Inside Hingham’s Most Historic Properties

There was a great steady turnout Saturday for the 86th annual Historical Homes Tour of the Hingham Historical Society. In celebration of Hingham’s 375th birthday, some of Hingham’s oldest and most authentic historic homes have been opened.

Cudworth Property, in Scituate, MA
Just to the east of Hingham, MA, south of Boston. Ancestral family members residence.
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The historic industry town of Wareham, Dorset sits in a lovely portion of the southwest English Channel region of England. It has a population of about five,700 men and women, and sits on the banks of the River Frome, a waterway of around 30 miles in length. It is navigable all the way from the town itself down to Poole, a harbor town on the coast.

Wareham has had a history of strategic value in England’s past. This goes all the way back to Saxon instances, although the older streets in the town are laid out following a pattern in keeping with Roman era roadways. There are also 9th century earthen walls, erected by Alfred Excellent to aid in the defense of the town by raiding Vikings, or Norsemen.

Wareham suffered a large fire in 1762, which destroyed about 65 percent of the town. It was subsequently rebuilt in the Georgian architectural style, with a lot of buildings utilizing red brick and the Jurassic period rock recognized as Purebeck limestone or marble. It was reduce from quarries on the Isle of Purebeck, which is a peninsula that sits in the southeast of Dorset.

The town is also notable for getting extremely near the final resting spot of T.S. Lawrence, better known as “Lawrence of Arabia.” He is buried in the churchyard at Moreton, and Wareham’s church of Saint Martin on the Walls has a fine sculptured effigy of the British officer.

The southwest English county of Dorset, in which Wareham resides, has a current population of about 708,000 individuals. It is a well-liked tourist region, and is popular for possessing a stretch of the Jurassic Coast. This area is a United Nations-designated Globe Heritage Site of geological value, with formations such as the planet famous Lulworth Cove. The area attracts tourists from all more than the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Wareham and Dorset with each other both present several fine tourist possibilities.

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