Remodeling an Abandoned Residence: Kitchen/Dining Room, Second Story Ep 2

Two designers renovate a 1920s Craftsman property, bringing it back to life. Tiny and closed-off in the original floor plan, the home’s kitchen gets a gorgeous modern day makeover when it switches places with the dining room.

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From: Zillow

Jack London Bath &amp Kitchen
By jaycross on 2010-02-12 15:17:56


  1. Gregor Miller

    Very nice! Please come to the west coast, my place is 55 years old, and needs some TLC:)

  2. Marnelle Corege

    Stunning transformation – where did you get those amazing doors in the kitchen – thx for sharing – cheers from Canada

  3. Brett Schneider

    Sorry. I give this two thumbs DOWN. This is not a cooks kitchen. The cook top on the island with seating so close is a major hazard. God help the person who gets a lap full of boiling water or hot oil. Major safety no-no. Also, ventilation for cooking is not adequate. I would never purchase a house with this sort of kitchen "design."

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