How To Frame Basement Walls

Wish you could transform your basement into a lot more helpful living space? This Campbell Hausfeld project video will show you how to start a basement remodel by framing a wall. Find out how to use a framing nailer and other tools to make this project move faster and less complicated.

From: Campbell Hausfeld

By evansonline on 2006-09-24 16:42:14


  1. Good video… but the constant announcing of each others name is obnoxious and made me stop watching it. Thanks, Chris. No problem, Chuck.

  2. 4:05s onward is a major no-no with framing nailguns or any nailer. No part of the hand should be placed in front of the muzzle or near enough proximity. It’s green shield workboots ball & heel bracing each plate & stud junction, like traditional framing, only using a nailgun to gun back instead of a framing hammer.

    These guns can shoot nails into concrete and that’s 100s of feet/sec velocity. If the hand is in front of the muzzle and something goes wrong, and these things happen, it’s a painful trip to the ER.

    At about 6:05s, after Chuck the contractor confused level for plumb, calls the 2×4 fastened to the concrete a "sole plate". It’s a sill plate because sills sit on concrete, while soles go on wood. Basement stud walls don’t require a sill plate. The bottom plate only needs a gasket to keep the lumber dry, saving on material.

    Looks like Chris doesn’t want receptacles in that wall. I don’t know where this video was filmed, but bag insulation went out in the mid-1970s. Paper and basement foundation cinder block are incompatible.

  3. Homer Simpson

    I was waiting for the girls to arrive so the porno filming could begin…..

  4. Robert Kerr

    chris sure is good at the "dear in the headlighs" look, great vid. lotsa help thanks chris

  5. Im not an expert at this……but, wow. I didn’t know I could employ the 5 year olds they were talking to.

  6. Jamar Harden

    yooooo I’m crying laughing!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. easy guys. The video was about framing. electrical and plumbing are separate.

  8. What? No vapor barrier? No outlet electrical runs? Just because you have Campbell Hausfield air tools doesn’t mean this will pass code where you live. It surely won’t pass inspection where I live.

  9. Dan Murtagh

    Instructions without the bullshit would be nice. No one wants to see Chris try to act like a dummy

  10. Roberto Escolero

    I’m a union framer and also own my own framing company your wall looks like shit, there’s no room for insulation and the bottom plate itself could be self tapped in while the whole wall is already built itself, drill in with the Hilti drill use 3 3 1/2 nails to tap it in yet alone you forgot to put down polytrap…. and tyvek that wall….. Jesus…

  11. Sharon Shook

    Let me just point this nail gun at you…… and let’s not wear any hearing protection.

  12. Michael Sullivan

    Well Chris and Chuck, I hope you didn’t want to glue your drywall, since you stapled the insulation to the face of the stud. That job would fail inspection in my neck of the woods.

  13. Matthew Lavergne

    I’ll make it myself. Just got instructions from WoodPrix website and I’m ready to do it ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Where I’m from (Front Range Colorado) you need about an 1-1/2" space between what should be either treated or redwood bottom plate that’s glued and nailed to concrete and the second bottom plate of the wall to allow for movement of the floor so as not to pinch. Special care needs taken when attaching drywall and trims to allow this phantom movement! I’ve never seen or measured the movement but someone has. In certain areas it’s probably more of a problem than others though.

  15. a tight fit and gluing the sole plate is good enough. drilling into concrete floor can allow ground water in

  16. robb townsend

    Great drinking game, do a shot every time they say each other’s name…

  17. Its a great and informative video, but for once I want to see someone shoot themselves with the framing nailer by accident and flip out on camera.

  18. Keli Weisgerber

    Go to WoodPrix webpage if you’d like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

  19. decentnation

    Hey Chuck, what’s Chris? Nothing just making sure you still named Chuck. Ok Chris, np Chuck, thanks Chris, you are welcome Chuck, really Chris, of course Chuck… and story continues Ok Chuck

  20. SilentServiceCode

    Hey Chris, I found this R13 paperback insulation from 1954, I thought it would be perfect for your basement. Sounds great Chuck.

  21. cody forsythe

    hey chris, there’s not moisture barrier between the cement and the insulation. sounds great chuck.

  22. Pro Painters

    hey chris lets go ahead and hire someone to do this shit. sounds good chuck

  23. Chris, you can’t do anything without me! Sure Chuck, you’re my hero. Of course I am, Chris. Sounds good, Chuck.

  24. Joseph Stoianof

    Chuck was to afraid to pull the trigger on that nail gun! Or was that Chris? I forget?

  25. Adam Trudel

    There should be sill gasket under the spruce 2×4 base plate. Or pressure treated

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