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Harpers Ferry National Historic Battlefield – West Virginia
Harpers Ferry National Historic Battlefield – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
By Dougtone on 2011-10-17 13:24:45

The Homosassa River positioned in Florida is now and has been since the late 1880’s a spot of tourism and recreation. The spring head was once a “roadside attraction” and the site of numerous a Hollywood style movie. The river drew film actors, baseball players and sportsmen with its beauty, fish and game. Taking a pontoon boat tour or airboat ride is an enjoyable way to learn about this area’s history.

Most of the history is centered around the communities of farmers and fishermen situated on the islands near the Gulf of Mexico. But there is so significantly a lot more!! The railroad known as the “mullet train”, civil war experiences, and Native American tales abound.

The 72 degree headwaters of the Homosassa River becomes home to upwards to 80 manatees each and every year in the winter. Citrus County is the only state in Florida where you can legally swim with these docile and protected creatures. The native peoples hunted and fished the springs area but also it was their supply of fresh water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

The translation of Homosassa has been many and varied but the preferred is “Property of numerous fish”. There are largemouth bass in the freshwater and several sorts of saltwater fish from the spring head into the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing is a favourite past time and sport in Homosassa exactly where trophy sized tarpon are not uncommon. Red drum (Redfish), spotted sea trout, black tipped shark, cobia, mackerel, bluefish and grouper are just a sampling of the types of fish you may possibly find on the finish of your line.

Airboats have been portion of Homosassa’s history for more than sixty years and had been initially used for duck hunting. Most airboat tours these days are for fun and fishing. Shallow water is the norm in the Nature Coast area exactly where outfitters can take you to see the saltwater marsh and estuaries and the abundant wildlife.

Birds are everywhere you appear. Numerous of the offshore islands (and a handful of inshore) are literally covered with nesting birds some of which live in Homosassa year round and other individuals migrate to the location for the abundant food accessible to them. Osprey, Bald Eagles, Anhingas, Rosetta spoonbill, pelicans, American white pelicans, Frigate bird, herons and egrets and much more. And don’t be surprised to see dolphins, alligators and manatees although plying the Homosassa River.

Scalloping season opens every year from July 1 till September ten. Historically, scallops have been collected in large amounts and brought ashore for processing and transport on the mullet train to the big towns. Collecting scallops, shrimp, oysters, stone crabs and blue crabs preserve the nearby population employed and extremely busy. Now scallops cannot be commercially harvested so men and women head to the Gulf of Mexico in boats to claim their share of these succulent creatures. The encounter is equivalent to hunting

Easter eggs underwater making use of a mask, snorkel and fins to aid you see, breathe and get about. The plant and animal life to be noticed below the water is amazing.

A surprise for many visitors to Homosassa is the artists and crafters nestled in the community. Although, the art and crafts of net making &amp mending, developing crab and fish traps and forging a reside on the islands could be mostly lost, these folks who want to pursue expertise can discover it on and around the Historic Homosassa River.

Alicia Lowe is a Florida native, and is the founder of http://www.riversafaris.com , a Florida tour and fishing business.


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