Demo Modest Bathroom Remodel – (Component 1)

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This is just 1 portion from a series of video’s of the procedure for remodeling a full bathroom and little half bathroom. Demo floor and shower tile. Install concrete backer board. Install shower tile and grout. Set up floor tile and tile baseboard. Plumbing. Redo plumbing and install a new shower and sink faucet.

I filmed this the only way i could … as somebody who has never ever carried out it prior to. We made errors as we went along but all round it turned out wonderful. We are very pleased with the outcome and saved a lot of money undertaking it by ourselves.

Hopefully you discover one thing by watching these series of video’s. Let me know something i missed, the several issues we got incorrect, and one thing you recommend to make remodeling your bathroom less complicated.

From: Dave Wirth

Remodeling A Little Scale Bathroom

The first point to do when remodeling a little washroom, or any sort of room for that matter, would be to take down the dimensions of the space which wants to be renovated, and draw them down to scale on a piece of paper. You will use this graph from now on to attempt and come up with some new designs for your washrooms layout. Possessing a correctly scaled model of your washroom (preferably in two copies) will ease and shorten the process of selecting the right design and style, as effectively as make it easier to uncover accessories which match.

Now that youve graphed down your washroom, you can now play about and attempt out some various styles. You could start by moving about the emplacement of a variety of accessories such as the bathtub, the sink, the toilet, shower cubicle etc and so on You can also shift their size around to your liking, as properly as pick out their colour and shape. Even though drawing your sketch, you can usually seek advice from a construction professional for beneficial tips, and to see if your strategy tends to make sense at all.

Now, it goes without having saying that whatever the size of your bathroom could be, let it be a guest washroom or a master restroom, a complete renovation will often be very costly, and some folks just cant afford to dish out the money for it. Nevertheless, there are other, a lot more economic techniques of sprucing up the bathroom and still handle to make it appear remodeled.

Initial off, you can attempt and locations your radiators, water heaters (if you have any), and sinks high sufficient above the ground so that you can save up some storage space under them. If you have adequate vertical space for it, you can even manage to place another sink beneath the water heater, or use the location for a storage cabinet, which in the finish will make the bathroom look more desirable and spacious. Always place your accessories as close to the walls as achievable, so as to free up space in the middle of your bathroom and give it an air of grandeur, no matter how tiny it could be.

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  1. Did the same method of demo on my bathroom, "hammer grids" through all of the material worked best for me as well. Good vid, keep it up 👌

  2. Ken Johnston

    Dave, you ROCK! Thank you for all this work with the videos and stages of demo/construction. I’m about to enter into the Demo part. Wish there was a way to save tile….. Thanks – Ken in Hawaii Oct 2017

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