Robert Kiyosaki Genuine Estate Investing – #MentorMeRobert

He is an lively actual estate investor.

A big portion of his organization empire and wealth is concentrated in actual estate investing.

He has numerous actual estate investments, and real estate advancement ventures working all around the United States

He has a preference for commercial rental property investments in excess of other genuine estate classifications.

Mentor me Robert.

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Urban Real Estate
A beautiful block of apartments in Munich, Germany. Prime actual estate for certain.

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By danielfoster437 on 2014-07-07 02:33:51
tags I had it on my calendar yesterday to do my yearly Game Arranging Session and though the snow close to DC delayed my start time, I was still in a position to get it accomplished. And by the way, I phone it “Game Planning” rather of enterprise organizing since it includes personalized ambitions such as exercising, diet, personal finance and loved ones problems. I prefer to have it all in one plan since the issues I want to achieve are so interrelated, not to mention time-delicate. I have to stay on a pretty tight routine in purchase to match every thing in.

You might have observed from my previous weblog posts that I often like to organize my thoughts into a record. I think that format will function effectively in this predicament (of program I consider that)…so right here we go:

Chris’ guidelines to an Powerful Organization/Game Planning Session

one. Make it an appointment on your calendar, like any other, and don’t miss it. Treat is as being really important because, effectively, it is.
two. Do it at a area other than your office or house. In these spots, where you commit virtually all of your time, it is too most likely you will be distracted by your normal routines. For this planning session you want to be away from your regular pursuits so you are capable to focus and consider in a way that you don’t consider when you’re in the every day grind. Select a spot exactly where you are cozy but can focus. I went to Barnes and Noble and sat in a big chair in the corner of the upstairs. It worked out pretty well.
three. Do it throughout business hours. This is when your brain is functioning the best because you are used to contemplating and concentrating for the duration of this time. At evening you are tired and your brain is slower. On the weekends you are considering about weekend things. In the course of the perform day is the way to go.
4. Flip off your cell telephone and near your email. I know it sounds drastic but it’s critical. Your Crackberry or Iphone is the biggest distraction ever invented. E mail is a near second. You can not have that when you are arranging your subsequent twelve months.
five. Brain dump. Open up MS Word and just let it flow. You can re-create later. Think, write and repeat. You’ll be shocked at some of the items that come out. They are almost certainly things you had in your brain…you just weren’t completely conscious of them. It’s rather cool.
six. Really don’t overlook dates! As they say, “A goal without having a timeline is just a wish.” Mark the exact date by which you will complete a specified activity.
seven. If the objective is big and/or complex, consist of the steps to get there and the assets you will need to have to make it come about. Really do not just throw out anything huge like “launch e-commerce website” without having a phase by phase procedure to get there.
eight. Concerning manufacturing numbers- set the bar high and shoot for it. I utilised to perform with some guys who would set their production purpose way lower and double it every 12 months. What is the level of that?
9. Take breaks! You want to be fresh for the duration of all of this, not rushing to get it accomplished. If you want a break, consider a single and drink some coffee or one thing.
10. Re-go through it the subsequent day. You will re-publish, elaborate and clarify some factors. You’ll also get pleasure from what you had been capable to get on paper.


This is a tip from Julius Park at Crazy 88 BJJ &amp MMA- submit your prepare in a spot the place many men and women can see it. It will do wonders for accountability. It’s also quite ballsy and I have to admit I am nonetheless as well chicken to do this. Haha. Possibly next 12 months!

I hope you loved my checklist. Best of luck with your 2011 game organizing!


Harold Cash
Tough Income Bankers, LLC


  1. metalfuture1982

    Hey Evan, I enjoy helping others succeed. By having art and furniture in a house and or property, it helps to sell the property faster and or getting tenants faster.
    If you are interested in staging your rental properties and or on sale in the market, contact me. Here is the website for examples

  2. Fossey Taylor

    I think there’s a difference between saving (and putting your money in the bank to rot) and "not spending all of your income". So saving will lose for sure, but managing money and investing it in assets, such as property will lead to a very different outcome.

  3. All this is great but what does one do without money or the means to get money do to bad credit,and no way to barrow from anyone including family let alone a bank.

  4. He should have clarified the Savings a bit more. The argument with how 1970 or w.e is pretty abstract and out of the blue. Robert is no doubt a success, but I believe he meant to say that don’t save your money for the sake of saving. Save to invest. There is no way you can get into real estate efficiently without relying on your capital/credit/etc. Sure you can purchase RE through other means and other people’s credentials, but it would make it a lot easier if you were capable of doing it yourself (as all things).

    TLDR: Write up a plan, save enough money to make the investment, take the opportunity.

    Again, don’t save for the sake of saving, but save money for the sake to invest. Hope that clarifies.

  5. Jeff Leighton

    Why can’t college just have a major on Robert Kiyosaki’s books/teachings? His books are amazing.

  6. I’m 16 years old and I want to invest. Right now I’m saving up to get my real estate license. I’m serious about this and I’ve been studying and learning real estate and stocks for about a year just by watching YouTube videos and talking to my local real estate investors and seeing how they do it. I wish to become wealthy and successful in my journey

  7. Murtaza Kandil

    if this guy had be teaching how he actually made money. he will probably get killed. when people see u making me money they will pull you down and you cant do it secretly in anyway.. he will tell you how he did it but is far from reality how he actually did it. 😉 in reference to real estate .. u are everyday running risk of being poach down . day and night u wil know someone might just go crazy killing you and it will all end . but then you love money more than your life and your familys life. you have to love money that bad and thats a risk you have to live with everyday. there is no other way around.


    Wow.."RealEstate is the Best Investment Of All" ..Thanks a lot Robert. Tax and Debt makes the Rich, richer!! I have to be smart

  9. Nuttachat Wisittipanit

    my kid is 5 years old and he wants to be real estate investor. He does not want to be a loser.

  10. victoria fagundes

    hello, eu moro no brasil e eu e meu marido gostariamos de tentar investir com vcs.

  11. can someone plz explain for me the first and second options he talked about while he was sitting next to the board?? i don’t know English well… i hope someone would explain to me with simple English… thank you

  12. I love to learn more, but I just don’t have the right questions to ask and the right person to ask to

  13. Marketing VA4REI

    This is so true! A lot of people are wanting to be successful in Real Estate but doesn’t know how.

  14. messi athanase

    I own a business now because kiyozaki inspired me wish he could organise a seminar in cameroon

  15. Dylan Worsley

    I read his real estate book, took his advice, did my own homework and bought and sold my first house in four years. made almost 100k. thanks for the motivation/inspiration Robert.

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