Breaking The Habit (Official Video) – Linkin Park

Linkin Park “Breaking The Habit” off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn. |

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By MarkFangMingBourne on 2017-twelve-13 21:17:49

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  1. Andrew Moraglia

    Damn, depression is a serious problem! He was my favorite music artist/singer. Life was much easier for me, thanks to his music

  2. laura Ordorica

    god gave you wing’s chester so you must fly. fly so high so that way you can see the stars.

    we love and miss you

  3. laura Ordorica

    chester you may be dead but in are hearts your alive smiling, and helping us go through the day with a big smile on our faces.

    your light is still shines

  4. May you walk in heaven as a saint that has helped heal many with your voice. Rest in peace Chester.

  5. This has always been my favorite. Almost forgot that he past away this year (2017). There later work I dislike / have less with (music taste changed a bit to more alternative/rock)

  6. mehrzad volkova

    R.I.P €#£$+£R🌷🥀🍁
    Ahhhhh…This fucking cruel and disloyal world has no place for real humans who are willing to sacrifice everything they have in life for helping to others, simply for making this fucking world a better place to live…God has made a huge mistake by bringing real humans(let alone the legends!) to this hell. This planet of exile is dedicated to devils only, who deserve to suffer and be tortured till the end…
    Finally our hero our innocent angel dear chester proved the bitter fact mentioned above to us by taking his own blessed life😢, who has been hurt so much by his surroundings unfortunately. He saved so many lives but nobody saved him😭
    R.I.P €#£$+£R🌷🥀🍁

  7. Uche Mike Emelife

    "i will never be alright" "am breaking the habit" "i dont want to be the one who battles always choose" chester rip. i believe he was making good resolves at this point of his life. but at the time he performed one more light. he was ready to step off. rip chester. why they all got to go like booM. remember pac. remember MJ. remember them. Marley. Bruce Lee

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