Flashback into Trim Carpentry History

The oldest two-story home in Fort Worth, Texas. This property was constructed in 1863. Respect to our fathers.

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  1. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be to do that type of finish work without a power miter saw and finish nail gun.

  2. gotta gotta

    Great videos , I had the opportunity to work on an Italionate built in 1862 here in upstate NY about two years ago . Had wainscoting very similar. Also, have you ever came across a crown molding nomograph? Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I love older homes with nice trim details. Greetings from Sherman, Tx

  4. Viral Clown

    The guy who did it was probably born in 1820s. I found out the guys here in Melbourne Australia actually made their own skirtings and trim themselves on site. I found this out when trying to match a piece to replace when a door way was filled. The guys had to make the tools first then make the length. They charged $1000! Another company quoted $1300

  5. gotta gotta

    I don’t know how old the nomograph is, it was givin to me by my architectural design professor. I will have to copy and send to you via email, it is cool to have, although I cut crown in position so I rarely would use it.

  6. Michael Toppel

    I have a question. I would loke to install wainscoting on my walls. I have a door on the wall and am wondering how I can have the jam trim protrude from the wainscoting or if it does not need to. Thanks OBTW Love your videos .

  7. I m pretty sure we think the same way, as a trim carpenter I’ll always try to do things as they did them back in the day. I think the old styles are the best.

  8. So pretty! They didn’t use caulk back in the day and the stained wood still looked awesome. Thanks for posting!

  9. NMranchhand

    Gosh, when you run your hands over those miter cuts don’t you get an eerie feeling of connection to the guy who made them like the years suddenly didn’t exist between you two at that moment?

  10. Dave Moreno

    Love old houses, I just finished rebuilding shutters on an old house in Salado TX. Always something different. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Cool video. Keep them coming.

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