One place of interest that ought to be missed is the finely restored York Residency Museum. Exhibitions  incorporate regional Noongar culture, convict historical past, ceramics and Chinese market gardeners. The York Motor Museum is a hit with motoring followers and has an worldwide assortment of vintage vehicles.

Buyers can uncover leading good quality neighborhood olive oils and wines and consuming out is a need to: great food is obtainable all over the place no matter whether it be a picnic of fish and chips or a meal at the Imperial Hotel. To finish with there are wonderful old fashioned sweets to be located in town.

The addition of the sports/local community facility open to all interested in Development Tenders will even more improve the town as it grows.

For much more info regarding Construction Tender, please go to


  1. Not gunna lie, of all of the things to be envious about a business further along than my own – the sheer amount of sets you guys have is at the top of that list. Gets my creative juices going, but do not have the room in my tiny 2-bedroom apartment, haha.

  2. Darn ad spots paying for a lot. Stupid ass tunnel bear. I signed up for something different just because I feel like LMG is trying to force it down my throat.

  3. Linus, when I saw the thumbnail I thought the girl was hitting you with a huge dildo

  4. Sergey Ermackov

    Советские песни лучше всего подходят бля работы)))

  5. PrototypeTheGamingHell

    Fun hearing how wrong they are pronouncing the Swedish words… so wrong…

  6. Where’s the Year long Benchmark video Linus??!!!

    I bet you threw those computers away!

  7. LilWhiteChris

    Kinda ironic how you move from a house to a warehouse then turn the warehouse into a house…

  8. Manuel Peña

    Hi guys!, been a fan for a while, love your vlogs. Just Came from PuertoRico to New Jersey because of the Huracan, I was hoping to participate on some of your sweepstakes and get to win a built..

  9. you should never be on the camera pure irritating I see why he put you in the office away from the camera stay to the numbers and money

  10. RainbowPixelationGaming

    I swear I will wake up one day, around 5 pm, as you do… and FloatPlaneClub will be bigger then Youtube and NetFlix combined! O_o

  11. Matt Macdonald

    Even though this is a tech channel, some of my favorite videos are the building/moving vlogs.

  12. Soooooo they moved out of a house they were doing tech reviews in, into a studio/warehouse; so that they could use that space to spend over 10 thousand dollars building a set of a house to do reviews in???

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