C-SPAN Cities Tour- Tallahassee: Florida Historic Capitol Museum

Go to Florida’s Historic Capitol creating which was initially constructed in 1839 and is now restored to its 1902 look.

The Brandon Show @ Tallahassee, Florida
Photographs from our tour stop in Monticello and Tallahassee Florida. Highlights include FSU, All-natural Bridge Civil War internet site, and the historic Avera-Clarke residence we stayed in.
By Brandon Mendelson on 2009-05-31 13:27:14

Intramuros is a well-liked tourist attraction situated in Manila – the capital city of Philippines. Also identified as, the “Walled City” of Manila, this renowned attraction is situated within the Pasig River and in close proximity to the Manila Bay. The building of this historic city began in the year 1571 and it was completed in 1606. Lopez de Legazpi who was the then governor of the islands conducted the preparing and the constructing of the fort city, which is now a prestigious landmark in Manila.

Intramuros homes a 3-mile long stonewall that totally surrounds the district. The structure was constructed to safeguard the inhabitants from attack, when the Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and the Sulu Pirates attempted to penetrate their defence and forcefully overtake Intramuros. Nonetheless, there attempts proved unsuccessful and the city only grew stronger.

The city covers an region of around 160 acres with the walls becoming six metres higher and three kilometres in length. The city at the time boasted hospitals, military barracks, schools, churches, domestic accommodation and a Governor’s Palace. Some of these buildings over the years were preserved as ancient artefacts.

Nowadays, Intramuros is a tourist hub that attracts scores of individuals from all walks of life. The district even so is the only location in Manila that is influenced by the Spanish. Alongside the walls of Intramuros is where modernized constructions took location. At present, amongst the renowned city lies a Starbucks, McDonalds, a golf course (that attracts internationally acclaimed golfers), a Light and Sound Museum (that depicts the life and occasions of the Spaniards living in Intramuros) and a quantity of lamp posts that had been utilised in the 1800’s are seen around the city streets.

Guests to Intramuros should also pay a visit to attractions such as the San Agustin Church, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Museum, Fort Santiago, Casa Manila Museum and the Rizal Shrine, which are just a few noteworthy locations here.

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