How Historic Maps Can Help The Metal Detector Enthusiast

This video gives us a look at how strong map study can be to the treasure hunter. I speak about what the possibilities are and even give a brief summary on historic map reading and makeup.

From: Russ Balbirona

The Light
La Sainte-Chapelle is truly an amazing location. I can not think it took me so numerous trips to Paris to finally see it. It wasn’t exactly a blind-spot, but I knew it was some location that I had to visit at some point, and I finally got there.

Tripods were forbidden, so I decided to use a tripod to get a shot.

I did manage to squeeze off many rounds till security came up to make me stop. Of course, the only cause I ignore their rule is since I feel it is does not have a solid foundation in logic or rational believed. I wasn’t bothering any person. I wasn’t going to trip any individual due to the fact of the configuration of my tripod and physique. Every thing was cool.

– Trey Ratcliff

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By Stuck in Customs on 2011-07-21 06:24:02


  1. Amazing image!! Superb work as always Trey!!


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  2. David db (... lost in Crozon ...)

    I have worked for several month just at fifty meters and discover it just a few days before i quit.
    It’s such a lovely place and you take it right!

  3. Dhonsky357 (D357) Imagineering (BUSY)

    excellent design..extra ordinary interior details..nice sharing this.
    my have

  4. Hi, im an Admin for `Howards Gallery` and would be very honoured if you would consider posting your stunning photo into the Gallery.
    This Gallery is so different than anything flickr has done before, as it is an easy place to belong to and participate, yet you have to have exemplary work to be invited here, and it is my opinion that this wonderful piece here belongs with us ……. I hope you will post this picture of yours with pride into the Gallery..…and we look forward to seeing more of your talent in the future……Kind regards..Caz (A)

  5. Very impressive. In this case I think it was a good idea to use the tripod and ask for forgiveness later, your already in Church so you don’t have far to go 🙂

  6. Sayid Budhi

    You brings a smile to my face with this beautiful Captured, absolutely great perspective.
    Congratulations on being in EXPLORE – FRONT PAGE

  7. Fab and World

    It’s wonderfully done, because the place is slightly difficult to take without a wide angle and the candles don’t make it easy too. Great(set) shot !

  8. Jill Clardy

    Perfect symmetry and golden light and exposure; THIS IS STUNNING; why wouldn’t they want people to share such a stunning sight, only possible with the use of tripods….

  9. Piratepenpen

    Colors look freaking awesome. I think I would have done the same thing – seriously, if you’re not hurting anyone, what is the deal?

  10. When I was there I couldn’t get a decent hand-held shot, too dark…Very nice image, Trey.

  11. Ricardo Chaves Photography

    Congratulations! I was there, and was impossible to take pictures, because of the security and the lot of tourist there!

  12. c.g.lawrence

    This is an amazing shot. Probably the best capture of a cathedral interior that I’ve seen in a long time. Really nice!!!

  13. Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 27 Million views)

    I think this is a Special Place!

    You deserve a "My Special Place Award"
    Please add your Great Photo to the Group

    My Special Place

  14. mercury_truck

    Yes, this is the place I also want to visit. I’ve wanted to for many years. Amazing!
    I’m glad you used your tri-pod. They likely just don’t want so many photographers, so they know this rule will discourage any serious artists. Too bad, but glad you got the shots.
    Nice work. It’s always about the light. Dazzling experience!!!

  15. Thank you for the tripod information. I ran into the same issue at Basilique du Sacré-Cœur and Père Lachaise Cemetery. Now I will know for our next trip to France.

  16. so i was reading pop photo and i saw your name and stuck in customs. and i was like hm…. where have i heard that name before? oh yeah! we’re contacts on flickr 🙂 congrats on the feature.

  17. TheFathersCreations

    An amazingly beautiful photo! Love the angle, perspective and excellent details!

  18. Moyan Brenn

    i’m so impressed by hdr technique somtimes that i ask to myself if it makes sense to continue to not use it…….sometimes it looks artificial but in other cases like this one, it’s only a damned great job……

  19. Blancs-Manteaux

    Regarding the use of a tripod in monuments in France. I too was busted on more than one occasion for using a tripod in a public monument in France–Once in Saint Eustace, once at Les Invalides, and once in Pere Lachaise Cemetery of all places! After being busted in the cemetery, I decided to actually read the rules governing such things. They happened to be posted at most of the entrances to the cemetery. After reading paragraph after paragraph of tiny French type, I discovered that the use of a tripod classifies you as a professional in the eyes of the Ministry of Culture. This means that you are welcome to take photographs—after you pay a fee and obtain a permit. It has not a thing to do with safety or inconveniencing of the public.

    Nice HDR BTW.

  20. tereliyesajjan

    Nice shot indeed. Living in Paris for years i’ve not been able to get a decent shot of these wonderful stained glass windows. Thanks for sharing

  21. "Tripods were forbidden, so I decided to use a tripod to get a shot" Great! 😀 I was there few weeks after you, in August. I also decided to ignore that rule but, after few second I take out the tripod out of my bag, a Miss has materialized out of nowhere kindly asking me to take out the tripod. So I had to shoot my HDR keeping the camera by hand. I opened the lens more than I could, and sitting on a chair and keeping the breath, I took my three photos. Anyway, great photo Trey 🙂

  22. Cortez77_fr same nickname on Ipernity

    In fact I think it’s just because in security’s mind in a lot of places in france : Tripod = Professional = Money. And as these kind of place sells books and prints, it’s more easy to understand (but security’s hopefully still don’t understand curent digital camera don’t need to be big to make good pictures so…)

  23. Thank you for this shot. We had a small window of time to visit this on a cloudy day, the last time we were in Paris. It was our first time, and we went in through the lower level that has the small windows along the top edge. I was like "this is it?" Then we went up the spiral staircases in the corners, got to main floor. And I stood there and wept at its beauty. Thank you for sharing.

  24. JimbobEdsel (Limited participation for a while.)

    Beautiful shot! Well deserving of the Explore!

  25. Michael Fitzgerald (micfitz)

    The old "quick setup while nobody’s looking trick?" Well done a supurb image!

  26. highenergyog

    This was an exceptional video ,The information was easy to understand and will surely help me in my rellic hunting . Thank you from Lloyd in Ont Canada .

  27. chemicalarts

    I went to Paris this summer, and this was one of my favorite buildings. It’s more beautiful than a camera can capture, but you did better than any I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  28. Zórzimo Croquezz

    This photo is truly a Winnr! Congratulations and thank you for adding it to the group.

    Please comment on 3

  29. What a stunning image. The light coming through the stained glass is perfect, and still, you have managed to capture the beautiful detail of the interior. How many frames did you shoot to achieve this balance?

  30. Laura K Bellamy

    Simply awesome! I have been aching to see this place for years, and shots like this only feed that desire. Such incredible detail and color, so much to look at and enjoy. I love it, thank you for sharing this with us today.

  31. Perfect job…. love the story too. New caption: (Digital) Rebel without a tripod?

  32. Day Is Coming

    That is incredible! Has that ‘kick in the face with awesomeness’ effect 🙂

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  34. Awesome shot.

    Now, man, you’re such a rogue! You shoot handheld at night at Times Square, where tripods are allowed, and use a tripod at La Sainte Chapelle, where they are forbidden. Are you sure you’re not Spanish? You know the old joke: "If I die in Madrid, bury me in Sevilla, and if I die in Sevilla, bury me in Madrid. Why? Just to annoy everybody" (In spanish is better, it would be: "Pa’ joder!")

  35. Great shot – this was one of my wife and my favorite places when we visited Paris last year. It’s tough, but I really think you managed to capture the otherworldly quality of the light that fills that room. Incredible that that stained glass has lasted since the 15th century.

  36. OLDGOLD1100

    Cool video!!, found it very interesting too.
    Thanks for taking the time to show us.

  37. A perfect example of how we should use HDR… Truly beautiful image! Well taken… Congrats on explore!

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