Easy Tips And Tricks To Update Your Property

A lot of home owners enjoy house improvement projects. While everyone desires their property to be as nice as possible, most people are overwhelmed by the thought of undertaking a property repair project. In this report you will uncover fantastic ideas on how to uncover success although improving your property.

Adding large worth to your property can be accomplished with even the smallest of improvements. If you are considering selling your house, you might want to believe about enhancing it in a handful of small approaches. For example, you can paint the interior and exterior of your property. A tiny investment like this could raise the worth of the home by really a bit.

Fans are a must in the hot summer time months. Ceiling fans do an outstanding job of guaranteeing air circulates throughout the space, and this will assist to cool items down. Use both ceiling fans and stationary fans in lieu of your air conditioner to maintain both the air and your utility bill cool.

Contemplate the character of your neighborhood when arranging property improvement projects. For instance, picking a Victorian style might stick out in a row of properties with a cottage look. Remodeling projects should constantly blend well into the neighborhood in order to facilitate less complicated sale.

Pop the bubbles in an old vinyl covering on your floor if you can. Just cut it with a knife and let the air out. Nonetheless, this will only flatten the bubble temporarily. To keep the floor from coming back up, you will require to add some glue below the slice to safe the vinyl to the floor. Get the glue that comes inside a syringe to aid you total this job.

Hopefully, this report has helped take some of the mystery and risk out of house improvements for you. The abilities you discover in one renovation project make future projects a lot easier to take on. Keeping the guidelines shared here with you in mind will help you get started on the correct path rapidly!

How to get your Genuine Estate license and turn out to be a True Estate Agent

As a full time genuine estate agent because 2008, this is the most frequent query I get asked – so this is my video addressing any person interested in obtaining into the true estate sales business. It’s been the funnest “job” I’ve ever had and I couldn’t envision carrying out something other than working as a Realtor and investing in my personal properties on the side. Feel free of charge to add me on Snap/Insta: GPStephan

Positive aspects of becoming a Realtor:
-You don’t want a college degree
-You make your own hours
-You don’t have to be in an office all day
-You can put on what you want, for the most component
-You can directly handle your income
-You can meet men and women you’d by no means ordinarily meet
-You get to see some crazy cool homes
-You can represent your self when you purchase/sell your own properties
-You get fantastic tax positive aspects and tax deductions

On the downside:
-Numerous men and women fail
-Many men and women never make money
-Your revenue can be quite sporadic (high highs, low lows)
-The hours can be odd/inconsistent
-Not everyone can manage operating with folks and multiple personalities

You don’t need any prior information in the genuine estate market, despite the fact that you will require to learn a important amount as you go along.
It also does not take a ton of funds to get began – as long as you have some savings to cover yourself until you begin earning consistent cash, which could be six-12 months from when you commence, the charges are manageable. The price of actually becoming licensed could be as little as a few hundred dollars.
It is also a excellent career to start when you’re young – since you have very small overhead, it is a fantastic time to begin finding out and honing your capabilities. By the time your older, you will currently have established yourself in the market.

Very first step is acquiring your true estate license. The requirements differ from state-to-state, so google “How to get your real estate license in (your state here).”
You’ll usually need to have to enroll in a genuine estate course which is normally about 135-hours of education. You can take it on-line (what I advocate) or in individual.
If you are in California, I took my real estate license course from PremierSchools: https://goo.gl/IDVxCf (use code grstp for 5% off). www.AlliedSchools.com is also one more fantastic selection, as is Kaplan for most other states in the US.

After you pass these courses, you’ll sign up to take your state test. This is what you’ll require to study for – typically there are lots of exam cram products you can buy, many of which are useful.

Passing your tests and getting your license is simple. Genuinely, genuinely easy – the barrier to entry is extremely, quite low. In fact generating funds is one more story. When you get your license, my Largest recommendation is to operate as an assistant to one more Realtor. This will give you all the knowledge you require with extremely small danger, since you’re obtaining paid for your time. When you really feel comfy adequate, you can go off on your personal and begin functioning your own clientele. Even if you have to intern for cost-free to see if you like it, it is worth it for the encounter.

If you determine to go off on your personal, you’ll want to join a real estate brokerage as a new agent who will oversee your salesperson activity. My recommendation is to initial discover a brokerage that operates in the location that you want to function in. If you want to function in the higher finish luxury industry, uncover brokerages that work in the area you want to be in. Make sure that brokerage also gives coaching and assistance – this is essential as a new agent who’s still studying.

A very good book I recommend is “the millionaire genuine estate agent” by Gary Keller. This fairly considerably covers everything you’d want to know! This can be purchased here: http://goo.gl/TPTSVC

Thanks for watching!

From: Graham Stephan


  1. Michael .Stott

    Real estate sometimes crashes the stock market. But It’s a good investment.

  2. Abdel Carmona

    You’re the man Graham!!! I feel way more confident despite all the negative comments I get from everyone because of my age.

  3. Thank you for clarifying on the part time aspect. I currently am attending community college and i also have a part time job 4 hours a day after school on the weekdays and luckily my employer is extremely flexible with my schedule. The only downside is that our office closes at 4:30 and i can’t work after that. I do have my grandpa’s bowling alley that is open super late that i could work at when buyers aren’t looking at homes, but i make more than minimum wage at my current job, so it kind of sucks. I haven’t started my course yet, but I’m a few weeks after my winter quarter has begun, I’m going to enroll in the course and try to get it done as fast as i can and then try to be an intern or assistant for 6 months to a year before going and selling on my own as you suggested. Thank you for the awesome information! You’re starting to become a new favorite channel of mine just because you give so much good info!

  4. So you already have to have a nice savings to start? I’m 16 and go to a community college so I could take the classes there. I also have a connection to a wealthy real estate agent. I asked this question because I don’t have much money, just wondering if it’s worth a go.

  5. Johnny Sonier

    I am 16 years old and I was interested in becoming an architect but I didn’t necessarily agree with the life style. I stumbled upon your YouTube channel and I feel that this line of work suits me better and it’s centered around something I love houses

  6. Hi Graham! I love your videos 🙂 I would like to learn how to be a real estate investor for a country right now is inder-developing that I haven’t been yet. Should I have an exam for real estate license or is there any other way you would recommend?

  7. Alex Mappes

    hey I really enjoyed your video. I’m 33 and I wish I really got into this earlier but I am enrolling in the online classes soon and was wondering if you need an assistant? I live in Los Angeles and drive for Uber so my schedule is pretty flexible and I would like to do this full-time once I have some success.

  8. ThaManOf ThaHour

    Once you get a license, how do you go about finding a "job"? A place that helps you get leads etc. Do you find a real estate company and apply like a normal job?

  9. Euphorically Dee

    Hey so I’m in the military, I’m a marine therefore I do have a consistent paycheck, I’m 18 I would like this as a side job..I just don’t know where to start

  10. Well done man.. 🙂
    Same in Tasmania Australia just started my real estate representative course am skeptical about the test as here backwards in real estate information in Australia 😦

  11. Alejandro LARUMBE

    The one thing missing here is that Real Estate is ageless as I have discovered at 50 when I entered Real Estate in Sydney Australia and broke million dollar records within 2 years. Awesome material Graham! Great advise for all!

  12. Laura Jimenez

    I want to become a residential real estate agent but I don’t know if I should go to college or not..I don’t want to disappoint my parents but I know that getting a degree would be almost pointless, what should I do?

  13. jasmine cisneros

    youre literally my twin!!! everything you’ve said is what i am striving for and how I am as a person. My plan is literally to accumulate a large sum of money to throw into a investment.

  14. Finally, I never thought i’d say this but, i finally found a CAREER! Before this video i never thought id find a job suitable for me. At all. Period. Or even a university course. Lmao Thankyou man im considering this path 100%

  15. Jacob Foote

    Hey Graham, (business-wise)if you could start over from 16 years old what would you do differently? Would you have invested in something differently? Started a job sooner? Studied something more?

  16. Great video. I definitely have found that most realtors in my area in Georgia don’t show houses on the weekend and definitely not Sunday since this is part of the Bible Belt. I’ve been thinking about going into real estate and figured I would definitely try and capitalize on weekend showings so my clients don’t have to always take off during the week or come out late after work.

  17. The great thing about real estate is that anyone can get a license, the bad thing about real estate is that anyone can get a license.

  18. Hi Graham. I have always found real estate as a career fascinating your video was very interesting.

  19. Ian Bergman

    Hey Graham,
    Once getting a real estate license, In the first 3-6 months for working, where I wouldn’t expect to make much money many all, should I work another job on the side, or dedicate all my time to real estate. I am 19 by the way so it isn’t urgent for me to have a steady flow of income right now. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

    – Ian B

  20. With respect, video could have ended with in 30s, 120h hours school- disk test preparation -state test – brokerage /assistant – learn skills.

  21. Hey graham, just clicked on the online school in the description and it says it only has 2 courses. Doesn’t California require you take 3 courses? If so, do you have any other websites you recommend?

  22. bank america

    hey i was wandering if i could come to youre office and work for free for 2 weeks or so


  24. How should I go about becoming an assistant? I’m 15 and planning for the future by the way

  25. Christopher Hill

    I take it you need multiple real estate license to work in different states? Or is one real estate license good for all states?

  26. *Matthew Noneya*

    Okay man, what happened to your forehead? It’s Donald Trump tan and your face is Michael Cera.

  27. Graham Stephan

    Since I totally forgot to mention this in the video: People ask me if they should move to a more populated/more expensive area to begin selling real estate. Chances are, the answer is NO. Begin in the area you know and are most comfortable with that you can commute to. Do not pack up and move to a new area to begin a brand new career. Once you see you actually like working as a realtor and see some success, you can decide to change areas once you have a little experience. Otherwise it’s way too much risk to start in a new city never having done this before and not knowing if it’s something you’ll enjoy doing.

  28. One question, do you own a real estate business? If so what kind of structure do you have ex. LLC, sole proprietor?

  29. Solomon Ganz

    I’m 27 videos in to your channel … working my way up from your first. Good stuff! Speaking of tax write-offs, might you have an Accountant or two in LA that specializes working with real estate agents? Knows all the ins and outs. THANKS

  30. Dominique Griffin

    Hi I’m currently a Surgical Technologist and I’m trying to venture into something outside of the medical field. I’m afraid that once I get my real estate license and I tip toe away from my current career I won’t be able to sustain my way of living.

  31. Marcin Kielkiewicz

    Hey Graham,

    I want to start off by saying that this was a very informative and to the point video. Great job!
    I’m interested in pursuing real estate part time and the last section of your video has me second guessing myself.
    I know I can commit the time, the actual hours, to the work. I’ll have to ask around and see what other realtors think on this.

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