How to construct, remodel Bathroom from scratch – Befor and Following ! Complex bath remodeling in Atlanta

In this clip I am presenting complicated bath renovation in 1 of my projects in Atlanta. Ahead of, for the duration of and after videos will show you virtually every step of this project….. whole transformation from day 1 to finish ! !
This video will show you what it genuinely requires to carry out complicated remodeling and how nicely it can be completed – of course if you have true craftsmens carrying out the job !!
You will see:
– Travertine installation
– Custom KOHLER shower system
– Radiant heated bathroom floor
– Chroma therapy tub with LED lights
– Tv in bathroom
– Really custom vanity

And numerous more wonderful stuff………….judge for your self

Thank you for stopping by !

Michael – Tile Master

From: TileMasterGa



  1. SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine

    Is the new ceiling built as per code. stamped by engineer and passed inspection?

  2. How many crew members do you have? And, how long did it take to finish the whole bathroom only?

  3. Beautiful job once again! What is a ball park amount at what a transformation like this would cost. Not exact numbers just a kind of range.

  4. Sora Hameed

    nice job thank you for sharing this video
    …what are the dimensions for this batheroom?

  5. Clawfoot Refinishing Buffalo NY6478

    #Jody Roland Construction Did you put vapor barrier or plastic behind tile on wall before laying tile? I noticed you did for the floor tile in shower pan. @TileMasterGa
    Boy we really loved this Great Video.

  6. readingmaniac54

    You did an awesome job. I’m having my two bathrooms renovated your price is reasonable.

  7. I was watching your video, is a good work, i can’t take my eyes of the waste of water.

  8. ummi4atfaal

    hi,may i ask the measurement of walk in shower and double sink vanity area?

  9. Surface Magic LLC

    Wow!I love those wall and ceiling shower units. They sure made a big difference in that bathroom.

  10. Wish i could make this bathroom for my mom .. we just always wanted the nice things in life .. 😔

  11. Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong

    Michael, I could happily live in that bathroom. You are truly blessed. Peter, awesome job on the ceilings, arch & damn … you both are so awesome!

  12. Renee Mason

    Great accent, good job narrating. Learning a lot for our remodel, you do very nice work. Also, wonderful voice to fall asleep to! ☺️

  13. dreindenver

    You did an amazing job. Your work is beautiful. Can you recommend anyone in Colorado that does such fine work?

  14. Stephen O Neill

    great work lovin the quality of work.i do bathroom renovation s here in france and enjoyed your video keep it up

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