Basement Finishing – Time Lapse

From waterproofing to move-in, right here is the full time lapse.

Ringo Starr: (It truly is All Down To) Goodnight Vienna
ELO – So Fine
ELO – Hold on Tight
Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy

Himeji J – Himeji-jo White Heron Castle Hakua Festival 01
Himeji Castle is positioned in Himeji City in the western Hyogo. It was constructed in the mid-14th century, and a 3-layer castle tower was developed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 16th century. Ikeda Terumasa, a feudal Lord of the castle remodelled it in the 17th century. Its figure was likened to a white heron spreading wings, and hence also referred to as White Heron Castle. It was designated as a national treasure in 1931, and the Planet Cultural Heritage in 1993.

The Tenshukaku (castle tower) is the major framework and has 5 stories in visual appeal but 6 stories inside and a 1st basement. All the structures are covered with white plaster special to Japan. The roofs are covered with kawara tiles and white plaster was applied to the joints. Its magnificent framework and elegant appearance, as properly as complicated and tactical defense products make the castle the most prominent castle in Japan.

The castle hosts the Himeji Castle Cherry Blossom Viewing Fair, cherry blossom viewing drum music overall performance and Princess Sen-hime Peony Festival in spring, Himeji Castle Festival in summer season, Moon Viewing Fair and Himeji Ceramics Industry in autumn. Guests can enjoy the city throughout the year. In the region, a Japanese garden Koko-en, an affinity with the Castle, and Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Historical past, are something you can not miss. On Mt.Shosha, a one,000 yr old temple in which a Hollywood movie &quotThe Last Samurai&quot(2003) was shot.

A super large 3D Projection Mapping “HAKUA” the width of 90 meters will be projected onto Himeji Castle’s keep which is Globe Heritage/Nationwide Treasure for three days on May possibly three-Might five during the ‘Golden Week’ holidays.

Himeji Castle had repaired on a large scale of the Heisei era went on for 6 years, and it opened grandly on March 27. This project is the centerpiece of the company of “The 66th Celebration/Himeji Festival”.

Not only the huge tower but also the west little tower, Chi-no classic Japanese oar, etc., and even a part of castle walls and stone walls are regarded as screens, and will be described Himeji Castle’s historical past and brilliant future on the stunning castle named another identify for Egret Castle.
By Daniel Mennerich on 2015-05-04 13:47:48


  1. ouagadougou62

    Great job, it looks terrific. Curious about the vapor barrier, you didn’t put any. Is that the new standard?

  2. Ремонт и отделка квартир в Саратове. SARGIPS64

    Молодцы, Ребята !! Well done, Guys !!
    Nice Work !!!

  3. Stephanie drum

    Holy bat balls! I wish we had a basement and I wish YouTube had recommended you sooner! Great videos. My husband will love and subscribe. I guess I will as well. Got to keep my tabs on him!

  4. Obscura Photograph

    for the top of sink.. are you useing marble stone? or just a patern?? BTW awesome job…

  5. Awesome video. Is it standard practice to always pick the worst imaginable song to accompany time-lapse videos? I seem to find myself watching countless hours of these and it seems that there might be some requirement (made by YouTube possibly?) to pick from a list of Top 100 worst songs of all time. Just me?

  6. Nice job!! However do you not need to protect the fiber glass insulation on the ceiling from humidity using a barrier?

  7. I wouldn’t of drywalled the ceiling .  if you ever need to run a wire some where your screwed!

  8. Bad Ass! Nothing like completing the job and looking back on all the progress. Great accomplishment. Professional work right there.

  9. 3 hundreds trees are used for making a fuc….basement of shit !!!!! cement +bricks are better

  10. That was pretty fun to watch. I’ve finished a couple of basements (and filmed it) so I know what a pain it is to deal with the cameras the whole time too. Awesome job!

  11. Awesome job. What was a he square footage of this basement ? Amount on materials ? And did I miss the heating and cooling system for this basement ?

  12. That lady needs a different job. Shows up halfway through the job, paints half a wall, leaves. Didn’t even help hump the drywall. Spotted that elusive slacker at 7:05

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