Historic Houses of Charleston

This segment is a preview of Michael Jordan’s upcoming DVD-video, “Charleston, SC: A Video Tour.” See more at www.videotourcharleston.com

From: Michael Jordan

The Old South
A nicely-restored home in Camden, South Carolina, on Lyttleton Street. Built in 1849 for a member of the Chesnut household. the home has observed ups and downs over the past 163 years. The current owners completed this restoration in 2005. The azaleas had been just coming into peak display when I visited the other day as you can see, it was stunning!

By Melinda Young Stuart on 2012-03-22 09:47:58


  1. henrhyde (gill) back on internet

    Really pretty with the azaleas , flowering .
    Adding to a grand composiiton .
    Very well done !

  2. Your title might also be "The New South" as folks become more and more aware of their special and wonderful heritage. Thanks for, like Mark says above, your "wonderful shot!"

  3. myvalleylil1

    Exactement ce qui m’a toujours fait rêver ! Magnifique sur fond noir !

  4. Melinda Young Stuart

    This one surprised me–it looks even better on screen than it did in reality, and that was quite pretty! Thanks for liking, friends!

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