Thinking Actual Estate Career The Most Profitable Agents Do,


From: Jessica Riffle Edwards



  1. Vanessa Morales

    what did you mean by presents? I do not want to be ignorant and assume I know in which context you used that word.

  2. Myra Aguirre

    Your videos are so helpful! I’m currently a real estate student in Southern California and even though you’re in a different state, a lot of what you say is relevant to SoCal as well. Thank you for posting these! I’m a new Subscriber and I’ve already watched a few videos. You’re spot on girl! Best wishes and love from sunny California <3

  3. Heath Detweiler

    I am not one that likes to be too critical of others. However, I think if any current or prospective agent does not put tons of thought into their commission split and referrals and leads is going into this new "business" that is their business, at a huge disadvantage. Training and support is great. Especially if you are new to sales and to real estate altogether. Remember that without clients you have no business though. Likewise, every transaction you see through to closing is going to result in some amount of gross commission. Your split determines how much of that commission is going to you and how much is going to your brokerage. These are both integral parts to every agents business and livelihood. So to cast them off as "icky" aspects of your "business" not worth great consideration, is, well, just foolish. Referrals and leads keep you going, they keep new business at your door. And commission, well, that goes without saying. Some of these larger chain brokerages offer lots of training material, some even offer one-on-one or personal training. They also like to start new agents off at a 50/50 split. If you sell a $100,000 home with an average commission of 3% that would be $3,000 gross commission. This means that $1,500 would go to you, and $1,500 to your brokerage. Ask yourself if your brokerage really provided you so much training and support to warrant giving them $1,500 of that commission? To make that $1,500 up you would have to do that same transaction all over again. Ugh! Agents, beware. Training is great. Support tis great. The bottom line though is acquiring new clients and closing deals for them. For those brokerages who offer training and support and lead generation or referrals to you along with decent splits, these are the ones that you want to look for. True, they are hard to find. There is something to be said for a higher split going to those brokerages who provide these services, no doubt. Look at them and weigh the pros and cons of them though. Don’t neglect these "icky" aspects of the business, because many agents do, and those are the same agents that end up out of business even in smoking hot markets like Atlanta or Columbus, Ohio.

  4. Michelle Carr

    Very well said!  I agree with everything you said.  Being a new agent is difficult and making the decision based on commission split isn’t the way to go.  The amount of training and assistance your company choice is will to provide is number one!  The commissions will come in time.  

  5. Kim Del Rio

    I’ve been following your videos for a while now and even my husband is like, "what are you watching?" I show him your video and he doesn’t even have to hear what it is. Lol he already knows! You always give great advice and I hope to see more. I’m in the beginning stages of working towards my TX license 🙂

  6. George L. Rosario

    Hey Jessica,
    I’m stopping by to show you and your videos some love from your Coldwell Banker brothers and sisters up here in New York City! We have lots of love for you here. Great video by the way.

    In NYC, some brokers will aggressively recruit you, always pitching how great their company is, how awesome the commission split is, and how residuals is the way of the future in real estate. I am with Coldwell Banker Kueber, the Rosario Shalomayev Team so it is very difficult (impossible) for anyone else to recruit me. My friends in other franchises already know this and rather than trying to recruit me, they warn others not to even try. Once you develop a real presence in the market, people will get to know you and respect your choice of affiliation.

    Real Estate is NOT easy. We go through our ups and downs and I completely agree with your view of the business in this video.

    The reason why I LOVE Coldwell Banker is because we don’t focus on chasing agents to recruit them. We focus on being the best in our field and letting our performance, professionalism, reputation, and community presence do the recruiting for us. The best choice I ever made was to affiliate myself with Coldwell Banker Kueber in Queens NY. I completely agree with you that what we are truly starting our own business when we go into real estate. Those that are not prepared for the responsibility will often fail unless they affiliate themselves with an office and a company that provides a lot of support and TRAINING! I love being a Coldwell Banker Realtor. It is by far the most professional and supportive outfit out there. It is also more like a family than a franchise. The people in Coldwell Banker just seem to find each other and connect. We are international, so much so that I found an office in Athens Greece while on vacation, one in San Juan Puerto Rico when traveling to see the family, one in Tampa while visiting my brother, Montreal while there for a wedding, and one in France while on a retreat. As a matter of fact, I even got to meet Coldwell Banker agents in Cozumel Mexico while on vacation. It is truly an amazing family. I am Coldwell Banker Blue!

    OH, question, are you going to Gen Blue in Miami this year? I hope so. Would love to meet you there. Stay busy, stay blessed, stay motivated and stay Coldwell Banker Blue!

    George L. Rosario
    Real Estate Salesperson
    Coldwell Banker Kueber
    Rosario Shalomayev Team

    Proudly serving the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan in New York City since 1990.

    #glrosario #RosarioShalomayevTeam #cbkueber #HomeIsAwesomeness

  7. Elizabeth Yanez

    Would you say its a smart idea to quit your full time job to be an agent full time?

  8. Jack Pysz - Redco

    Like you said , find a company you feel good with – how is their culture? After, it really comes down to you!!! So get to work… real estate is a job like any other…

  9. Ernesto Martinez

    Happy Almost New Year’s!! Thank you for this video I’ll definitely need it for when I’m out of highschool. Question: How can a young real estator make money (still working within real estate) early on for future investments?

  10. Howard Koor

    Love your attitude. As a fellow Realtor, this is not a straight forward business. People almost never call the office and want to list with you. They call because of listings. Keep up the good work.

  11. Fritzie Mae Millana Agor

    an agent from Davao City, Philippines.
    we have condos, resort residential areas, house & lots from high, mid to lowcost.
    if you need to buy, i can show you around.
    thanks. 😀

  12. Paul Saganski

    Great insight and excellent way of explaining it. Im not in real estate but in the financial industry but its no different from what you said when working with a company as a commissioned sales rep. Good videos on your channel.

  13. Brittany Ross

    just stumbled across your videos!  thank you so much for putting all of your knowledge out there!  I’m 26 and am about 5 months post kidney transplant and thinking about moving into a career in real estate once i’m all healed up!!  you’re such a huge help!

  14. I work full time as a sales rep for another company doing outside sales. I don’t have the means to quit my day job and go into this full time like you suggested. Do you think it’s a total waste of time to try and start off part time? Eventually when possible I would quit but I know that it would be too risky for me where I’m at right now to jump in with both feet. What do you suggest??

  15. Ivana Chuljak-Cribb

    I’m thinking of becoming a realtor (i’m living near Charlotte, NC)  so I wanted to know how much money do you need for education, desk fees, other fees before you start. And what is the amont that most agents make the first year …. I also wanted to know how long does it take to make at least $50,000 per year

  16. Looking to becoming real estate agent, but the thing I don’t understand is how do you make money if your not selling a homes? Or at least in between selling or showing. Also what schools online would be good place to start at?

  17. Jeremy Kersten

    Just got my license two weeks ago so this is perfect timing. Good luck in 2015!

  18. StacyShortino64

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  19. Niki Luther

    Everyone wants to become a real estate agent when they see other agents doing so well in the business. It is possible to become an agent easily, but the hard part is having the discipline to stick with it and create your own EVERYTHING (Client base, marketing, listings, events, follow ups, etc. etc. etc.). Lots of new Realtors fail because they think an office is going to hand them clients. Get out there and hit the ground running and good luck to all!!! 🙂

  20. Do you think a person can start a career in real estate with little or no money saved up?

  21. Jessica Riffle Edwards

    Thanks all and LOL @makeuponelove that is funny about hubby and congrats on getting into RE!!!👏

  22. Nicole Fetter

    i’m realtor just starting to do  video’s.  I’m really finding your videos helpful.  Thank you.

  23. Hey Jessica, My name is Pat Hiban and I host a Real Estate Podcast – I was wondering if you would be interested in coming on my show and talking about a timely topic of your choice. Certainly an easy one is building an audience on youtube as you have proved yourself successful here. If you would please consider giving back to your industry with free advice I’m sure it would be appreciated. My scheduling link is Hope to see you on the schedule!! Pat

  24. Hi am 17 years old an really really interested in real estate and this video help a lot

  25. Scott Palomares

    Thank you so much for the videos you motivate me to become the successful person I want to be
    Thank you

  26. Medicine Is MY WORLd

    For those of you who do not know of whom she is, I worked inside her office @Coldwell Banker and she was my first smile as I entered the company. She has grown her business tremendously and remained humble through the success. I was supposed to be the next top agent in that office but I had to finish college and it did not work out; I did not understand the fundamentals of earning business; part-time makes you partially available. Jessica, even has moving trucks available to her clients which is a small but great gesture that she really cares to ease the process of moving. Choose her and you will be in great hands.  I knew close to 2,000 realtors and she is top 4 in my eyes. 

    – Guizzotti –

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