Historic Home Tour – Loch Aerie (AKA Lockwood Mansion)

Loch Aerie, AKA Glen-Loch, AKA Lockwood Mansion was constructed in 1865 by William E. Lockwood, esq., a Philadelphia businessman, in Chester County Pennsylvania. It was created by famed architect Addison Hutton with landscape style by Charles Miller, the Fairmount Park landscape designer. The layout is described in the 1958 Historic American Buildings Survey as being of Italianate Layout with Victorian Gothic specifics.

Be sure to see the basement tour at http://youtu.be/rQOjb6C79fE

Gyppeswick Historic Residence … Victoria Art Gallery
This complex contains the Italianate property designed for A. A. Green, a wealthy local banker, by William Ridgway Wilson. It was named Gyppeswick for Mrs. Green’s ancestral house, Ipswich, in England. Constructed for $24,000 by contractor G.C. Mesher, it was located on a big home that ran from Fort Street to Rockland Avenue (then Belcher Avenue) with gardens, tennis courts, coach home and secure. The Greens abandoned it in 1894 when their bank, Garesche and Green, failed.
It grew to become Government Home from 1899 to 1903, following a fire at Cary Castle. David Spencer, proprietor of David Spencer’s Department Merchants, purchased it in 1903 and renamed it Lan Dderwen,&quot Welsh for ‘under the oaks’. His daughter, Sara Spencer, donated it to the Art Gallery of Higher Victoria in 1951.
It is 1 of Canada’s finest art galleries with over 15,000 pieces in its collection. A Shinto shrine from the Meiji era (1886-1912) is positioned in the garden

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The fascinating town of Portland in the southern Australian State of Victoria, is allegedly the very first true settlement. Since of this reality, it has naturally, quite a wealth of heritage to offer. In stage of reality, the location boasts over two hundred historical edifices most dated from the eighteen fifties. This town has a lengthy background also in terms of seafaring, beginning with the whaling and seal-hunting fishermen who utilized to consider benefit of this all-natural deep-water port to shelter from the effective tropical storms the spot is known for.

An intriguing maritime centre is found in the town, giving visitants a glorious display of historical artefacts. You will locate a shark display, skeletal remains of total dimension sperm whales, the eighteen fifties lifeboat, and several other interactive exhibits. This centre also handles all tourist enquiries like transport, excursions and accommodation.

The boisterous waterfront is a fascinating place to pay a visit to specifically in the early morning when you can watch the neighborhood fishing boats landing their hauls of fish, and vessels from all factors of the compass loading on create from the locality. You can join several other visitors and locals, who typically investigate the frontage, in hopes of seeing the whales that frequent these shores, especially in the wintertime.

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There are cable trams in the town, providing sight-seeing close to the region, which get in the maritime discovery centre, globe war two view-towers and botanical gardens amongst others. The Henty Park region houses the train depot and Depot Museum.

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Julia Street is the spot to go for the Arts Business, which is lodged in refurbished accommodation, with several workshops and artist studios to see. Studying the actual creation of a pot or painting is fairly fascinating.

The Maritime Centre is exactly where you can have your travel programs organised and make arrangements to pay a visit to or get involved in neighborhood sights and sports activities likeCaving, abseiling, mountain-biking, canoeing, riding, fishing, harbour cruising and so on.

This centre, by the way, homes an unusual European immigration and settlement display, which explains the origins of the individuals who grew to become residents of the town a lot of centuries ago. A quaint reminder that given that settlers even now arrive and buy residences in Portland today, is a never-ending story!The discerning purchaser will find a plentitude of various quality residence here.

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  1. shelia french

    So sad what a beautiful home & then why In the world going to Home Depot build right there that’s crazy I know they probably got the land but still I’d buy the house put up a privacy fence and I do have that house completely restored if I want to lotto baby

  2. The last thing you want to see from a scenic turret window is a strip mall with Home Depot in it. Too bad the local Historical Society couldn’t have lobbied for protected status and perhaps bought some surrounding land for decorative gardens and suitable historically based buildings. I guess this is yet another cautionary tale of how we fail to protect special properties, and often make them "islands" surrounded by modern sprawl rather than make sure to have good inclusive City Planning. Sad. But Glad the house is still there and at least semi-intact.

  3. mysticalHeir

    The white trim color on the exterior woodwork of this house is wrong. The original exterior wood trim, sash, doors color(s) would have played off and blended with the stone—perhaps by using colors taken directly from the stone and from the decorative red roofs that hang over the bay and the second floor window over the entry. Smokey earth tone browns and greys taken from the stone–or reddish earth tones taken from the hanging roofs would create an appropriate and original color scheme and would deeply richen the look of this beautiful home. Less is more. On historic houses, look to the original colors that still exist as in the fireplace brick, stone work (including the foundation), roof.

  4. Stunning beautiful home. to bad about home depot, who should of bought the house and fixed it up to showcase their skills.

  5. miguel amaya

    I’m very excited to see the bedrooms, would you please do me a favor and film the bedrooms. I would love to own it… Its beautiful starecase is what sold it to me… It’s beautiful, thank you for the video tour…

  6. constance montfort

    Those plaster moldings can be repaired. You can buy rubber molding material, mix it up, and paint it over the existing moldings. Peel it off and put it in a box of fast curing mud. push it into shape. Let that dry. put some oil inside the mold to stop the plaster from sticking
    Mix the plaster and pour it in. A little sanding when it dries and you are done!

  7. those built in blinds are called shutters and were commonplace in the 1800s; those are in remarkably good shape; my mansion’s had many of them broken and after so many layers of paint didn’t close right. they provided great light control and insulation, and must have cost a lot of money; I think the house is pretty ugly, but certainly must have been grand to live in.

  8. Carlos Rosero

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  9. Gloria Neiswender

    Beautiful House, how many people will want to live in one of this houses <3 I am the first one to move to a house like this <3

  10. Angela Kadingo

    that ivory colored button on the newel post at the end of the staircase.. is a mortgage button.. meaning the house was paid for.

  11. Natalie Ferrer

    Thank you for the video. It must have been so exciting after all those years to finally go inside. I appreciate your knowledge of architecture and your steady hand in filming. I am disappointed in city planners allowing a Home Depot. This is a historical treasure!

  12. Kathy Kellapitter

    Beautiful home. If you have ever been to Awbury Arboretum in Philadelphia you will find similar houses: The Francis Cope house and the Henry Cope House. The latter I once owned and helped restore. The house had a pond that pumped water by steam to a tank on the third floor. Henry Cope, a shipping magnate, had a telescope up there where he could see his ships coming up the Delaware River and leave to greet them as they landed. Quakers, they loved Hutton’s work, but everything ornate was pared back. Staircases were not meant to be grand, but hidden. No stained glass. Check them out. Also, the Maxwell Mansion in Germantown.

  13. It’s interesting how brick or stone houses almost always have their wooden trim painted white nowadays, but if you look at old pictures, you’ll notice that the Victorians almost never used white paint. They tended to use earth tones that complimented the masonry.

  14. Laura-Lee Rahn

    Thanks for the tour, I can certainly understand how it would stimulate a person’s imagination just walking past.

  15. icare4you123

    What a shame the original ceiling lamps are gone. They’ll be hard to replace. Nice tour. Thanks!

  16. Beautiful home, I love all the old plaster work done in this home. I’m sure all done by hand by a master plaster craftsman. I love how there is a window right above the fireplace..I have never seen that before in an old house. Thanks for sharing this video with us who love old homes..Yes, if only walls could talk, what stories would be told!

  17. Wow absolutely stunning 💖 thank you so much for this upload. It break’s my heart 💔 to see this absolutely beautiful place without life inside 😫and it is absolutely devastating to see this absolute beauty next to a busy street/highway!! _ such a sad shame 💔 thx so much for sharing this 🙂👍🤗👌 keep up the great uploads and btw have a great and blessed Merry Christmas ☺♥and why would anyone want that amazing staircase taken down? Ugh 🙄 _

  18. Carol Weaver

    So lavish, but so much taken out. With enough money this could be done over lovely once more! Can tell by your voice how much you adore this home. The staircase is the most stunning part of the home , so hope they do not tough them in anyway. So lucky to own this home, as long as you have funding to fix it. The home deserves being brought to the radiant home it was built to become.

  19. I’m surprised somebody didn’t plant some thick tall tree’s so to block the home depot scenery.. That would have been the first thing I did.. Also I would have liked to see the kitchen and all the other fireplaces otherwise nice video.. Thank you..

  20. 999,999 SUBSCRIBERS

    not bad, I do not know the town values, but it was one man’s personal taste custom built home even if designed by an architect. and was probably never a classical older home, yes some may disagree but most want a classical Victorian more squat than tall, a wide house with porches galore and .with regards to condition, the area near or next to a highway I think a good roof, paying the heating bill and taxes are all a former or present owner can do. keeping the place dry, clean and heated so that the pipes do not burst, if you try to fix this home it will just be a money. paint job

  21. The very best tour of a historic home I have seen. I cannot help but wonder who will buy this gorgeous home and restore its beauty. Good job!


    omg it breaks my heart to see that the wooden carvings around the top of the rooms is painted white ughhhhhhh it will definitely cost a lot to get it back to the way it was

  23. Scott InPhilly

    It’s so sad that taste has changed. Even someone with tons of money doesn’t want to live in this house. It’s a white elephant. I hope it gets saved.

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