Housing Bubble Pops, Actual Estate Crash Starts 2018 – 2020

Interviews and examination on the soon to burst housing bubble in the United States.
start off – two:05 Carl Icahn discussed overpriced housing bubble
2:05 – 8:forty Investor Dave Kranzler interview on housing
8:forty – 11.02 San Diego housing bubble information report
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Lake Saranac ~ New York ~ Roberts Block ~ 77 – 79 Main Street
12 months constructed: 1900


Immediately after purchasing the northern component of the Annie Miller Homestead Whole lot, William F. Roberts constructed what has grow to be 1 of Saranac Lake’s favourite buildings. The Roberts Block, at 80 Principal Street, far better identified as the Finnigan Building for its owners of the past 58 many years, was finished in 1900.

William Roberts was a genuine estate dealer (&quotrenting cottages a specialty&quot), an insurance agent (Equitable Existence), a &quotnotary public with seal&quot, and an operator of an &quotintelligence bureau&quot, in accordance to indicators that adorned his new constructing.

Other early occupants were: Dr. J.B. Besant, &quotsurgeon-dentist&quot prior to 1907 Dr. Pattinson, dentist, George Schrader, architect, and &quotMiss Nettles&quot, dressmaker, in 1910 and Franklin Real Estate in 1915.

Maybe from the starting but certainly prior to 1907, A. Bruzza Confectionary occupied the ground floor storefront. This company is remembered effectively today by older residents for its marble tables and counters, its baskets of fruit, its ice cream and candy, and its stalks of bananas hanging in the windows — sweet recollections for children in their seventies and eighties. Three actions up to the raised floor took the hungry youngster into this hall of delights.

In November, 1904, Roberts offered the constructing to Frank H. McKee who continued to lease office room to the former owner and the shop to the Italian confectioners. In 1917, he signed a renewal of the lease agreement with Antonio Bruzza for the time period of May possibly 1, 1918 to June 1, 1923, for $a hundred per month. Even so, 21 days soon after the new lease took result, McKee sold the house to Thomas F. Finnigan.

Lake Placid News, August 31, 1923

The new landlord was a spouse in C.J. Carey Clothiers-Outfitters across the street. He had formerly been the company manager at Paul Smith’s Hotel. Following the death of Paul Smith, Sr., or the &quotold gentleman&quot as his workers referred to as him, Finnigan found himself philosophically at odds with Paul’s son Phelps so, he left the latter’s use to seek his fortune in Franklin, Tennessee, about 18 miles south of Nashville. Following a tornado struck the town, Finnigan returned to Saranac Lake, saying, &quotI’ve noticed folks and horses hanging in the trees, and I do not want to see that once more.&quot

Finnigan stayed with Carey until the Bruzza lease expired and then remodeled the Roberts Block storefront, reducing the floor to sidewalk degree and installing the beautiful cherry fixtures and furnishings that have remained a hallmark of T.F. Finnigan to this day.
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2017-09-ten eleven:13:43

Even in these difficult financial occasions, Belize actual estate has been moving forward with new developments and traders and continuing to grow. Maybe it is due to the fact of the correct elegance the nation of Belize gives and the reality that the spot is close to North America, not to mention very friendly on the pockets.

To no ones surprise these new developments and structures are growing in a single of the very best tourist location in the planet. Investors can do no wrong placing their funds in the growing Belize True Estate market place. Even Leonardo Di Caprio, who purchased an island, was rumored to have ideas of creating an eco-friendly resort on the piece of land that would challenge the rest of the resorts and so other celebrities have followed his footsteps.

Far more and a lot more developments are confident to be found in Belize in the nearest long term. A single of the personal communities in Belize such as Sanctuary Belize is continuing to create their environmentally pleasant layout. The Marina Village, the focal stage or center of business establishment, will finish its building by the finish of this 12 months. The location was even rumored as though to float on the ocean with the help of bamboos. The architectural masterpiece will be the hub where customers and residents can obtain whatever they need to have from fly-fishing to easy groceries at property.

Aside from the Marina Village, there are personal cayes on the Belize genuine estate market as nicely and the Wild Existence reserve that serves as a refuge for endangered animals such as jaguars and unusual species of birds.

Belize is searching to be the most gorgeous paradise getaway in the globe and now that new developments are getting introduced in the nation, there is no other cause why investors ought to not get the opportunity to see what Belize has to offer you.

To be left untouched by the developments in the country of Belize would be the reserves. Massive portions of the lush forests are to be preserved as they have been given that the ancient Mayan occasions, which are even now in existence these days. The Mayans dwell their lives in the conventional and cultural approaches as what their ancestors taught them. The government of Belize has offered rights to the ancient tribe to personal the land that was given to them by their mothers and fathers and to preserve it the way they have in the previous centuries.

It was stated that the spot the place the Mayan community now inhabit is in the southern area of Belize named the Toledo District, which is significantly underdeveloped and untouched.

Belize – simply a paradise. Personal a piece of that Jewel now! SanctuaryBelize.com is the greatest belize real estate for you. They offer buyers from all walks of life, the opportunity to maximize the benefits of property ownership in Belize. No other local community gives this kind of abundant all-natural beauty, contemporary amenities, and return likely – for so small investment.


  1. Obdulia Fuller

    Is. Coming. Not. Only. In. The. House. Marker. But. Gold. And. Silver. )). EZEKIEL. 7. ; 19. )) into. The. Streets. They. Will. Throw. Their. Very. Silver. Neither. The. Silver nor. Their. Gold. Will. Be. Able. To. Deliver. Them. En. The. Day. Of. """’ JEHOVAH """. FURY.

  2. Inchamacuaro27

    9/20/2017 houses went threw the roof since this interview and the stock market record breaking highs the manipulation is getting out of hand

  3. Hector Lalalala

    Im in Vegas looking for a house and they’re selling so fast. Its a war among realtors and investors

  4. eCommerce Secrets

    So Denver is going to be a good place to stay. It all boils down to having the patience to resist buying at inflated prices, then buying the dream house when the real estate bubble bursts.

  5. Charles Joseph

    Haha wishfull thinking with your title! There are WAY more people wanting to move to Seattle than there are houses available to buy and there is no more room to build. This is not a bubble. Prices are just going to keep going up for many more years.

  6. garagedancer

    NYC condo bubble bust is coming. Way to many luxury condos in NYC all geared to techbot and foreign buyers.

  7. banks approving these grossly over priced homes set by realtor is gross abuse by both of them..

  8. E.Omar Matute

    Somebody with a low salary how on earth he is going to buy a house if he have to put down 20% then the
    monthly payment is out of his range.
    And the millions of college graduates which owe more than 100 hundred thousand dollars and can not find a good job,then
    they are forced to live with their parents.

  9. DENVER is insane!! WTF?? I pay twice what I would pay anywhere else short of NY or CA….. What are you talking about??? They’re building houses here as fast as they can and they’re not stopping for 5-7 years. Get real

  10. I see it here the builders have stopped building ,with low rates is causing a big demand no supply causing bidding wars .

  11. If you are always pessimistic about the economy, eventually you will be right. Then they shout "Look! I was right"! Peter Schiff is a great example of this.

  12. Janey10101968

    It was so difficult to buy in Jan 2011 when our daughter bought, even with a little more than 20 % down and full closing costs paid by her, they charged her pmi for 5 years. We were told, she is one of many, who are paying for the banks mistakes.

  13. If you are negative about the economy, eventually you will be right. But if you trust in your investments and you aren’t over leveraged, you can fight through the low period and continue making profits.

  14. There’s a shortage of affordable rental units in Los Angeles – I don’t know what these guys are talking about.

  15. home prices have risen to fast and banks are loaning to much money again. this news does not surprise me. I’m renting until the next bubble pop.

  16. I really don’t know how in hell do you people consider America an advanced civilization. Just take a look at the shape the country is in and be honest about what you see. There is a criminal bank running our economy and we lazy, shiftless Americans just sit back and bitch about it. There is no way housing should be this difficult for the average American. Buying a house has become so convoluted. Some of the prices on these average looking homes is unbelievable. The international bankers are behind this evil, stop feeding into their bullshit. America wake up, we are running out of time.

  17. Hermes Machado

    The Real State Bubble 2.0 is reached in wide world. In Brazil there are not buyers for so many houses being sold. I, working as a realtor can not sell a property since August 2015.
    It’s been hard to keep me in the profession.

  18. Gabriel Martinez

    Everyone makes money off a housing market crash, except tax payers. Politicians, bankers, investors, they all make huge money, then tax payers have to bail them out. Outrageous

  19. Jackie Ethridge, REALTOR

    Welp, today is Aug 12, 2017. The market here in the Lehigh Valley (PA) is like this: home values increased by ~11% in 12 months due to low inventory. Average home price is ~$200,000. Homes are selling faster than before, and at or above asking price because of SUPPLY and DEMAND. Obviously the demand is there, the supply isn’t. The difference between then and now. HOME OWNERSHIP/FINANCIAL EDUCATION! So when is this crash going to happen again?

  20. The current business cycle expansion is the third longest ever, and will become the longest ever at yearend 2018. Hence we are overdue for a recession. The USA house price bubble will burst when this imminent recession triggers unemployment and mortgage defaults.
    If the USA adopts sensible mortgage underwriting regulations, it is possible that house prices will never truly recover from the coming housing market crash. Yes, I definitely believe that the bipolar nature of USA house prices is grounded in lax mortgage underwriting. The USA had nearly flat house prices 1950-70, because Fannie, Freddie and S&Ls were strictly regulated.

  21. David Morris

    I know of many large traders and over 80% of them use Fibonacci levels and profit targets. Nothing works 100% of the time and without other tools they may not even work 50% of the time. This is where we need a very good mentor who will combine his strategy to give it a perfect match that makes it 80%-90%. Hard to believe but I have made well over $40,000 trading with George as my expert/mentor and you can contact him to help you too. georgescott183@gmail.com?

  22. Still no housing crash. Prices have just gone up again where I am and rentals are even more scarce and expensive

  23. Shahidhusan Saiyed

    My post on mortgages
    Title: Mathematical proof as to how usury destroys wealth and how abstaining from usury increases wealth.
    Alan: Whenever most people want to go buy a house, they do not have $100k ($100,000) or $200k in the bank.
    Ben: So what do they do if they want to buy a house?
    Alan: They go to the bank and as them for help.
    Ben: How?
    Alan: Well it is like this. The bank will ask them qualifying questions:
    How much do you make and what are your obligations. Just to keep things simple let say the person makes $33k. The bank will say that based on a ratio of 1 to 3 you can buy a $100k house and lend the money.
    Ben: So what, most people do this and it is a custom or tradition to buy a house in this way.
    Alan: What you need to realize is this, the biggest single output of a person is the living expense that is the rent or mortgage. So let say that you get a 3% raise in your salary next year but rent or the price of a home goes up $10% did you get a 3% raise or a 7% pay cut?
    Ben: On paper I got a 3% raise but in inflationary terms, I got a 7% pay cut being that that is my biggest expense.
    Alan: This is where the problem lies. So people work very hard for their money and it seems that they are getting ahead but in reality they are struggling. That is because the value or power that their money commands is being reduced year after year.
    Ben: So Alan, know all of this, what can be done to reverse or fix this situation?
    Alan: Let’s say that out of your paycheck you transfer $40/week to your savings account and don’t touch it and you do this week after week after week. How much money are you going to have in your savings account after a year assuming a 50 week year.
    Ben: $40 * 50 weeks = $2000
    Alan: how much would you have if you continued this process for another 19 years?
    Ben: $2000 + $38000 = $40000. Alan where are you going with this? I don’t see the connection.
    Alan: Imagine if you did this and at the same time you decided that you will not buy a home until you have the entire amount for the purchase price of a house in your bank and that you will keep renting. Also, you decide to tell everyone on social media that you are doing this. What will happen to the price of a house if no one borrowed money to buy a house and every single person did this exact same thing. What would happen to the price of a home over the next 20 years?
    Ben: The house price will drop.
    Alan: If no one borrows money to buy a home and a $200k house drops at a rate of 7.5% every year, what would be the price of a house after 20 years?
    Ben: year 1= $200,000 x (1-0.075) = $185,000
    year 2= $185,000 x 0.925 = $171,125
    year 3= $171,125 x 0.925 = $158,291
    year 4= $158,291 x 0.925 = $146,419
    year 5= $146,419 x 0.925 = $135,437
    year 6= $135,437 x 0.925 = $125,280
    year 7= $125,280 x 0.925 = $115,884
    year 8= $115,884 x 0.925 = $107,192
    year 9= $107,192 x 0.925 = $ 99,153
    year 10= $99,153 x 0.925 = $ 91,716
    year 11= $91,716 x 0.925 = $ 84,838
    year 12= $84,838 x 0.925 = $ 78,475
    year 13= $78,475 x 0.925 = $ 72,589
    year 14= $72,589 x 0.925 = $ 67,145
    year 15= $67,145 x 0.925 = $ 62,109
    year 16= $62,109 x 0.925 = $ 57,451
    year 17= $57,451 x 0.925 = $ 53,142
    year 18= $53,142 x 0.925 = $ 49,157
    year 19= $49,157 x 0.925 = $ 45,470
    year 20= $45,470 x 0.925 = $ 42,060
    Alan: Which is about $40k. Now you take the $40k that has accumulated over 20 years and go buy that house cash. Now you don’t have a rent payment or a mortgage and you are still 10 years ahead of the cat who got a 30 year mortgage today.
    Also, let say that you have a salary of $40k. What is the ratio of that salary to a $200k house.
    Ben: 1:5 or 5 times greater than the salary.
    Alan: Let’s say you were to do all this and your boss froze your pay for the next 20 years. What would the ratio of your $40k salary to that $200k house that has now dropped to $40k?
    Ben: 1:1
    Alan: So wouldn’t you agree that the value of your $40k salary in 20 years would be the equivalent of you making $200k today. Not only that but you are also not in the higher tax bracket of those making $200k.
    Ben: That is amazing. Then I would truly be prosperous. Then I could enjoy my life and be at peace with myself.
    Alan: For centuries people have be duped by the super rich and have got themselves into serious problems and have only made the elites rich at the expense of the simple people by making them believe that progress and prosperity can only be achieved by pawn their souls to the bank. The only people laughing all the way to the bank is the bank themselves and no one else.

  24. Anddres Torres

    why buy a house when i can rent a apartment and split the bill with my gf??? millenials arent having kids anyways so why do we need a house lol

  25. Greg Carlson

    I guess there will always be dumbasses like this guy. Dude, you are not reading the economy, you are reading your emotions from the last bust.

  26. The Photo Booth Chick

    WOW! They are building a lot of apartment buildings in NYC. They are so expensive, it hurts. One bedroom $2300 +. Now don’t get me wrong. Some of these apartment are for low and middle classes. However, the remaining apartments are market rate at it’s finest.

  27. So, really enjoyed your comment.   THE ONLY WAY WE GROW NOW is with
    DEBT instruments, unsustainable.   I recall my Father in Law telling me
    way back in the 70’s:   "USE OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY."   Today, at 76, he
    still owns three pieces of real estate, COMPLETELY IN DEBT with barely
    any cash and he is working 70 hour work weeks and will keel over any

  28. Playboysmurf1

    Hang on, so they are saying supply is the problem.
    They say the same here in Auckland New Zealand (10th most unaffordable housing market on earth) but houses and apartments are being built here.
    This article mentions new builds.

    Is population really increasing thar fast?
    Are they destroying that many old homes.
    I don’t see it.

    I think corporate speculators are buying empty homes and keeping them off the market.

  29. Maria das Santos

    Here in the UK our housing bubble is insane.Rents are consuming 60+%of average salaries.high end housing in London is dead in the water with pretend sales and foreigners being ripped off.The regions are "on fire" although not the type of fire that ends well.Our banks await yet another rescue via "bail-ins".
    Meanwhile Carl Icahn has the good grace to be a voice in the wilderness.

  30. Bailout Banks have been holding houses off the market by the many thousands, creating a false market for housing. False scarcity. It’s time to prosecute the "too big to fails" for social and financial perfidity.

  31. Keith morgan

    This is funny bubble talk. Most of the Real Estate experts look only at home prices and trends .

    THEY SIMPLY FAIL TO REALIZE THE PRICES OF HOMES AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS TIED DIRECTLY TO INFLATION. Inflation is caused by the amount of money supply created by our Government. Increase of money supply more then the nations out put of goods and services is inflation by the same %. So our out put has gone up by 1.5 %. The money supply has been increased more the 600% . So prices will rise until they meet. A home that is now 300K will be 2.1 million. PUTTING MILDLY HOME PRICES WILL RISE EXPONENTIALLY , AND WE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT HOME PRICES IN THE MILLIONS. THE CYCLES OF HOME PRICE INCREASE IS DUE TO INFLATION. ( A BUBBLE IS WHEN IT KEEPS GOING MORE THEN THE MONEY SUPPLY %)


  32. Home sales and prices have to go down because of demographics/baby boomers. The peak spending for this group/biggest group was from 2003 till 2007 and it is over now.

  33. Janey10101968

    We have an adult son at home, we tell him stay home and save, save, save and wait for the right time to buy. His sister bought in 2011 and got a great deal, and her place is now worth almost twice what she paid…for now anyways!

  34. Well, the title is already wrong because prices increased all through 2016 here on the west coast at least.

  35. Carl has gotten a lot of things wrong this year, just sayin’.

    Also this Dave Kranzler guy is a total hack.

    Rates will stay low for at least another 5-8 years and prices will double from where they are now.


  36. It is a Renters Glut in LA,CA. It is March 2016 and My wife&I arrived in Los Angeles and for 30 days we have been looking to rent a 2 bedroom Anywhere. Landlords are picking and choosing whom they want. Apts get rented in a few Hrs/Days. You must have 7-800credit and pay 3X rent plus buy the stove&refrig and sign a min 1yr lease. Next they will be like Vietnam where couples have to prove they are married to live together.

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