Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions #1

This is rapid video on a comprehensive bathroom remodeling job. We began by ripping out the complete bathroom, a comprehensive gut job. We produced the space bigger by moving a wall into the existing bedroom. The shower has a window in it. It has a actual marble floor, a custom tile shower, three/eight” glass shower door, pedistool sink, new toilet, new almost everything.

From: Craig Heffernan

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By highmarkb on 2015-10-20 07:09:51


  1. Craig Heffernan

    And greetings to you my friend. More videos coming as soon as a get a half a second.

  2. Craig Heffernan

    The brush i used is a single round stomp brush. You can find the stomp brush at Lowes in the drywall section. On the ceiling in this video we just stomped the ceiling without knocking it down. A knock down could be done by taking a 12" wide trowel or bigger and lightly go over the stomp ceiling. This will give a spanish lace look. Thanks for watching, Craig Heffernan

  3. Orlando Espino

    hola heff has abandonado a tu gente de youtube cuando vemos mas videos. saludos desde argentina.

  4. Dion Alvarez

    What type of brush did you use for the ceiling texture and where can I get one, and did you use a knockdown texture?

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