Within Tricks of a Genuine Estate Agent

“You think the shark tank is brutal – wait until you see this,” mentioned realty maven Barbara Corcoran.

Genuine Estate #18
Bethel Park, PA

Yashica Mat LM TLR
Kodak Tri-X 400 b&ampw film @ 250
HC-110, 1+a hundred @ 13:00 min
By michaelgoodin on 2010-eleven-thirty 18:56:22


  1. Wow! this is really amazing BS! I can see how this creates an image of what realtors are like that is certainly not positive. Of all the realtors I know none are even close to what this guy portrays what it is really like for 99% of realtors out there. I think Abc needs to get the facts correct, well then I guess no one would be watching ABC.

  2. 21whichiswhich

    There are good and bad and also there are honest and not honest people in all fields of professions.

  3. Nicola Tavilla

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  5. Patrice Phillips

    what a horrible way to portray hard working people. why does the news always want to cut down the hard workers how don’t rely on government to make a life for themselves. shame on you.

  6. WOW you mean real estate agents might be looking for business that does NOT involve MY house for buyers who might not be interested in my house?! WOW THIS IS NOT OK

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  8. How I can be an ethical and transparent real estate agent without being pressured by the company I work for to lie?


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  10. Nancy Philbrick

    What a load of baloney! Maybe this is how they do it in NY City, but not in hometown American. This is annoying and saddening for all of us Realtors that give our clients and customers our all and we work so darn hard! Our average sale price now is $214,000, we earn every penny for all the hours, stress and service we provide. We SAVE buyers and sellers money and stress and hassles and ALL material facts MUST be disclosed, period.

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  14. Kristin Matheson / Matheson Homes / Licensed Real Estate Broker / CENTURY 21 Turner Properties

    This kind of video is what gives real estate brokers/agents a bad rap. Sure, they might be out there, but I like to think FAR and FEW inbetween!!! Most of us work with integrity, and with the clients’ best interest first and foremost. There are online sites that are simply not up-to-date. OF COURSE an agent would try to steer the client to a home that is available and not just say "sorry goodbye". THAT’s our job! All this video does is promote a misconception to the general public, whom are already leery of agents. We are held to a high degree of ethical standards, both by law and by public oath and trust. Just because a "few" may stray and border the ethical line, does not mean this is common practice. So quit with this propaganda. Go try to buy a car and run a special on that.

  15. Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

    Great video, I agree with most of the points all these top agents mention. I like to be up front with my clients and set the expectation from the beginning.

  16. DripFan09999

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  17. Sailesh Joshi

    Real estate Business is just awesome ,difficult and unique business in the world..

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  21. That shit wouldn’t fly here in California. The Departments of Real Estate would yank your license on the spot!!!!!

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  23. Michael Kaldani

    As a Realtor, some of the things mentioned in this video might be true but it makes agents sounds like bottom feeders! The agents I have worked with and organizations I have done business with have never been as dirty as this video makes it look! Honesty and integrity are the ONLY way to do business!

  24. Douglas Foley

    There are 3 types of people that I would love to kill in this world. Lawyers, doctors, and realtors. In my opinion their crimes are worse than murderers crimes.

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