Savannah’s Historic Properties

Savannah, GA boasts dozens of gorgeous historic residences, from palatial cotton baron’s mansions to handsome townhouses from the 19th century. In this documentary, filmmaker and historian Michael Jordan requires you inside some of Savannah’s most fascinating historic homes.

Lafayette Square: Savannah Georgia
One of my favored squares.


Laid out along Abercorn Street in 1837, Lafayette Square and Lafayette Ward have been named for the Marquis de Lafayette, a Frenchman who served as Washington’s Aide de Camp during the American Revolution. Lafayette visited Savannah in 1825 and was extremely regarded by the regional citizens. He later devoted the monument to Nathanael Greene in Johnson Square.

There are no monuments in Lafayette Square, but the National Society of Colonial Dames of America installed a fountain in 1983 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Georgia colony.

There are several historically and architecturally considerable buildings on Lafayette Square.

On the Northwest corner of Abercorn and Charlton Streets is the elegant Andrew Low Residence built in 1849. After Andrew’s death, his widow, Juliette Gordon Low, founded the Girl Scouts of America on March 12, 1912, and she left the carriage property to the Savannah Girl Scouts. The carriage property at 330 Drayton Street, now houses a collection of Girl Scout memorabilia. This home is owned and preserved by the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Georgia. For a lot more history on the Andrew Low Home, click here.

On the south side of Charlton Street is an uncommon West Indies-style house designed to have the major house entered from the piazza. Constructed in 1852, by Andrew Lows companion in the cotton company, William Battersby, this type of architecture is exclusive in Savannah, but usually seen in Charleston.

The 3-bay sidehall townhouse in the Greek revival style at 207 East Charlton was the childhood house of prize-winning author Flannery O’Connor.

The Hamilton-Turner House at 330 Abercorn, now a beautifully restored bed and breakfast, is one particular of the most lovely houses in Savannah. Built in 1873 for Samuel Hamilton, the home reflects Second Empire baroque as properly as Italianate architectural influences.

The Cathedral of St. John Baptist situated at Abercorn and Harris is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Georgia. Rebuilt from the original design and style following a tragic fire in 1898, the church’s Gothic revival spires can be observed all through the city. The church is the beginning point for Savannah’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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A landmark restoration is a massive project that requirements massive monetary backup. This specific kind of restoration project is typically necessary and conducted by house owners for historic preservation and for the building market.

Even though landmark restoration of a historic house can be very daunting, a lot of home owners discover it worthwhile since of the tax breaks, national and regional grants that come along with the project.

For this to be successfully done, thorough research of the history of the landmark needs to be accomplished. You can appear for photographs and old records of the home in news archives and even in your nearby library. In case you could not uncover any record or photographs, attempt researching for the era in which the home was constructed and see what similar residences looked like. By undertaking so, you can have a reference of the original appearance of the home. Restoring it would be less difficult then as you have a guide to comply with.

But just before continuing with the landmark restoration project, have the residence inspected 1st for any structural issues, wiring and plumbing troubles.

Since it is a landmark, it is required that it is restored in its original configuration. Do that by removing anything that appears inappropriate such as extra porches, awnings and shutters. Do the exact same factor with interior moldings and other details that have been added. For the doorways and windows, remove any coverings and restore them to their original kind.

The roof and porch railings that could be damaged have to be repaired or replaced. It is recommended that these components are repainted making use of the colour that is accurate to the home’s era. Sticking to the typical colors employed in the home’s era is crucial. Use these shades in repainting the interior of the house. Add textures or wallpaper only exactly where they are acceptable.

Flooring wants to be restored as properly. If the floors can be refurbished into their original state, replace them with matching components. The same goes for all fixture and hardware. Keep in mind to use originals and matching materials only to effectively accomplish this project.

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