McHenry Mansion Video Tour – Historic McHenry Mansion Christmas Decorations – Modesto, California

It is Christmas time and in Modesto, California nothing at all says it is the Holidays like seeing the McHenry Mansion all dressed up in Christmas Decorations.

Totally restored from a 2011 fire, the McHenry Mansion is open to the public all through the year and every single year around this time the Mansion is open for unique candlelight tours which showcase the vintage seeking Christmas Decorations that a displayed in the historic home.

Modesto News .org headed out to the McHenry Mansion this year in order to take you on a single of these candlelight tours with McHenry Mansion Docent and Volunteer, Margaret Scheuber.

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San Francisco California ~ William Westerfeld Residence ~ Historical ~ Film 1998
The William Westerfeld Property sits across the street from the northwest corner of Alamo Square at 1198 Fulton Street (at Scott St.) in San Francisco. Constructed in 1889 at a expense of $9,985, the residence is listed on the National Register of Historic Areas and is San Francisco Landmark Number 135.

William Westerfeld, a German-born confectioner, arrived in San Francisco in the 1870s. By the 1880s, he had established a chain of bakeries. He hired builder Henry Geilfuss to style for his family members of six a 28-space mansion with an adjoining rose garden and carriage house.
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  1. Palmina D'Alessandro

    Sold a Mansion like THAT for $1 ??? WHAAATtt?? HOOOWWW? I wannntttt oneeee !!! 🙂

  2. RyanLIkesJDM

    I remember going there i 3rd grade for a field trip. ( I’m in 6th grade right now )

  3. Bette Gregory

    Lady if you have been there for many years you wouldn’t sound so " not so sure ". Did you not prepare for the video?

  4. muchomusiclibre

    With all the changes for the worse we’ve seen in Modesto, I’m glad people are keeping the past alive. How cool would it be to walk around Modesto circa 1880-1920’s?

  5. I found the tour on the Modesto Mansion very interesting, I loved the amount of detail that is focused on every little piece of the home, truly making you feel as if you went back in time into the Victorian era of the United States of America.

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