High Rise Worker POV | Atop The John Hancock Constructing

These building workers decide to strap on a GoPro and record the sights and sounds higher above Chicago, IL although removing the antenna from the John Hancock Building.

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CSCS Card ? Card of every building worker

World is acquiring changed really quick with advancements in each and every field. Buying complexes, residential apartments, villas, restaurants, sky touching architectural symphonies and far more add beauty, proud and comfort to the present globe. It is the building field that holds the credit behind this. Skilled labors, supervisors, engineers and far more and far more authorities are portion of this huge building field. This field has its own dangers on dangers, it is the vision to assure safe and secure atmosphere of operating and the increase the top quality of functioning requirements government has introduced CSCS (Building Capabilities Certification Scheme) test.

Once the top quality of the workers increases or up to normal it decreases the occurrence of dangers and accidents and results in a great construction work. The test is carried out by the government access or measure the level of building abilities, expertise and expertise in building functions. Every single and every single person connected with building work has to write this exam to apply for the CSCS card. This card acts as the identity card of each and every building workers and at present it is mandatory to maintain the card. It is not possible or extremely hard to get entered to the building field or construction groups without having these cards.

Attending for the test is produced so easy at present with the helps of on the internet registration. There are numerous websites to aids the building workers and groups to attend for the test and to get the cards. Details about the tests and cards are provided in these web sites to make the worker aware about the significance of tests and want for cards. Registering for the CSCS test with these internet sites just takes couple of minutes and the details about the date and time for the test can get in the inbox or mail or mobile as the worker wish.

There are a number of types of CSCS cards in distinct colors that can be applied for as per the stage and talent of building worker. It is the present working grounds and past experience that plays an essential part in applying for the right kind of CSCS card. So it is the time for your register for the test and to get the correct well being and security test that certifies your capabilities and encounter. Study materials reach your residence in the form of CDs and books. Friendly professionals of on-line service providers help you in creating your test so effortless for you.

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  1. Giovanni Di Cello

    This is scarier than those jobs on top or remote transmission towers as you have a lot more references and so you feel the vertigo a lot more.

  2. Juan Roberts

    sweet video!! now they need do film with one of those 360 cameras for the vr headsets. that would freak alot of people out!!

  3. boy I bet you got a huge checking account there’s no way in hell no matter amount of money you will never see me up there thanks for the video guys be careful

  4. Blako Lawton

    these workers probably get paid as much as a doctor plus they get extra check for the danger

  5. Infinite Agar.io

    Makes me laugh that they have hard hats on. Like if you fall from there those hard hats will definitely help you out.

  6. Daren Wilson

    At 0:28, there’s a tall building roughly in the center of the image, light colored with vertical black stripes of windows, the one nearest that rounded corner of beach, and just left of a couple dark buildings. It has a blue rectangle on top – I assume that’s a rooftop swimming pool. Well, that is a *TALL* building! I mean, I’d be screaming bloody murder put me down if someone were to tie a rope around me and haul me upward just 1/4 the height of that building.

    No way would I take a job as window washer for that building! I’m sure many people would rather look at the building from a distance, or be inside it, than be doing something outside it 1/2 way up or on the roof edge.

    In many smaller U.S. cities, a building like that would probably be the tallest building around.

    And here we are on top of the J.H. Building, and looking way way down, and there’s that "tall" building looking more like a toy, something I’d hate to accidentally step on when walking through a kids’ playroom, and so far away, having to look downward to see it. So small, so far!

    And we’re not just on top of the JHB, but on top of one of the two radio towers, which alone I don’t know if the average person would seriously think of climbing.

    For now, I’m keeping my desk job!

  7. Usually lots of folks ask; "Where do they go to the bathroom?" Also, for you women out there, ironworkers have the highest divorce rates in the trades. There are lots of close seconds, but they are still the highest.

  8. RockyTop RiderVFL

    Imagine how much money they make an hour. Welding on towers. Yeah that’s bank.

  9. Tabish Faraaz

    this isnt tht good to view, i just went to a 15th floor of a building today with a service lift nd ws shakn whn reached on top, these guys must have balls of steel, lol!! But its US, so atleast they are well paid, where as in DUbai nd China, alot of unfortunate labours dont get their due whn deserved in performing such difficult tasks

  10. Andre Walker

    I never see women doing these types of job’s yet they complain about gender equality and same pay in the workplace

  11. John Hancock Building, located in the land of Nope, at the corner of No Way and Not a Chance.

  12. Dean Daniel

    if the world were run by women we would all be fucking trannies and no one would ever work above 10 feet…

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