Cowdray: Tudor Nobleman’s Residence, Midhurst, West Sussex

A brief film introducing Cowdray: A Tudor Nobleman’s Historic Property & Ancient Monument in Midhurst, West Sussex. Consists of footage from Cowdray’s Heritage Open Day, September 2011.
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From: Tudor Nobleman’s Residence: New Channel @ user/cowdrayruins

The Historic Market Town of West Malling, Kent

The historic market place town of West Malling, Kent enjoys a current population of around two,100 men and women. The town itself lies in the western portion of the county, which itself is in the southeastern portion of the country. It is within straightforward commuting distance of the city of London, the central core of which is only 35 miles away.

West Malling has a wonderful many historic structures inside its borders. One particular of these buildings when served as a residence for a leper colony, back when folks who suffered from leprosy (Hansen’s illness) were once quarantined and separated from the general population. A historic priory and abbey in the town also currently hosts a neighborhood of Anglican Christian Benedictine nuns.

Ford Property, in the town, is over 600 years old. An extra historic structure is the Swan Bar, which was established as a coaching inn in the 18th century to serve the demands of stagecoach travelers who have been journey to different points to the west and east of the town, which lay on a vital stage route.

West Malling hosted a Royal Air Force base, RAF West Malling, which took over from the Maidstone Airport, which had been established in the 1930s. In World War II, RAF West Malling filled a important function, with RAF fighters sallying forth to do battle in the course of the Nazi Blitz more than the skies of England. In the 1960s, many U.S. Air Force squadrons resided at this base.

The ceremonial and smaller sized non-metropolitan county of Kent is also one particular of the 5 Residence Counties which surround the city of London itself. It enjoys a present population of about 1.67 million people, and is often referred to as “The Garden of England,” for the quantity and high quality of its orchards and gardens. Both West Malling and the county of Kent provide considerably to see and do for vacationers and residents alike.

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  1. Please put the platform back on Benbow Pond for the Embden goose doesn’t have a safe space to sleep protected from fox.

  2. a French doodele song in and English house omg. It hurts to see a pretty house like that burned down. they should have restored it fully 🙂

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