BCITO Apprenticeship in Creating with HRS Construction

A day in the life of an apprentice builder. Follow Matt, a new-comer to the trade, as he gets shown the ropes by HRS Building in Christchurch. Head to http://www.getreal.co.nz to understand a lot more about becoming a BCITO Apprentice.

In this brief video you are going to see what is involved in getting an apprentice, exactly where it can take you, and the enourmous workload facing New Zealand’s building sector with the rebuild of Christchurch and Canterbury.

Learn more at http://www.bcito.org.nz


From: BCITO Apprenticeships

Doctoral Scholarship: Contemporary Apprenticeships as Individual Development

Whether or not its the humanities or the hard sciences, you are following the footsteps of the skilled apprentices of the past. And at the end, you will have to meet certain expectations.

When apprenticeship was the main way artisans were educated, every person knew that there had been requirements that a student had to meet just before they have been declared a full master.  Every single discipline would have its own secrets and its personal requirements.  These traits would often be distinct.  It became a fingerprint of sorts, identifying the person but the lineage of instruction that produced the individual.  Doctoral scholarship does the identical items for the doctoral candidate.

It is naive to think that scholarship is restricted to the production of investigation.  Doctoral scholarship is a private quest that adjustments the researcher.  They will turn out to be something far more.  It is impossible to almost everything that can, or will, outcome from seeking a Ph.D..  Did a herpetology grad student recognize that he may well save a child’s life with his ability to determine poisonous snakes from the smallest piece of their skin?  Or how about an anthropologist who was in a position to advocate for an indigenous individuals? Did they know that going into the system?

Now as prior to, apprenticeships are a type of acquired energy.  There are no shortcuts this kind of energy.  The a single to do it for you.  You cannot locate it.  You can’t get it.  You have to place the time in learning the ability, studying the detail and finding out that ends and outs of the discipline before you can call your self physician.

In the end, it comes down to a matter of holding to a set of standards.  Sometimes, these standards are codified by law.  The most obvious instance of this is the medical medical professional.  But the secrets of the discipline, of any discipline, is that you will be identified by the expertise you present and the item you create.  And this notion pervades all of this sort of scholarship.

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  1. Dimitris Williams

    I’m 20 will be 21 in June I plan on taking apprenticeship after my birthday it’s good money plus my family got their own business I’m already set but I want to work for the union

  2. Ramon Victoria

    I want to work in this country. Can you pls. help me. I am 55 yrs. old still fit to any kind of work. How to apply?

  3. Mike Reyes Manalang

    Im from philippines can do carpentry jobs even without undergoing apprenticeship.I wish i could go there and work.

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