10 Ultra-Low-cost Fixer Upper Homes for Sale for Under $50,000

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Homes featured in this video:

542 State Highway twenty, Sharon Springs, NY

21000 Smith Creek Rd, Marthasville MO

1976 Nc 45, Swan Quarter, NC

1323 3rd Ave N, Columbus, MS

1018 Clermont St, Antigo, WI http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1018-Clermont-St-Antigo-WI-54409/2099224583_zpid/

26 N Race St, Greenville, PA

217 4th Ave SE, Hampton, IA

10609 NW Front St, Dupont, IN

312 Bay St E, Pineview, GA

506 E 3rd Ave, Red Springs, NC

Buffalo New York ~ Spadafora & Verrastro ~ Attorney ~ AKA Birge Mansion
The Birge Mansion was developed in 1897 for George Birge, the founder of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Firm. The Georgian type mansion was modeled on the lines of a villa Birge had seen on the Riviera and was designed by the Boston architectural company of Small and Browne. Birge lived in the house until finally his death in 1918. The building’s first nonresidential use was as the Sisters of Divine Youngster Convent from 1938 by way of 1957, followed by a practically twenty year stint as an Elks Club. It fell into critical disrepair in the mid 1970s, becoming a flop residence and a get together website for drunks and junkies and the scene of several small fires. Most just lately it has been acquired by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and is undergoing renovations. When total it will home the BPO’s offices and BPO Women’s Committee.

George Birge is most well-known for co-producing the Pierce-Arrow Motor Automobile Firm. National popularity of the organization grew following a win in a cross-country race in 1908. Birge is also identified for operating the wallpaper company M.H. Birge &amp Sons with this father and brother. The business was recognized for using a 12 colour process of wallpaper production. Lastly, Birge was also a director and executive committee member of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2000-01-01 00:00:00

Do you adore historic dining establishments with plenty of ambiance and excellent food?  If so, you may want to try out Union Oyster Property in Boston, found right all around the corner from the historic Freedom Trail in a single of the oldest elements of the city.  This beloved restaurant opened in 1826 and occupies a developing that was constructed sometime in the 1740s, approximately thirty many years prior to the American Revolution.  Ideal of all, it truly is nevertheless 1 of Boston’s top seafood restaurants. 

Union Oyster House, originally named the “Atwood and Bacon Oyster Home” after its founders, opened as part of an oyster obsession swept across the American Colonies.  A New York restaurant had started serving oysters in 1763, and Colonists could not get ample of them.  Oyster eating places and bars grew to become stylish, opening all over the place. Even though most of the others closed lengthy ago, Union Oyster Home continues to satisfy Bostonians’ love for oysters and other fresh seafood.  In addition to now getting Boston’s oldest restaurant, it is also the oldest restaurant in continuous operation in the U.S.

What need to you sample here?  Properly, the restaurant has so numerous issues on its extensive menu that you’ll have a difficult time choosing, but a excellent place to get started is with its speciality: oysters and clams on the half shell.  Attempt a half dozen of the native oysters, or the Cape Cod cherrystones or littlenecks.  If that all sounds so excellent that you cannot select, purchase the cold seafood platter, which also consists of shrimp – or even better, the hot oyster property sampler for two which includes grilled oysters, baked stuffed clams, oysters Rockefeller, clams casino, and shrimp scampi. 

Other types of “samplers” are also available – clams casino, yummy grilled oysters (if you’re not also confident about the raw type, try these), and best of all, a platter with a crab cake, fish cake, and lobster cake served over greens with an out-of-this-planet roasted red pepper dressing.  If you happen to be considering that sounds like a meal in itself, you are proper – but put that considered aside simply because you don’t want to miss out on the other excellent selections here.

If you ate too a lot from the raw bar and cannot handle a full meal, you could compose a fantastic dinner by ordering a bowl of the fabulous clam chowder or oyster stew and a fish sandwich.  Include on steamers (clams) or mussels steamed in garlic and wine if you can nevertheless control to consume an additional bite.

I have to warn you, even though – when you see the platters of primary programs emerging from the kitchen, you will wish you’d skipped the starters.  Union Oyster Residence is a single of the greatest areas in Boston to buy whole reside lobsters prepared by either boiling or broiling.  The menu delivers several other seafood alternatives – shrimp, clams, sole, scallops, native swordfish, scrod, salmon, plus the catch of the day – fried, grilled, or broiled. 

In added, you are going to discover numerous other specific lobster dishes this kind of as Lobster Newburg, Lobster ravioli, and a Bouillabaise seafood medley.  A specifically memorable offering is the spectacular Shore Dinner – lobster plus all the traditional sides.  If you want to consider a tiny of every thing, go for 1 of the seafood platters. 

Right after all of the seafood, you might not have area for dessert – but if you do, the Boston cream pie is extremely good at Union Oyster Home.  But if you cannot manage even a bite, do not fear – just strategy to come right here yet again.

Susan writes about preferred Boston restaurants, the Freedom Trail, and other Boston points of interest in http://www.Boston-Discovery-Guidebook.com, the place she shares additional information about Union Oyster House and other historic eating places and taverns. Examine it out and strategy your next journey to Boston.


  1. Anyone who purchases these really need to consider and research the history of these homes because some of them might be haunted.

  2. Darkest Arkansas

    I’m a newbie to your bandwagon, but had to let you know how much I enjoy your rabid enthusiasm for old house love coupled with your ebullient delivery … terminally delightful. And I’m going to have to cease watching these listings of yours, lest I wind up way in over my head. Please know that each successful "placement" of new owners to a house in need (sounds like an adoption) can go a long way toward injecting new life into smaller towns, while saving some very interesting buildings (and their histories). I would truly like to see some way to match more Americans needing housing with these old homes needing residents, but it seems prohibitively expensive. Just feels like now would be the perfect time for some kind of creative pilot project. Anyway, add another name to your fanbase !

  3. alekka verastegui

    need some houses with these prices in gun barrel city Texas… I would jump on one in a heart beat

  4. Christopher Schmidt

    I am interested in the homes here’s my email address is Christopher Schmidt 409@yahoo.com It looks interesting but need more information about the houses 😎

  5. i’ m homeless living in waco texas in a homeless shelter(meyer center/waco mission) diana love 254-733-4109?

  6. YailynsMom Yvette

    I wouldnt invest in a place where I dont havr peace youre looking for trouble buying abandoned houses..

  7. Thomas Huteson

    Do not come to oregon cause you will not get a cheap home. Also pay some of the highest property taxes you can imagine. Esp Portland OR. Oh, lets not forget The Dalles OR, another place where taxes and prices are crazy.

  8. shoes reviews slam dunk 23 shoe collector

    ugly house’s id rather buy a house in a good neighborhood

  9. I think these homes are diamonds in the rough. I would gladly buy a home that was a partial DIY Fixer-Upper, of course I would have it inspected b4 purchasing. Usually (but not all) old homes are built better by men who took pride in their work. Unfortunately many homes over the past 30+ look great but the bone structure is scarey. They also skip steps if they get away with it. The bank repossessed the house in front of us & I would have loved to buy it, but I am thrilled I didn’t. They had to gut the inside because of animal – walls, floors, everything . Outside too – stripped it down to find the plastic barrier was never there leaving all exposed. New roof, new windows, replace siding after replacing anything damp/wet/moldy. Both insulation & sheet rock needed some replaced. Of course there was an area missing sheet rock. Hope it turns out nice for whoever owns it next.


    Fuck that…asbestos in the attic an walls and, lead,mold,dry rot wood,cement cracks,paint,air ducks,ac units ,floor and pipe repair ,pest control for termites bcuz no one lived there,most have no air conditioner when they sell that cheap,plus upgrades to electrical on the older models. I wouldn’t waste me time it’s house’s out here all in one piece cheap😂 without the dead spirits

  11. Do not buy a house under $50k. I’d be scared to even buy a house under $150k but $50k?…You’re seriously asking for it.

  12. Ghost. You would never get a good nights sleep. By for $40,000 and then pay another $75,,000 for repairs.

  13. Cockatoo Multimedia

    Better not buy these old houses they are haunted! (I want them for myself Ha, Ha!!!)

  14. craig negrey

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these look totally HAUNTED no wonder why they are cheap no thank you

  15. These houses will cost you far more than you think to fix. You will find MUCH more wrong with the house than you first imagined. More than likely, you will end up cursing the day you bought it. That is not even considering that many of these houses are in neighborhoods that are police no go zones. Renovation will raise up massive amounts of paint dust contaminated with lead that can have long term effects on the health of you and your family. My point is, really carefully consider if you want to take one of these massive projects on. The low price will almost never compensate for the blood, sweat and tears you will likely shed during renovation.

  16. Brenda Laubhan

    Where in Amarillo Texas can get free or cheap homes that you don’t have to move?

  17. Harrison Green

    How tf are homes that big so cheap. A house exactly like that in the same condition will cost you over £100,000 and maybe £200,000 in the UK

  18. Miss Construde

    All I heard was the music, and see the pictures. LOL, I feel lucky that I didn’t have to listen to her talk.


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