Remodeling my stairs and railings

Ditching the carpet stairs for hardwood and then matching the railings.

From: Brett Lyon

By japharl on 2009-06-20 12:00:06


  1. looks good. after watching 100 videos on stair newels, I’m going to attempt to take mine out and replace with better looking newels.

  2. hahasimpsons

    WTF man, video made me sick to watch, but the music did matched the tweeker shot vid well though lol

  3. Deborah Davila

    Omg!! Awesome job!! I’m in process of getting the floor and staircase done.and I’m trying to decide if I should get the riser in white..what’s your opinion?? Do they get dirty or shoe marks?

  4. Andrea Davis

    Freaking impressive! You clearly knew what you were doing and your tools and smart use of them would make any man drool!

  5. Best Access Doors

    Great job with the remodeling, Brett! Are you going to do more videos like this soon?

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