Rust Belt rebirth: a $17,500 Cincinnati old residence renewal

It is turn into tough to afford urban living in locations like San Francisco, New York or even Portland, but there is an alternative. In Rust Belt cities like Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cincinnati, you can purchase or rent for about 1/10th the price tag.

“They’re all a lot greater than people in California picture,” weblog Johnny Sanphillippo who has spent considerable time interviewing individuals in this element of the nation. “I’m a massive fan of the city of Cincinnati. I enjoy the magnificent architecture, the cool men and women, and the beautiful natural beauty that surrounds the city. And I’m incredibly excited that several of the best historic neighborhoods are beginning to come back to life soon after a fifty year slumber brought on by middle class exodus to the suburbs, deindustrialization, and general neglect. There’s a significant pent up industry demand for vibrant, mixed use, walkable neighborhoods all across the country with shockingly tiny provide. We just haven’t constructed places like this considering that Planet War II and there’s a hunger for it in the real estate marketplace.”

In this video, Sanphillippo visits Mike Uhlenhake who bought his historic row house in the now-trendy Over-The-Rhine neighborhood for $17,500 (it was a burnt out shell on the “condemned list”). He fixed it up himself for a grand total of $90,000. Today he lives upstairs with a roommate and rents out the bottom floor for additional income.

Filmed by Johnny Sanphillippo of

Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum “Dexter Mausoleum in a Tree Grip – Foggy Morning”
By David Paul Ohmer on 2010-11-20 22:10:04

A monumental remnant of a country’s initial actions towards progress, Doha’s Ethnographic Museum is an architectural and historic marvel of a wind tower residence. As the only remaining structure of its kind in the nation, the venue commands a substantial location in the cultural and developing history of Qatar. Drawing thousands of visitors to its environs each and every year the museum which is far more popularly known as the Wind Tower Property is positioned along Doha’s scenic coastline exactly where the gush of the ocean and the sea breeze are a pleased continuous. Built in 1935 and restored in the early 1980’s, the website serves as a sombre reminder of the way of life of Doha’s inhabitants for the duration of its early days and the way in which its citizens structured their houses according to the times in which they lived.  Described by a lot of as a venue for entertainment as effectively as education, the Ethnographic Museum is a veritable treasure trove of info and insight into the country’s eventful previous.


Common of the Gulf developing tradition, the Wind Tower Residence includes an aperture via which soft sea breezes are funnelled into the complete structure. Considered a common function in Qatar houses of the era, the wind tower property provides ample ventilation making sure the inhabitants inside the structure are protected from the inherent arid situations of a Middle Eastern nation. This method particularly served the structure effectively during the unbearably hot summer periods by keeping a steady flow of cool air that extended to the interior rooms of the developing.


Located inside the Najada Buying Plaza area, the building also utilizes a series of chimneys to funnel fresh salty air into the creating. This makeshift kind of air conditioning served the peoples of that era effectively and also provided a source of light to the residences which had been but to be illuminated by electricity.


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