DISNEY SKYLINER Construction FOOTAGE! | The Magic Weekly Episode 124 – Disney News Show

This week: a new Up-themed show is coming to the Animal Kingdom, Toy Story Mania is about to get its whole queue turned about to welcome guests from Toy Story Land, we have brand new footage inside the Epcot Disney Skyliner station building website (Disney Skyliner building footage in Walt Disney Planet), and Brayden answers YOUR listener questions….all that and far more on Episode 124 of The Magic Weekly for the week of January 5th, 2017!




On this episode we take a appear at the Disney Parks Flights of Wonder becoming a new Up show in the Animal Kingdom, Toy Story Midway Mania begins tiered closure to prepare for new Toy Story Land entrance, a Wrinkle in Time movie preview is coming to Walt Disney Presents in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney is rumored to be generating talking Automobiles characters to interact with park guests in Disney California Adventure and Hollywood Studios, new idea art is posted outdoors of the Disney Skyliner Hollywood Studios station (Disney Skyliner, Disney Gondola, Disney Planet Gondola, Disney Skyliner 2018, Disney Skyway), new Disney Skyliner art is now on the wall outdoors the Epcot skyliner station, we have new Disney Skyliner construction footage, Disney water park refurbishments wrap up and others commence, The Edison grand opens in Disney Springs, Maria and Enzo’s Italian and Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar debut in Disney Springs, Disney adjustments the Walt Disney Globe Passholder dining discount prices, what’s the future of Disney’s River Country and Discovery Island on Bay Lake in Walt Disney Planet?, copying park attractions across resorts vs generating new a single-of-a-sort attractions and parks, could the Crush Coaster come to Walt Disney Globe, a new image is released for Mary Poppins Returns, ought to Disney Springs function Disney properties? (poll results), What need to take place to The Seas in Epcot?, shoutouts, the POP! Vinyl unboxing of Thor from Thor: Ragnarok, and far more!

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Directed By: Brayden
Camera: Cian
Daily Disney Photographs By: Chris

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Launch of STS-71 (Archive: NASA, Marshall, 06/27/95)
On June 27, 1995, the Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis (STS-71) took off from Kennedy Space Center for what would be a nine day, 19 hour mission. The flight marked the 100th United States human space launch as well as the initial docking amongst the Space Shuttle and the Russian Space Station MIR. In the course of this docking, joint US and Russian life science investigations have been performed in the Spacelab module tucked inside Atlantis’ huge cargo bay. When talking about the mission, then NASA Administrator Dan Goldin remarked, “this flight heralds a new era of cooperation among our two nations. It will lay the foundation for the building of an International Space Station later this decade.”

Image credit: NASA

A lot more about Marshall Center history:

Marshall History Album on Flickr:

These official NASA photographs are becoming made available for publication by news organizations and/or for individual use printing by the topic(s) of the photographs. The photographs may possibly not be employed in supplies, ads, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement by NASA. All Pictures utilized should be credited. For details on usage rights please pay a visit to: www.nasa.gov/audience/formedia/functions/MP_Photo_Guidelin…

By NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on 2014-06-23 16:14:57


  1. Mateo Pelissier

    I am so NOT excited for A Wrinkle In Time. The trailer by itself has already ruined the book. The whole point of the book (or books depending on one’s copy) was to be completely up to imagination. And the movie ruins it.

  2. What do you think should be an Incredibles or Incredibles 2 themed ride in WDW?

  3. I am not sold on taking a skyliner to EPCOT and not entering by Spaceship Earth

  4. DarknessGMS 2244

    I believe that one of the reasons that Mystic Manor was used in Hong Kong has to do with the cultural and social norms in China. Their culture has a lot of taboos regarding spirits and ghosts so the Haunted Mansion had to be re themed!

  5. Brayden do you think star tours in hws will be closing, moved or re themed to another ride? also why after mr toads in wdw closed it wasn’t moved somewhere else in fantasy land

  6. Crazy Epic Memes

    Do you think we will experience problems with the new skyliner with the themed cabins? We’ve been told only some will be themed so do you think that will affect wait times for this transportation method?

  7. Regarding the Exclusive Rides Question.  There are millions of us that can get to Disneyland California and Disney World Florida, but cannot even think about going to Disneyland Paris, let alone Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  While I am moderately comfortable now in retirement, I came from very poor family.  Most of us do not have your resources Brayden.  Disney should consider that as well, and think about a Mystic Manor in this country.  Especially since I remember staying at the Polynesian for $80 a night!  I stayed at the Contemporary in the tower at the same rate, yes, it was back in the 80’s, still.

  8. Keep up the amazing work Brayden…this was a very interesting show as well as you other ones. The "UP" themed show with exotic and birds of prey sounds like a really good idea and giving it an enhancement on the current show should be very interesting as well as entertaining. When I was there with my father, we only had the show about the Birds of Prey- now I am glad that its getting a story line as well as keeping the current show intact.

    The "TOY STORY" land should be a welcome sight tall the fans of the movie Trilogy as well as having the "TOY STORY MANIA" ride will be extended, but I think it’s a bit weird of how Disney is doing this-staggering the closing of the attraction- but I think after Spring Break and all the kids go back to school, it should send a signal to Disney to say, ‘Okay now we can close down the ride and begin the work so that when it re-opens in May/ June just in time for the opening, the visitors are not left with a popular ride that is closed.’

    "Splash Mountain" was in a desperate need of a refurb, Brayden. Many of the animatronics were broken or just worked once and never again when I was there with my father. but there was no word on when it would happen, I’m glad to see that the refurbishment is on its way and should work much better as the animatronics will be up to specs.

    "The Wrinkle in Time" movie, along with many other movies you have mentioned, should see Disney awards coming out of their ears. With "COCO" getting a Golden Globe trophy for Best Picture last night, it will be really interesting to see what will happen next. Oprah Winfrey should be really good in this movie and that the movie was taken from a classic novel, it should be quite a great film. "COCO" like I said before, should be out here in the UK on January 19th. Congratulations to Disney for the Golden Globe winner…I wish the company all the best with the other films coming out soon.

    Disney is coming out with good ideas the new CARS characters animatronics. I do remember when the Country Bear Jamboree was still going, the Deer, Bison and the Moose had a conversation with all the guests after they left the show area up to the time it closed. It will be very exciting for the kids to have a talk with the stars of the movie "CARS" and what is next for the franchise. Disney is really pushing the envelope, like you said, Brayden, I’m interested as to when this will open.

    The Skylines for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios looks fantastic! I am really happy to see that everything is going well. The bumpers being painted the same colour as the gondola? Well done Disney, I’m really impressed. Good luck with the project but I still think that you should- ahem-FIX THE MONORAILS-ahem! and get them back up to specs!

    The Edison, Maria and Enzo’s and the Tunnel Bar are spectacular. Sparsely decorated? No way! I see why the construction took a long time —the interiors are amazing and beautifully done and the detail that went into them—AWESOME! I see nothing wrong with these new dining areas. I wish them luck and good vibes with the restaurants. The live entertainment after 10 pm should really make it shine. I wish them all good luck….

    I think its about time to make River Country and Discovery Island usable once again, they have been abandoned long enough. I hop DVC Reservations will take these abandoned places and turn them into properties that will cater to the newlyweds or other guests that need to get away from the crowds of the Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts as to use them as bungalows and/or private resorts and villas to give the guest an "deserted island" feel to their holiday.

    I am looking forward to the Ratatouille ride and the TRON light coaster ride coming to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT in the near future. The Haunted mansion ride is doing exceptionally well and you are right, that EPCOT should stay unique and stop putting IP’s in the park that Walt made for people to experience the future and NOT the movies. I still believe that GotG ride is still a terrible idea and it will hurt Disney in the long run.

    "The Living Seas was way ahead of its time Brayden. It had demonstrations, talks and a real interesting story line as to why Sea Base Alpha was there. It was really a ride where you could unwind from the excitement of what was above and learn about our oceans and how we should protect it. When they built Nemo and friends, it was totally ruined! I would love to see it as the Marine Life Institute and bring back the science and the demonstrations-instead of a new story line! i loathe this ride completely too, Brayden because they took it and turned it into something that is so loathed, just like they did to Norway when the put that God awful "FROZEN" ride in it. They should have just left it alone in my opinion. I took a POV look at it and it sucked- at least when Norway was up and running, you learned about the country-not how Anna saved her sister and kingdom from a fate…that you could see on the DVD!

    Sorry for the length of this comment, Brayden. Just so much going on and you are right about Stitch’s Great Escape, has it closed officially or what? I hope we hear something soon. Have a great day Brayden great work on this and looking forward to "Impromptu Imagineering. Good luck with your school work and see you next Friday.

  9. Regina Franklin

    Does any restaurant in the Edison or connected to it have a dress code?

  10. Cole Haskins

    They should add an ocean land to AK, and they could add the crush coaster, and they could possibly add several tracks (like Midway Mania)

  11. Jacob Selleck

    Do you think Walt would be proud of the current state of Walt Disney World? Sure Epcot the park may not live up to the original vision, but does WDW itself, by showcasing innovative technology, being a home and work for college students around the world, and entertaining millions of people per year?

  12. Tyler's Nicktoons Roblox And More Channel

    By the way Toy Story Mania May Not Close Because They May Just Close It 1 track at a time And When The 2nd Track closes They Could Try To Open 3rd Track

  13. I am hearing rumors that Disney isn’t going to make a big deal about AK 20th aniversary …
    Wondered if you heard the same thing …..and if it’s true …Why??!!??!!

  14. I heard that they are closing Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable at The Land pavilion. What do you think they are going to do with this space? I was hoping that they would expand a bit and incorporate Wall-E here since it seems it would be a great fit with the theme and environmental message of The Land.

  15. Bungle Bear79

    I think that there will be a problem in Hollywood Studies when Star Wars land opens. It will be odd to have different Star Wars attractions scattered around the park. So what do you think they will do with Star Tours and The Launch Bay once Star Wars land opens? Do you think they should move them both to The Magic Kingdom in place of Stitch and the laugh floor? Star Tours is in Tomorrow land in other parks, so it fits. The Laugh Floor could move to the Launch bay as part of a monsters inc mini land or even move Buzz to the Launch bay and make it an extension of Toy Story land?

  16. It has already been confirmed that sometime after Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland in Anaheim Disney will finally close Tomorrowland for a overhaul. Do you think that after this overhaul the Tomorrowland in Disneyland will be identical to the one in Florida? Do you think that we could get the Tron light cycle coaster too?

  17. Corgi Corner

    I wish TSL had more of the rides the other TSLs have also I wish, the imagination pavilion was restored to the 1983 pavilion and (this next one WONT or probably won’t happen) Frozen Ever After to move to Fantasyland to a new Frozen land and Maelstrom to return.

  18. DarknessGMS 2244

    I recall that there was an Aprils Fools joke one year where they stated that Discovery Island and River Country would be themed after Lost. I thought that would be a great way to theme this area since it’s similar setting like the show and it’s actually was distributed by ABC!

  19. Cole Haskins

    I think it’s a great idea to bring the crush coaster to WDW, it looks like a ton of fun!

  20. How do you feel about Disney California Adventure getting Disney properties inserted almost everywhere?

  21. In early world showcase designs Disney was thinking of putting a Mount Fuji coaster in the japan pavilion. Do you think they will ever reconsider adding this coaster?

    Hope he answers this question!

  22. Diego Parada

    Watch yesterday’s TimTracker video where he goes to Stitch’s Great Escape, there, the cast member thanks the guests for 14 years in Tomorrowland. Guess that’s really it for this attraction!!

  23. Do you think Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe will get a renovation anytime soon? If so, what will happen to Sonny?

  24. DarknessGMS 2244

    Brayden … I’d agree with your no Ipcot philosophy with Epcot.. what would you think would be a great idea for replacements for Wonders of Life and Journey to Imagination if they didn’t use some of the rumored ideas like Inside Out or other Pixar film?

  25. Avery Lopez-Baines

    38:44 Thanks for the shoutout, Brayden! I really appreciate it! Keep up the awesome work!

  26. Tyler's Nicktoons Roblox And More Channel

    Me: Well I’m About To Play Roblox. (I see Mickey Views Uploaded) Me:Ok Right When I get home I will watch

  27. Carlo-Rufino Sabusap

    "Universal’s all about projections". Honestly, every park is using projections, Universal’s just doing it first. Universal characters are also mostly not cartoon characters, which are more forgiving for single motion animatronics. Most of Universal ride property characters are human, which, if you’ve seen Disney’s attempts at human animatronics (which are iffy), they can hire the talent who’ve been in the films/media to represent themselves in the ride. Also, didn’t realize that 3-4 years of ride construction at Universal is just "thrown together". As for story, much of Disney rides are "Help (insert character) find (thing)".
    Flight of Passage – projection "ride" (seat tilts)
    Avatar Navi River journey – 1 animatronic, the rest are projections
    Ratatouille – 3d projection ride
    Star Wars: Escape from the First Order – 3d projection ride
    Star Wars: Millenium Falcon – digital screen based windows

  28. TheRealJollyRoger

    Concentrate on school Brayden! We’re counting on you to run EPCOT one day

  29. Cerys Sian Davies

    Do you think Disney is missing a big opportunity with not building a Dark Kingdom park/land? I feel in the last couple of years Disney fans have grown for Disney villains and they aren’t displaying enough villains/villain merchandise within the parks. A dark kingdom with rides, firework displays and merchandise would really do well especially during the high crowds of Halloween. What is your opinion?

  30. Frankie Kulavic4

    With Star Wars Galaxy Edge opening in 2019, how will this effect all the Star Wars stuff outside the land like Star Tours, Galactic Spectacular, and Launch Bay?

  31. Glitter Usagi

    Dude, I know you are very young, but Oprah was nominated for an Academy Award for The Color Purple back in 1985 – she’s already proven to be a formidable actor! I can’t wait for her Mrs. Which – the previews look amazing 🙂

  32. Andre Benoit

    Remember the old Walt Disney plane that sat in the Backlot in DHS? I have always thought they should put that in the theater of Walt Disney Presents. Maybe getting a view inside?

  33. Owen Randle

    What do you think about Disney expanding there items/ attractions on fox themes. I know some stuff like bob burgers and family guy are too inappropriate for Disney but like the the Simpson. Also I mow you said they are going to leave the Simpsons alone right now at universal but when the agreement ended do you think Disney will continue it and get a profit off the ride or shut the ride down bringing the Simpsons to Disney property? Thank and keep up the good work.


  35. Do you think meet the Robinson’s could have a place in Epcot since the movie focuses so much on innovation and the future?

  36. Crazy Epic Memes

    Do you think after more Star Wars films come out, Star Wars land will expand

  37. xanderoficial

    I still don’t understand why they are using the One Man’s Dream Theater when the theater holding Path Of the Jedi could be used, its not like anyone watches that anymore

  38. The Mikey G Show

    Since Toy Story 4 is coming out in 2019, is a possibility for Disney to expand Toy Story Land a little after that?

  39. Jordan Leinberger

    Will the Animal Kingdon ever get a new ride? I feel like it hasn’t gotten one in a while!

  40. Avery Lopez-Baines

    Now that Stitch’s Great Escape closed for good, do you think Disney will ever bring Stitch Live/Stitch Encounter at Tokyo Disneyland,Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disneyland or perhaps Tokyo’s version of the Enchanted Tiki Room, The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents "Aloha E Komo Mai!" to the states? Do you also think they’ll bring the walkable costumed characters Angel and Pleakley to the states as well?

  41. Rapunzel 1701

    I loved River Country, but I think a lot of people are ‘over-remembering’ what it was. Add two more slides at Stormalong Bay and you’d have the same thing.

    Blasphemy perhaps, but I think the Space Mountain ride system should be replace with the same system used for Crush’s Coaster.

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