Historical past of the W.K. Kellogg Manor House

Former estate of cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg and his wife Dr. Carrie Staines Kellogg, the Manor House was developed on the highest level overlooking Gull Lake in 1925-1926. Close to Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, the Kellogg Manor Property is a wonderful day trip for people interested in historical past and historic houses. Self-guided tours offered most weekdays. Video made by Merigan Communications.

From: Kellogg Biological Station–Michigan State University

Watch Out For Small Secessions In between Now And January

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

It would seem like there’s no story line that has not been done (to death) about today’s U.S. election. But a single that I’ve heard nothing at all about is that of parallels in between this election and that of 150 years ago.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidency on the ticket of the brand-new Republican Get together. Although his platform did not include strategies to abolish the evil practice of slavery, his views on the matter have been clear ample to prompt all of the southern states to take away his identify from the ballot. He won anyway. His election polarized the nation, exposing the barely-hidden fault line that divided the nation between individuals established to preserve a slavery-totally free Union and people committed to the states’ rights to choose such issues themselves.

Among Lincoln’s November election and his March inauguration, the states that would sooner or later kind the Confederacy seceded. The bloodiest war in American background was waged for the next 4 years to bring the South back into the Union.

If early returns and statistical polling are correct, the Republican get together is going to regain control of the House of Representatives today. The Democrats’ edge in the Senate will grow to be razor-thin, and numerous states’ governor’s mansions and state houses will flip from Democrat “blue” to G.O.P. “red” before it’s over. Most see this as an angry response to an overreaching liberal agenda from Mr. Obama’s administration and the Congress, which has been controlled by the Democrats given that 2006. The Tea Celebration movement will reach its goal these days, by all accounts, and key opposition to the tax-and-commit liberal agenda will lastly grow to be attainable.

Like the states’ rights crowd a century-and-a-half in the past, today’s progressives are probably to see this election as a major risk – probably even the death-knell of their dream of a socialist state in America. Let us hope it is. Meanwhile, it isn’t tough to see that the federal government is once again at odds (though hopefully not to the very same degree as in 1860) with the states. The truth that dozens of states are suing the feds above the constitutionality of the Obamacare socialized-medicine legislation… and the reality that the U.S. Justice Division is suing Arizona over its unlawful-immigration law (even though the state’s law mirrors the feds’ personal legislation)… is all the evidence necessary.

There are numerous critical problems facing us nowadays, and the country is again deeply divided not only on how it ought to tackle them, but virtually what sort of nation it need to be. A single of the key troubles to observe in the coming weeks will be tax reform. Entrepreneurs, and these wishing to start a company, are hoping the federal government will come to its senses and make the 2001 and 2003 cuts long lasting for all Americans (such as the task-generating investment class maligned by the left as “The Wealthy”). Constitutionalists are hoping the tide of socialism can be turned back, and the nation brought back to the cost-free-market place rules that has led a global economic climate to prosperity considering that about the time of Lincoln himself. And average Americans are hoping the government will get off their backs on a full slate of issues, most notably the well being care concern (most men and women have not forgotten that Obamacare was rammed through on questionable grounds and that their quite appropriate to good quality healthcare care is threatened by it).

Include it up, and there is a great deal of hope for adjust out there – but not the type of “hope and adjust” the Democrats sold us on only two many years ago.

It really is been Stupid Season in the run-up to the election. Now, in the Dangerous Season amongst election and inauguration, like 150 many years ago, the losers are likely to see what they can get away with. People of you celebrating conservative victories tonight must be satisfied, but will not party too lengthy. Will not unwind. We need to preserve the Tea Party stress on this government and demonstrate that this is not a recognition contest. It truly is the very potential of our nation, and we suggest business.



Michael Hume is a speaker, author, and advisor specializing in assisting men and women maximize their likely and take pleasure in inspiring lives. As part of his inspirational leadership mission, he coaches executives and leaders in increasing their individual sense of nicely-being by way of wealth creation and management, along with personalized vitality.

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