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02-pratt library-2000-08-02-07
new rowhomes that have been erected on the site of the old highrises. i hope they do some good, but i feel they are just window dressing put there so people driving up and down martin luther king boulevard do not have to see what a mess the neighborhood is on the other side of them. i wish the city would as an alternative place its efforts into improving the neighborhood, then rehabbing the vacant houses that are already right here.

however, that would first need ending the prohibition on drugs, which i don’t see taking place until it is significantly as well late.
By jeffcovey on 2000-08-02 00:00:00


  1. So many beautiful homes in detroit that is abandoned and derelict,it would be a crime to knock them all down,so glad to see them restored rather than demolished,keeping them is saving the history..

  2. Markyellowcake

    Before and after picks will also need a third ‘after’ pic.  In 2-3 years the third ‘after’ picture will look like the first ‘before’ picture.

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