Exploring an Abandoned 1870 Victorian House North Durham

Exploring on a snowy day lead me to a bunch of homes and this gorgeous property was a single of them. Following a number of failed attempts I was sure this place was inaccessible..fortunately I was wrong

When I pulled up to this home I was in awe at its beauty. The gingerbread, brick work and porch were so nice I could not think this location was not loved by somebody. Soon after entering I located a pristine house with great ceiling angles, tones of rooms, dual staircases and oddly the heat was still on. I could have just moved into this house.

I need to note, that Many individuals have wondered what the red is in the toilet, and a lot of people are giving genuinely rude comments to these who ask. Please remember that people from all more than the planet are watching and “antifreeze” in toilets is not an international concept. So, there it is, the red in the toilet is antifreeze to avert damage.

This property like so many others in the region has been taken over by the government because of “essential” urban expansion. I could not discover considerably info on the history other than it was constructed in 1870. I have heard from many saying I ought to not have explored this property, that entering was wrong of me. What most do not know is practically every residence the Government has taken ownership of in this location in the last 10 years has been destroyed to make way for a Highway or an Airport. This home is no various. This house will be laid to waste 1 day, with no cares of the heritage or history of it. So I do not really feel guilty about documenting this beautiful structure.

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SEPT 2015 UPDATE – I went back to this property and it nevertheless stands vacant and alone along with other houses in the area. These are Government dwellings now that sit on or close to future airport land. The will sit vacant like so several other people until the are destoryed or hopefully moved. The track record is destroyed…Just believed I would let ya’ll know )

From: DaaDeeOh’s Urban Exploration

Gyppeswick Historic Property … Victoria Art Gallery
This complicated includes the Italianate house developed for A. A. Green, a wealthy nearby banker, by William Ridgway Wilson. It was named Gyppeswick for Mrs. Green’s ancestral house, Ipswich, in England. Constructed for $24,000 by contractor G.C. Mesher, it was situated on a large home that ran from Fort Street to Rockland Avenue (then Belcher Avenue) with gardens, tennis courts, coach home and steady. The Greens abandoned it in 1894 when their bank, Garesche and Green, failed.
It became Government House from 1899 to 1903, following a fire at Cary Castle. David Spencer, owner of David Spencer’s Department Shops, bought it in 1903 and renamed it Lan Dderwen,&quot Welsh for ‘under the oaks’. His daughter, Sara Spencer, donated it to the Art Gallery of Higher Victoria in 1951.
It is a single of Canada’s finest art galleries with more than 15,000 pieces in its collection. A Shinto shrine from the Meiji era (1886-1912) is positioned in the garden

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By Nick Kenrick.. on 2009-11-03 11:48:06


  1. HipposAreDeadly

    Reminds me of the farmhouse I used to live in. Refurbished a bit, but still having the strong old style. Nice flooring too. You can tell it was such a beautiful home. But sadly all people see is the outside.

  2. Slow n Deep Stroker

    WOW, I am in total awe right now. Built in 1870 and still in beautiful condition. It is in better condition than the house I live in right now in Newark Delaware. And my home was built in 1960. It is a shame that the Canadian Government and United States Government are the same when it comes to expansion. In the states it is called right of way where they will buy your property cheaply and if you don’t agree with them they evict you and get your property for free. The State of Delaware took 25 feet of my front yard to widen and realign the road in front of my house. And claiming state right of way I had no say what so ever. And the corrupt politicians in this state agree with government and will not side with us home owners.

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    Fantastic lights and inside composition!

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  6. Channel One w/ Slowmovinman

    Loved this house – still had a feeling of goodness and warmth.

  7. sunrisepenny...Penny Wojahn..

    This is amazing!!! Great Job!!!! What a great place, I wanna go!!!! Really this is Great!!!!

  8. Nana's Making ♥♥♥♥ Memories

    Wonderful capture! Thanks for your visit to my stream!

  9. TakeAmericaBackfromISRAEL

    Until I started watching these URBEX videos I did not realize how creepy basements could be and why some people would not go in them (I live in Florida and virtually no basements here because of the sandy soil and high water table) and that houses had ”back” stairwells too.

  10. Naomi Starling

    wonder what the cost of building it was then and what it would equal to now

  11. CaramelSmoothie

    This is beautiful! This is a home that I would want to spend the holidays in.

  12. Darius Anderton

    maybe in the description you could say what country this is. When I see the name Durham I first think of the one in England, and then I thought is was in the US, and then in the comments I saw a comment that this was in Canada.

  13. Pinky Ackerman

    Beautiful, yet creepy. It gave me a really haunted vibe tho, the inside was really nice and surprisingly clean. I love the house but would not live there lol.

  14. acerb45666555

    At least it’s kept clean. Some places have shit on the walls and everythings a huge mess!

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  16. kenneth brimm

    I loved exploring that beautiful mansion.It must have not been abandoned very long because the vandals haven’t had time to do their dirty work! I hope someone can buy it and gets to enjoy living there.It wouldn’t take much to fix it up!

  17. Mr.ShutterBug

    Great composition. You had my eyes climb the stairs over and over again.

  18. alice ranger

    Thank you for posting this beautiful house before it is gone forever. So sad.

  19. rusty bianchi

    Stunning shot. Can’t believe you can pull this off without a tripod. Amazing lighting and tones.

  20. Not a fan of the dinky rooms – but the house was built to last – solid with good bones and sturdy structure and foundation. Those old houses usually have plumbing and electrical problems. I prefer the newer homes. Like the one that the Pakistani family lived in – now that was my kind of a dream home.  But at least this old Victorian was not trashed.

  21. Clare Wilson

    They should turn it into a close to airport bed and breakfast….idiots !! as Napoleon Dynamite would say

  22. The house es totally lovely in every way. I would have loved to see the original doors, kitchen and bath. I am glad that you cared enough to document its interior and share it with those of us that treasure history. …such a shame that it was not placed on the National Register of Historic Places. I purchased a home built in the early 1900’s and left everything as original as possible. They do not build houses like these anymore. I love the fact that you resecured the house when you left. That, initself says so very much.😊 Thank you for sharing. 😊💕💖💕💕

  23. Scott Browning

    Got a liiiittle nervous when you started walking down the basement steps. Lol

  24. Stephanie Rendino

    Here is a legal term for you all: Eminent Domain. This is when the government takes away property to use for their own purposes. It happens often, and it’s usually done for politician’s cronies. It makes me so sad and angry that this house was take from people who lived there.

  25. Ines Garcia

    Those houses where real big no liki they are build know very small and everything plasticky
    How sad to see such good. Liveable house got to Waiste !!

  26. Nejdet Duzen

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  27. Tractor Eggs 1

    Typical evil government taking over beautiful properties to be destroyed and all for what? The evil almighty buck! Screw off government…you suck.

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  29. I have a question. Can u just walk off the street and buy any abandoned house? How do u buy abandoned places and restore them? If love to know, I’m a 12 year old that’s interested in restoring old houses, also considering going into HVAC as a carreer

  30. trapeze2010

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  32. 529alex 123

    why is this house abandoned!? it’s huge and awesome looking. mine was built and 1847 and it’s still standing all nice. but c’mon people , why ya abandoned such a nice house

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  34. 1870 no indoor plumbing or electricity. As Donald trump who is NOT my president would say fake.

  35. You can tell that this house has had a lot of renovations through out the years. When walking up to the back door you can see the newer brick added to the right, where the kitchen is. Obviously the kitchen would have been modernized more than once. Also, the shelve in the kitchen looks like it was a door at some point. The second set of stairs appear to be added on later for 2 rentals. There was most likely a wall at the top of the stairs dividing the upstairs for the separate rentals And the original stairs would have been open railing for that time period or atleast partial, not closed up like that.There is a small room downstairs that isn’t common for the original build. Also there was no indoor plumbing at the time the house was built and when there was indoor plumbing added, the 1 toilet was usually upstairs. so the washroom down stairs was added later.
    Another thing is, there are no fireplaces at all. That is not normal for that era, especially in Canada. They either bricked off the fireplace, (can’t tell if those are old chimeys on roof or just fan exhausts ) or this house was only used as a summer home.
    I’m guessing this was used as a summer house and in later years 2 rental units. Like other people stated, not much of the original charm is left inside due to the several remodels. Those mirrors in restrooms appear newer, but made to look old. Looks like there was a pot belly stove added in the living room, from the tiles on the floor in the corner. The stove must have recently been taken out, because there is cut firewood up against the house. The house is very clean and appears in very good shape for its age. Again, the flow of the house is weird due to the remodels. If you imagine walking into the house at the front door, when it was built, it would most likely have an open or semi open staircase right when you walked in, with a room to the left and a room to the right. Not closed off as it is.
    The heater is on to keep moisture out of the home. I think I saw a heater on in the basement too.
    I can’t believe how many people don’t read the comments before asking the same questions over and over again. So, I will answer 5 of the common questions people have posted.
    1) Its not blood in the toilet. Its a red
    Antifreeze made for household pipes, so they don’t freeze in winter.
    2) House was not abandoned. It was bought by the Goverment along with several houses in the area to make an airport runway for a nearby airport.
    3) House is in Canada
    4) House is not original inside. It has had several remodels since it was built in the late 1800s, hence the weird layout.
    5) House is scheduled for demolition 10/31/2017.
    How do I know all of this, you ask?
    I read the publishers comments and the viewers comments that verify it with news articles,but etc.
    It would be nice if some of these houses were saved instead of knocked down. I hope they salvage the old wood and old trim before demo.

  36. MeLinda Matt

    Beautiful home! I would love to live in it. To bad it cannot be sold moved and lived in! The government is just stupid to lay waste to such history!

  37. Christopher J Willington-St. Pierre

    Omg, it’s so beautiful. I would die to have a house like that.💕

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  39. Michelle Johnson

    I am happy I went in and showed us this house to bad it could take have been moved

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