How to price tag a post building cleaning for a commercial developing How to value post construction cleaning for a industrial constructing?

From: Steve Hanson

Property Remodeling Estimates and What You Want To Know

Thinking of tackling these lengthy to do lists?  Let’s see here.  Alter the lightbulb in the overhead light carried out.  Pull the weeds from the garden no sweat.  Pull up the carpeting in the living area and replace it with hardwood flooring…wait, run that by me once more?  There are some tasks around the residence that are simple, basic even and need tiny to no time or work and then there are thoses that we could need to consider getting a expert brought in.  1 of the ideal examples of this situation is when it comes to property remodeling.

Just saying those two words collectively in a sentence is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many a property owner.  But why?  The adjustments themselves should bring nothing at all but joy, soon after all we are the ones that want the modifications made.  They would be completed to our specifications, the finish result becoming a realization of anything that formerly existed only in dreams.  So just what tends to make house remodeling a scary prospect? 

The fear in this case is far more of sticker shock when it comes to house remodeling charges.  Everywhere we appear we see practically nothing but dollars indicators and open hands seeking for far more funds.  We physically really feel the drain on our pocket books and each time we open the mailbox, a feeling of nausea spreads via us like the plague.  There is a way to cease these worries at the commence.  Three small words…property remodeling estimates.

Property remodeling estimates are a key component to the remodeling process.  How so?  First and foremost, they supply us with an insiders glimpse at what the finish cost for all the upgrades or additions we are trying to full will be thus enabling us a specific piece of mind all through the process.  Secondly, possessing this details readily available aids us in creating an educated decision as to which service or contractor will accomplish our ambitions in the most economical style whilst it also makes it possible for us to match the service provider with the spending budget we have in mind so we can get the most for our cash. 

Final but not least, if by chance we more than budgetted on a project or goodness forbid beneath budgetted, we can uncover the holes in our plans ahead of we have reached the point of no return.  After all, no 1 desires only half a area completed when the aim is to total the complete.

Stepping outside of budgeted objectives is exactly where most house remodeling plans go wrong.  Take a moment to take into account what you and your loved ones are comfortable paying and set your remodeling budget accordingly.  Enable your self the time to collect property remodeling estimates from a few sources to make certain that you are acquiring the best worth, best good quality and very best service to meet your wants.  As soon as the dream and the reality are in line with a single an additional, attaining an finish outcome that you can take pride in for years to come will that significantly easier.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Advertising and marketing Manager for Sears Residence Improvements. If you would like more info on House Remodeling Estimates , go to the Home Improvement section of Sears Residence Services site or call us at 1-877-780-2214.


  1. Down Right Clean LLC.

    Hi Steve, or anyone reading this…great video btw. I am curious how bidding works when it comes to the options on the bids that you get to bid extra on. sometimes you don’t know how long that specific "option" will take
    Thank you!

  2. Alan Molina

    When I click free content on your website, it takes me to bidding calculators and when i click on one of them, it says only available to premium members. Is it not free?

    I have a 70,000 sq ft job I will be bidding, I am pricing it at .17cents for the final clean. However, there are a lot of windows. How do you price windows? and what dimensions do you consider a normal pane? Thanks

  3. hi, steve hanson

    Ok this is what im looking to know ???
    100,000.00 sq foot
    rough clean $………… price ???
    final clean $…………. price ????
    touch up $…………..price??????
    Is this 3 stage project
    priced by the stage or all three stages
    in one sq. foot price ?????

  4. Steve Hanson

    That is why its so important to ask the superintendent or manager good questions so you know just what they want, what they expect and the time frame to complete it. Asking how many phases is one of the first questions I ask them. You want to make it clear that any re-cleans are billed by the hour. We have documents in the down load library on that they would sign off on after a room or area is cleaned. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you very much for great video and very helpful information.Do you quote for each phase separately?

  6. Steve,
    All your videos are very helpful and Thank you for your time making them. We have a up coming job cleaning new warehouse floors 30000 sq ft. The floors have a lot of dirt and clay built up. All the customers want is the floors sweep and mopped. I was thinking .10 cent a sq ft to sweep and run a scrubber over the floors. What do you think?
    Thanks David

  7. Hi Steve
    I’m a new post construction cleaner for new home builds.
    My question is, do I charge my sq footage rate every time I go in on each phase, or is it one charge broke down in phases? Does this make sense? Also site managers told me that wages are included in the whole sq.footage rate. I charge 21 cent per.

  8. Fine Things By Me

    Great video! Thank you for sharing. If The Construction Manager does not specify how many phases or if you begin under the impression that its just a Final Cleaning, yet the CM asks you to come back in and reclean the same areas again a 2nd time – how do you handle this? Do you charge them double or twice for your services? Or hold at the original pricing?  Thank you.

  9. Steve,
    just came across your video and Thank you for taking the time to make the video. I’m new to the construction cleaning and we have a job to do. It’s 16000 sq ft Medical office, 12000 sq ft is brand new VCT tile floors that needs 5 coats of Finish. Do we charge a additional cost for the vct tile? or increase cost per square foot?
    Thank you

  10. Maceo Roker

    Hello SteveAre there any books/videos out there for a beginner in the post construction commercial cleaning industry that you could recommend? I already own a cleaning company and I’ve been doing commercial cleaning for various offices, retail establishments, hotels, etc. since June 2008 but want to switch over to post construction due to the tremendous building frenzy in my area ( I live in NYC ). Please advise. Thanks!

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