Norwood: A documentary about 1 of Birmingham’s historic neighborhoods

“one hundred Houses” is a documentary film about Birmingham’s historic Norwood Neighborhood. The film was developed by UAB film students Ali Simpson and Melissa Thomas.


birmingham residences

Anybody wanting into Birmingham houses in Birmingham, Alabama, will learn some beautiful surprises ome excellent details and information that contribute to the age-outdated mystique of the location referred to as the agic City? Footage featured on web sites for Birmingham homes present the open, pristine, tree-lined avenues, with the classic southern gents standing at the curbs with their strolling canes as the horse-drawn surreys carry upstanding gentry across city to church or to marketplace. That picture is paralleled, soon after all, with the fashionable, digitized photographs of Birmingham properties in all their pillared, turreted, dormered, and sprawling glory.

The older Birmingham houses, of course, bear southern type and tout amongst the most outstanding history within the nation, whereas the newer Birmingham residences are developed inside the custom and embellished with modernity aking for a melding of present and prior that sacrifices nothing and good points considerably in splendor and beauty.

In related respect, these in search of Birmingham homes in Birmingham England, most likely the namesake for Birmingham, Alabama, will uncover that the exact same mixed antiquity and modernity make for a charming atmosphere. Older Birmingham properties in England are of the basic brick and/or clapboard, and take up acres of location with their multi-floored manses and spired and gabled facades, evoking the early castle majesty and darkish and dreamy atmospheres of yore. In like respect, the newer Birmingham residences are nonetheless rich with design and style and overall performance of the preceding, be they multi-units of dwelling places and conservatory and porch or stucco and metal studio flats for sale, total with what the Burmies (of B am) name the Juliet balcony, modernized kitchenette, and toilet cubicle.

Birmingham homes in the US or the UK will offer each small point, then, from concierge service and security video entry programs in houses in complete of life, pleasant neighborhoods to granite counter tops and slate fireplaces in properties embedded in romantic, quiet woods. If you are fortunate sufficient to go to to verify out Birmingham houses in England, furthermore, you will have the pleasure of touring the castles, seeing Blakesley Hall, or indulging on the earth-popular Cadbury Planet chocolate. If you have the opportunity to tour Birmingham properties in Alabama, you could have the awesome experience of seeing the Birmingham Botannical Gardens and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Soon after which again, if you have only the prospect to view Birmingham houses online, by means of a virtual tour, you will nonetheless get pleasure from a visible journey by way of time o antiquity, thriller, and mystique that surrounds these classic places.

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  1. mark thrasher

    The blacks that moved there were able to maintain the houses, they just didn’t want to. The whites that weren’t racist would have stayed if the blacks didn’t turn and get so menacing and racist themselves.

  2. steve thepirate

    When I see people tearing into the old houses and not having on full respirators, lord but I cringe knowing what they are breathing in.

    Lead paint is a given. Asbestos? Yep. Black mold, you can bet the farm on that one. You’ve had pigeons, rats, and every other manner of creepy crawly in those houses for better than two decades.

    If you buy a house like these, research what you are doing before you go trying to restore things.

    Asbestos was a floor tile, wiring insulation, air duct tape, blown in attic insulation and a dozen others. Have the house checked and abated. 

    Lead paint is lethal as hell and was used on every house built before 1960 and there is some that was still used clear into the early 70s. If you’ve got to chip paint off, a respirator and a shop vac is a HEPA filter. Minimum requirement.

    Black mold has to be killed, then covered. Just painting over it doesn’t do it. And it can be in places where you never even looked. And can’t get to.

    And I don’t even want to start on vermin and disease.

    Honestly … take a bunch of pictures. Have an architect design you a new home just like it and clear the lot for new construction. The history is awesome, I get that. My grandparents and great-grandparents lived in Norwood. My Mom grew up down there. But in the end, it’s just wood and stone.

    Majestic old buildings in downtown, yeah sure they are worth spending millions to restore but not these old houses.

  3. Sapphire Sea

    The views and the quality of the original construction of the homes is amazing!

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