$12,000 Funds Property – Renovation Day One! – #1

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I just purchased this residence for below $12K Funds like the closing expenses. I will be undertaking a complete renovation in energy to bring this residence up to snuff to be element of my fleet of rental homes…..in fact it really is only a few homes, but numerous much more are component of my dream! If you would like to see an intro video in which I present this residence, verify this out. https://youtu.be/Qr9xwBHjwHU I will be doing comprehensive videos on this channel, where I share my ideas along the way and Massive Update videos on my major channel, The Homestead Craftsman. This video represents Day One particular…….the most challenging day of perform on any house! For me, it requires a number of days to shake of the feeling and really get your head around the project. Luckily I have days of demolition and tearing issues up to let out individuals frustrations! If you have any good concepts allow me know, when you are in the middle of a project like this it can be hard not to be blinded by all the operate. Your suggestions are a big assist in determining what to do. Thanks in advance, take pleasure in.

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Property Remodeling suggestions:

House Remodeling may take spot anyplace in home from roof to basement like adding a wall, cabinet fixing ,Wall paintings, Replacements and sink fix, Bathroom renovation and several a lot more. To increase the worth of your residence and for pleased residing employ a remodeling contractor or consider your self. The most essential stage is that suggestions of remodeling are only constrained by the uniqueness of the residence owners. A single of the ideal choices to make a bore looking house into the most current present day and fresh seeking home is achievable by Remodeling and redesigning only.


Property painting is very easiest and economical viewing for the exterior and interior of the property. Painting can supply a fresh look of our home by painting interior and exteriors. Most possibly property owners are encourages to discover out specialist remodelers they supply appropriate paints samples and references of their work. Actually Residence painting is greatest alternative for updating rooms in our homes and by performing our self or employing a expert and also it will save cash and useful time when time to paint a residence or space along with obtaining much better appear and reside with satisfied.


Previous faucets Replacement, programmable thermostats installing, benefit from new cost-efficient illumination and insulate our home correctly to reap the rewards of green power.


1 of the most important usability products within a kitchen and bathroom are sinks. And if together with the use and utility, they give charm, fashion and decor to your kitchen/bath area and enrich its visual appeal.

Bathroom Renovation:

The quantity one particular bathroom renovation rule is cleanliness. One particular of the initial choices you are going to have to make is whether or not to do the job oneself or hire a contractor to do the renovating. Think this out, thoroughly assess and fat the time, money and knowledge variables that will tremendously impact your bath restoration project.

Home improvement is quite hectic task but it is thrilling and satisfying to live in our houses after remodeling. There are more organizations supplying with a substantial range of companies from roof to basement.


Jimson is one of the very best authors at retain the services of a contractor now. With the extensive civil engineering knowledge he has been writing qualitative ideas to educate his line of Residence Remodeling guests. As Residence improvement, Remodeling and construction fields want more expertise and concentration it is viable to each physique to have minimal understanding on this domain.


  1. Hey there, nice project, i wish you can do all what you want with you r house, i hope to see that house finished, really!

    keep going, don’t stop!

  2. I can’t believe how cheap houses are there. That would buy you a decent kitchen or a nice patio here in Australia.

  3. michael haiden

    Oil prime ext walls add stryafom sheets for insulation and glue up sheetrock wala

  4. Did u really pay 12k for that house? Wtf bro? Is that house located beside the white house?.

  5. I really enjoy home renovations and I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation!

  6. Nathan Pearce

    I can’t believe you paid $12000 for that. I’d give it 3k assuming it’s a normal half acre lot and doesn’t have additional land.

  7. BrandonTheBoss

    12 thousand dollars………. A HOUSE WERE I LIVE LIKE THAT IS LIKE THRED HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS *live in san francisco

  8. strip it down , good job ,, mold mold mold , and then rebuild… your on the right health track!

  9. it must be cool to invest in something u know u can take your time and fix… awesome..

  10. Junk Pile O Matic

    I just subscribed looking forward to see what happens here . Looks like a lot of funkiness in that house. What is the R value of cinder block? Lol I couldn’t afford to heat one like that where I live.

  11. A house made of cinderblocks? :/
    Why did you not use wood planks to close the holes?

  12. Laurie Rahmberg

    I bought a 12k house and put another 12 in it. Had my house appraised at 100k.
    Full wrap around porch and everything! I love seeing this!

  13. Just a quick tip. When you were cutting those holes on the floor. Try putting the blade on the saw reciprocating saw upside down and cut. Its easier to cut and you have more control over the tool, as you’re using the tools weight to your advantage to make the cut.

  14. 1806StoneHouse

    We’re doing the same thing as you.. 1806 stone house in New York.. check our videos out! Love your stuff.

  15. This house looks like a place where a snuff film would be made. At 25sec there’s a camera tripod pointing to the corner😂

  16. I know its to late now but I’ve reno’ed a lot and one thing i hope you start doing is wearing some kind of gloves. I’m no longer surprised by the kind of dangerous stuff people leave stuck in carpet or fluids stuck under it :/

  17. man that’s rough but heck I got mine for 9000 not as rough but you have to start somewhere lol

  18. The paneling is warping due to the cinder block wicking moisture. You need to address that correctly whether inside or from the outside with proper moisture membranes.

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