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About Council Homes

In United Kingdom, the Council house is regarded as a kind of public or social housing. The principal aim for the building of these Council houses was to construct excellent and uncrowded properties at affordable prices for the regional population of Britain. It is said that roughly 45% of the country’s housing is managed by housing associations, 40% is owned by local authorities and 15% are operated by arm’s length management organizations.

Almshouses have been established from the 10th century, to offer a place of residence for “poor, old and distressed folk”. The initial recorded Almshouse was founded in York by King Athelstan, and the oldest is the Hospital of St. Cross in Winchester. Throughout the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century several philanthropists and social commentators stated that these residences enhanced sickness and deaths.

Hence, the pressure for decent housing improved during this time and Council homes had been constructed. As a consequence the London County Council opened the Boundary Estate in 1900, and a lot of neighborhood councils began developing flats and homes in the early 20th century. Moreover, the 1st Planet War supplied a further impetus for the building of neatly create flats and properties for the poor and sick.

Even so, afterward tower blocks became the preferred model. The argument was that a lot more dwellings could be offered this way (a claim on which study at the LSE has cast significant doubt). On a lot of estates, older council homes, with their largely superior construct top quality, have outlived them.

For several operating class men and women, these kinds of residences supplied the initial knowledge of private garden space (generally front and rear), as well as the initial private and indoor toilets and bathrooms, with hot running water. Central government (under both the Conservative and Labor parties) saw the provision of housing as a significant part of its policy, and offered subsidies for nearby authorities to construct such housing.

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