How To: Remodel A Bathroom – Flooring

This time I’ll be displaying you the actions I took to get rid of our old junkie carpet and linoleum, and lay down a fantastic looking tile.

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From: Make It Now

Bathroom remodeled
By ImagineFreedom on 2007-08-08 19:07:02


  1. Our First Home

    Turned out great! im terrified to do tile lol….i have a relatively small kitchen that i may take a leap of faith and lay some tile down

  2. I'm The Super

    Nice, but not feel comfortable putting thin-set in between, glue it will be better for me

  3. I’m so confused. I have never seen anyone put thin set under concrete board. What the heck is the point in that? You are supposed to put nails on each of the spots on the board. Why the hell would you do that?

  4. Darek Kmievik

    I do tiles 30 years,great job,but the grout colour ,who choose white grout for Brown tiles?

  5. Living One Day at a Time

    Galvanized nails eventually rust/breakdown, I would have used stainless steel screws.  Had tile floor backing come up after 7 years. It started like tiny explosions/loud popping noises. On a different note, great video showing how to lay down the flooring. When I saw all the grout drying on the floor, I thought back when I did that to my shower. I must have done something wrong because I had to razor it off with a putty knife, windshield snow scraper, and a sander. After 6 months, my shower looked like it should have if I had done it right with the grout. LOL.

  6. godfatherNYC

    Very nice work. Excellent attention to detail and getting it done the right way.

  7. Running On Coffee

    I had Empire do my bathroom and sat down drinking my coffee while watching TV….few hours later it was done and they even added new baseboard…cleaned up after themselves and boom…done

  8. Konrad Rybacki

    What concerns me a bit is that you missed aplying any kind of waterproofing before tiling. There are variety of membranes on the market which could be advised for this purpose, but for me Mapelastic worked the best. Not sure whether it is available in US, but there are some replacements for sure. I would delibarate whether it is necessary on concrete floor but would not skip it when there is plywood underneath. Also you might use epoxy grout, which is a bit more tricky to apply, but it is completely water and stain proof. From my personal experience I must say that the cement grouts, even impregnated, collect a lot of dirt during time which can hardly be removed. Hope this issues will not affect you – and – enjoy your bathroom! 🙂

  9. elan 3 studio

    Nice Job & well done Sir…. But I think you’re suppose to Back~Butter as well…?

  10. This is my busting face

    Why did you mortar under the concrete board and why didn’t you tape the seams?

  11. Steven Mack

    I noticed you had put a layer on top of the subfloor, is that step necessary? or can I just install tiles directly on subfloor?

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