How I became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26

Here is my story of skipping school, pursing true estate sales at 18 years old, and turning out to be a millionaire by the time I turned 26. Whilst this video mostly focuses on my successes, it wasn’t easy and it came with several sacrifices along the way – but thankfully it all worked out in the end. Take pleasure in! Snapchat / Instagram: GPStephan

For business inquiries or one-on-one true estate investing/true estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at

Advised studying:
The Millionaire Genuine Estate Agent:
Your funds or your daily life:
The Millionaire Genuine Estate Investor:
How to Win Close friends and Influence Folks:
Believe and increase rich:
Awaken the giant inside:
The Book on Rental Home Investing:

Favourite Credit Cards:
Chase Sapphire Reserve –
American Express Platinum –

From: GrahamStephan

Coastal Living York County Maine Cape Neddick
Oceanfront Residence along the coast of Maine at Cape Neddick, York County Real Estate. HDR picture tone mapped in Photomatix Pro.…
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  1. Nice! Had no idea you were a drummer, bro! Keep rocking. My tunes are online at as "AJ Nicholas" and the album "Love & Hate in Los Angeles" … plus your photo/craigslist idea was GENIUS. *thumbs up*

  2. Trying to figure out the millionaire net worth thing…. so at the time, you have over a million dollars in real estate… but after you minus all the loans against the real estate doesn’t that put you below a million taking your net worth below a million, making you not a millionaire?

  3. Gabriel Díaz Tur

    Hey man, great video, very detail explained it. I’m really interested on investing in RE, I’m in SouthFL area, here the prices are going up again. I would like to know more about the process to buy foreclosures deals, I have notice that realtors in this area aren’t really interested in those type of deals. If you have a video about it, please provide me the link or if you can make one about your experience on the matter would be great. Regards.

  4. Matthew Kern

    Inspiring as always man. Such a snowball story. I close on my first duplex next week. Can’t thank you enough for your inspiration to keep persevering.

  5. Jeff Findlay

    currently i owe about 105k on a house valued around 375k and i have about 20k in the bank. I am on the fence of either paying my house off next to reduce expenses, or selling it and holding on to the capital for the eventual home price market drop that i foresee in the near 2 years. Or hold on to my house and contine to pay the 15 year loan with 9 years left and just save cash as fast as i can to have a down payment on a rental when the market drops. What do you think?

  6. Stephanie Zavala

    This was very helpful, I am 26, just got my Notary License about to become a loan signing agent and then going to get my real estate license in February..This motivated me to not give up and take action! Thank you so much! Wish me luck 🤗🙏🏼

  7. Harrison Brown

    Graham this video hits home so hard it’s crazy. Im 22 and working at a cable factory and make decent wages but I have been looking for something more fulfilling. I am married and want to do the best for my family. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You are truly an inspiration to me.

  8. Edmond carter

    Hey brother I’m a little older than you I’m hoping to get my license in the next few months just passed my state(NY) exam last month my plan is to do exactly what you did save up everything that I can and still drive my beat up truck as long as I can I want to buy property and be an section 8 landlord houses are much cheaper in my city (Buffalo) and also be an agent I worked every job there is I’m done with the 9-5 shit especially with my disability (paraplegic) I rather put my hard work ethic for myself I just sub to your channel I will be watching video after video to learn as much as I can before I get started

  9. Gram! Could you send me or post the link to the guy Daniel that does business with shoppify and is a teen with 0 down I forget to screen shot the snap and it deleted!!!!

  10. Zack Rosicka

    Great video! I appreciate and Loved the story as I’m sure hundreds of thousands will! Blessings and continued success. Oh, Thank You!!!

  11. Graham you deserve it bro.. kuddos on being wise with your income, always trying to learn more, and being determined !

  12. alphastorm123

    I would like to see you a bit more hunting for a new real-estate deal. Especially down to the point why a property is worth buying, or why you’ve turned it down. Thanks. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  13. Philip Hinchman

    Hey Grahamstephan love the story a second time. I’m 27 with 2 rentals in addition to owning my own home. Not crazy far into real estate but I love creating value for people. I think that’s what it’s all about. Happy to chat sometime if you think I’d be a decent investment. Cheers!

  14. Nicolas-Ocarina Personal Channel

    I’m 26 and currently work as a teacher. I don’t have any kids but I’m married and hope to provide enough so that my wife and I can start thinking about having our first. I’d like the training because I’d like to be able to reach my goal of getting 100k someday.

  15. Saqlain Rattansi

    Graham you didn’t mention how you couldn’t get any loans for the properties either because of no credit card

  16. Your such a cool guy lol i really enjoy each video you post because you always keep it real!!

  17. Alex SakeMoto

    Graham hope you did not sell your btc and you diversified your portfolio in crypto. Thanks for the videos and tips. Great videos.

  18. Robert J. duPreez

    Okay I double dipped. Two videos.. thank goodness for blue tooth headphones. What are your thoughts on Grant Cardone? His program will cost you about 425 subways, but might take you up a level. Might be one of those bait and switch pitch for salesman techniques , but his tone comes from hundreds of millions he has made, so think its a tad above your level. Why not take a peek at it? Bravo for trying bitcoin. Respect your openness to share even your income. unheard of.

  19. Loved the video. I’m very interested in the mentoring phone call! I’m nearing a big change in my life as I’m graduating from college in May and have a good paying Financial Analyst job lined up, however, real estate has always been my long term goal. I’ve always had a mindset similar to yours when it comes to money but I loved school. I made it my goal to graduate without any student loans (without help from family since they aren’t in a position to help) and I’m on track to do just that. Now would be the perfect time for a little bit of guidance. Thanks for all the great info!

  20. Such an inspiring video, Graham. Thank you for that! I am just a Freshman in college, but my goal is have a net worth of $1 million by the age of 25. My question, is how does one calculate their net worth? I would imagine yours is much more than $1 million considering you own so much property. Do you only count the equity towards your net worth or the entire value of the property? 

    P.S. I made it all the way through the video. You’re almost to 100k!

  21. Hey man… so some of my investments are starting to move to the upside and my portfolio value is trying to increase. I know they will make me wealthy. Hopefully by next art Basel here in Miami, I will have enough gains to invest in real estate. Ill definitely show you around here while learning from you. Or maybe I can go to L A where my girlfriend is from and learn about investing there too. Thanks!

  22. Great video Graham!
    I have few question for you it’ll be great if you can answer them.
    1. When did you start taking the real estate course online? Under 17? or right when you turned 18?
    2. You say you love this business why? What motivates you? Do you like the commission money? Do you like to talk to people? What do you like about real estate?
    3. What makes you a good real estate agent. Like the 13% in the world.
    4. What makes you different than other real estate agents that’s not making money?

    I would be really appreciate it if you can answer my question. I just want to know and learn. Thanks Graham for this video! Keep grinding!

  23. Is it feasible to have an earning potential of $100k a year working 4 hours a day, 5 days a week as a real estate agent in Los Angeles?

  24. GrahamStephan

    Deja-vu…this is a re-upload of the first video I posted on YouTube, minus the million swear words and with some more detail thrown in. Since this is a re-upload, I’ll do something special…I’ll give someone free mentoring/coaching for an hour (we could do a Skype or FaceTime call, whatever you want), all you have to do is like the video and comment why you want the coaching and how you feel that would help you. I’ll pick someone tomorrow who I feel will really benefit from it the most! Thanks again for watching, hope you enjoy this!

    EDIT: A second video accidentally was scheduled to post at the same time as this. Will post that one in a few days. I apologize for the confusion, that’s what happens when I schedule videos ahead of time to be posted but then forget I had them scheduled, lol.

  25. Jiren The Gray

    Man I can’t wait to graduate in 2018!! Get into this real estate, also be able to relate on the things u say lol, thanks for the video Graham

  26. sir graham.. am 21 yrs old from srilanka
    i need 5000$ urgently
    But i have only 100$
    What can i do?
    Anyone plz help me

  27. Samuel Strife

    I would love if you were to pick for an hour of coaching because I am also interested in real estate renting.

  28. Nick Boumerhi

    I think we all have had the sit down at the computer “now what” moments haha!

  29. My high school experience was very similar -minus working. College wasn’t even on my mind, and so at 18 I went straight to work in the food industry, and paid for it heavily with my health in the following years. Now at 23 I’ve had numerous jobs working in the retail/food industries, and I’ve found myself back at the first job I had at 18 (though this time around in a higher position). And now I’m seemingly "stuck" in my job.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be in the position I’m in and to even be able to have a job cause I know many people would love to be in my position. But I want more from my life.

    So here’s my why and how:

    From my point-of-view you’re where I’d like to be in a couple of years. I want to become financially free, which to me means being able to provide for my family and not having to worry much about their financial future and being able to go on a vacation every now and then. I feel like I’m on the right track just trying to improve my knowledge through reading and absorbing valuable info, so perhaps a talk with you would accelerate that process and maybe expand my vision in blindspots I might have.

    Either way please know that there are lurkers who are very grateful for your valuable insights, and hopefully whoever wins the call will be fast tracked to their own visions of success!

  30. Leonard Caldera

    Stephan: what company do you work for? And how do you get your high end clients? Is there a farm list or a method you use to get these clients?

  31. Graham, this video is super inspiring! If more people would think outside the box like you, they would be a much better situation in their lives. However I must say, it helps tremendously that you transact real estate in a multi million dollar market versus the average seasoned agent would be lucky to do a one million dollar transaction in a lifetime. But kudos to you, for being smart about reinvesting in yourself and avoiding the gratification of spending money on things that aren’t essential in your life. Job well done!

  32. First Rounded

    Graham, Thank you for the upload and the motivation, seeing the success you have had in a considerably short amount of time really fuels me to chase my dreams and find my passion in life, which is real estate. Currently I am only 20 years old working 55+ hours a week, in 2018 I will have my car paid off and my first home purchased all on my own. Is there any advice you could give me on working/doing school online or any other ways to make passive income so I could start investing while im young to "retire"
    early? Thank you again, Branden. Also located in Texas.

  33. Stuart123666

    Good detailed insight. Of course made it to the end. Shows there are so many ways to be successful

  34. Timmothy Mckinny

    Graham you make great videos man. I really appreciate the content you put out and will continue to show support! 👍🏻

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