Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Waterfall Shower fixture

I am hoping our 2011 remodel for an eight.five x eight.five bathroom can give you some concepts, as nicely as show you the operation of some distinctive shower fixtures. Products featured are from Grohe, Rohl, Restoration Hardware, Elizabethan Classics, Watermark, Toto, James Martin Signature Collection Furnishings, Provenza, Rush River Tile, Thermosoft

From: Ryan Turner

Bathroom – Day 9 – Faucet Wall Total
This was the pattern we decided on following numerous diverse set ups and concepts on the front room floor. The diamond pattern matches the diamond in the floor. There is also a tiny diamond in the center produced from a diamond tile and some smaller squares

Saturday – April 3rd, 2010
By Ramen Junkie on 2010-04-03 06:53:26


  1. Those 2×4’s are completely cut out for plumbing leaving that wall comprised, if someone leans hard on the other side in that area your tiles could crack. 

  2. Mike Albanese

    WOW. . .25K.  Beautiful bathroom though. You can see quality in materials and workmanship. How long was the overall job from first demo to mostly complete job? It seems theres always many little things to wrap up after the big items are finished. They say kitchens and bathrooms will get you return on your investment. Congrats. And nice video presentation.

  3. Ryan Turner

    And regarding the cut out 2x4s.  Absolutely possible that tiles could pop if someone leans hard on that wall.  With that said, the material used for the backer was very thick, and after 3 years, absolutely no issues.    Had I known better when I was having it done, I would have insisted that the 2x4s be drilled, not cut.  However, if you notice, I have SIX 2x4s floor to ceiling on the right.  Makes up for some sloppy plumbing work.

    I have learned a lot about remodeling since then, and I think I would do it much better a second time around.

  4. I love the marbles you used and I’m planning on using Carrara and Thassos on my own bathroom as well, but I’m concerned with the upkeep of real marbles. What kind of sealer did you use? What is the upkeep like?

  5. goldenbear 36011

    Gorgeous bath, wisely, beautifully designed. Well-managed execution of build. Thank you!

  6. Lorelee Scipione

    Can you tell me brand and model of your floor tiles and where you purchased? Beautiful bathroom.

  7. Violet Thompson

    Ryan its absolutely beautiful could you please tell me the make and color of the paint on the door please.

  8. Ryan Turner

    Thanks! If you watch the video on your computer, I have pop up descriptions for all the parts. They won’t appear on the iPhone or mobile device.

  9. Ryan Turner

    other questions answers.  Upkeep is considerable.  Marble etches very easy.  We have to scrub grout lines a few times a year to keep them clear.  I don’t recall the sealer I used, but it was a premium sealer.

  10. Hi I’d like to know the name of tile and brand that you used on the floor – beautiful

  11. You bathroom is gorgeous!  this is exactly how I’d like to remodel our bathroom but never thought of doing the wainscoting on the walls – that really adds a special look!  It’s so classy – it will never go out of style! Great taste!

  12. A dark color tile with grooves for a bathroom flloor? And walls with portruding frames for a small area bathroom? And the Mirrors portruding even more on the walls?

  13. James Shanahan

    Did you run a new three-quarter inch water line into the bathroom for this remodel or did you use 1/2 inch?

  14. David Childers

    Love this bathroom, would love to know what the total cost was for this. This was in 2011, would like to know how everything has held up and if there is anything you would have done different in retrospect.

  15. Great remodel, it appears that you pro actively thought the entire layout for the space provided. Love the heated floor wood look! Excellent mirrors that are adjustable.

  16. Ryan Turner


    The various sprays are for different purposes.  They aren’t intended to all me on.  I either run the waterfall or the overhead rain.  My wife prefers the rain and the body sprays.  it is about options.  I can tell no difference in our water bill.  Keeping the marble clean is a task.  I just consider the wear on the marble as its patina. 

  17. Ryan Turner

    A few questions answered.  Supply lines are 3/4".  Someone had asked cost.  Around 25k.

  18. The wainscoting is really a nice touch, it pulls all the elements of your remodel together and elevates the look to one of classic elegance.  The shower seems to be a bit of overkill, how many fire hose sprays does one need?  Then again, if you manage to get a crowd into that shower thats sure to keep them from becoming unruly -turn the hoses on ’em.  Built in crowd control.  Seriously though, your water bill must be enough for a car payment.  I think I would have gone with less in the shower and put it into the tub, upgraded to a jacuzzi tub for smaller, more intimate crowds.  Marble + water = A pain in the _ _ _ ,cleaning nightmare.  Everyone has their own preferences but you and your wife truely have a beautiful bathroom to be proud of and to enjoy, whether its just the two of you, or a crowd in the shower.  🙂

  19. Jason Simon

    Don’t use inset tiles…..they go out of fashion! How can you describe beautiful white marble tiles as monotonous? That’s ridiculous!

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