Historic Old Southwest Roanoke

An old video discovered in the Old Southwest, Inc archives that covers some of the history and information of the Old Southwest Residential Historic District neighborhood in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

From: OldSouthwest



  1. Yeah, a ton of snobs for no good reason. That always stunned me. Just a weird area.

  2. Totally agree. The realtors for that area over reach. There’s still a lot of crime, registered sex offenders ,prostitution, and more. Home buyers should definitely do their homework. Charming area to a degree, but wouldn’t recommend for the long hall. It’s a strange neighborhood. Not a lot of friendly people there either. Lived there for years. Glad to have moved on.

  3. Sunny Smith

    Old SW is not far from my apt….it’s beautiful! You.ve got to see the Star on Mill Mountain if ever you.re in the ‘Noke!

  4. Kitty Palmer

    Roanoke VA is a nice place to live and Old SW has some very historic and beautiful homes.
    I am not being mean when I say this but I think its fair to honestly inform prospective home
    buyers the area is not as prestigious as those living there make it sound. One street will be a NICE street but hookers may be on the next. Old SW is predominantly male partners, which is O.K. if that doesn’t bother you. The neighborhood has improved a lot but still needs work.

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